Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inventure Academy makes news in the ASISC meet

Inventure Academy has made news again. Our students competed against the best of sportperson from across 42 ICSE schools of the state and won the following accolades.

1st in 100 meters race -Akriti Bhargava
1st in 200 meters race -Akriti Bhargava
1st in Javelin Throw -Dipali Bajaj
2nd in Shot put -Akriti Bhargava
2nd in Discus Throw -Akriti Bhargava
2nd in Javelin Throw -Tehmina Chaudhari
2nd in 800 meters race -Maya Sanaba
3rd in Triple Jump -Dipali Bajaj
3rd in Shot put -Tehmina Chaudhari

This three day sports meet is organized by Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate- Karnataka (ASISC) and is being held at Jaynagar Corporation Stadium . The winners will represent Karnataka at the National Sports Meet to be held in Jamshedpur during October and November this year.


Inventure Academy, Bangalore said...

Well Done Inventurers!!

Kanika said...

Good job

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Good article and I hope the participants will be successful in whatever they do

Diya Sharma said...

Congratulation !!!

Unknown said...

Gr8 job! i hope Inventure will participate in more such things like thins and in education.

anuradha nalapat said...

Inventure has come a long way- hip Hip hurrray! great going-Inventure kids..