Friday, December 18, 2009

Inventure Academy Wins INME Challenge

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Bangalore kids ace adventure contest

BANGALORE: Bangalore kids show their might again, this time at adventure sports. Five students from Inventure Academy, Bangalore, won Kellog's Cup INME Challenge, a national adventure sport contest.

The two-day event was held at river Tons, which is 160 km away from Dehradun, Uttaranchal, on November 23 ad 24. The students, from classes 9 and 10, along with faculty members, competed with students of 11 schools from different parts of the country. The winning team included Tanushree Taneja, Anthony Shek, Mihar Bhaskar, Nihal Aarons, Vinay Ramkumar and Srinivas Naidu.

The adventure sports included rock climbing, trekking, rafting and biking. Apart from these, the teams had to make movies, sing songs and use their team-building skills. The competition tested not just the teams' physical endurance, but also their creativity, ability to think on their feet and pull themselves together as a unit, with marks awarded for team discipline and attitude.

The students were given three days' training before they set out for the competition. Yet, some activities like rafting were entirely novel to them. Still, they rose to the challenge. "It is attitude and confidence that matters. The children knew how to handle risk, take decisions and cooperate," said Nooraine Fazal, who heads the school.

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TNN 10 December 2009.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inventure Students Shine at HDFC Interschool Spell Bee

What an amazing Sunday!! A big day for me. I woke up on that Sunday morning, nervous as I had barely studied but excited as this was my first Spelling Bee with people participating from all of India’s bigger cities in the major states.
Our team consisted of:-
Grade 6 - Aditya Parekh, Anishwar Sen and Anusha Ramji
Grade 7 - Alisha Kalyanpur, Kriti Varghese and Maya Sanaba
Grade 9 - Aditya Chandrasekhar, Krishi Bhutia and Prerana Prasad

The format of the competition was like this:
Each school had 9 participants from grade 6to grade 9. We had to reach the venue,the Delhi Public School, Bangalore South at 7:30 a.m. The registration took too long and we were able to start our first round at 9.00 a.m. Then, each contestant received a quiz paper entirely on spelling and grammar. The top ten particpants go for the next round, which was audio-visual. The person with the maximum points in the written and oral rounds would represent Bangalore at the National Spell Bee at Mumbai.

Within an hour all of us had to answer a hundred questions varying from fill-in-the-blanks to multiple choices. The written round was followed by a short break and we were treated to Horlicks Nutribar and Biscuits by the sponsors. There were 30 schools and 693 participants. We were told that we would get our participation certificates and that took almost an hour.The Inventure team sat with thier fingers crossed and they also cracked jokes that 9 out of the top 10 will be from Inventure.So, that is the Inventure Spirit:-)Jokes apart we all knew that it was very difficult since the number of particpants was huge.The Inventure parents and our teached supported and cheered for us all throughout the Bee.

Our fears were proved wrong as not only one, but three Inventure students got into the finals:

Anusha Ramji (grade 6)

Aditya Parekh (grade 6)

Kriti Varghese (grade 7)

And wow!We were the largest team from a single school at the TOP 10!Are'nt we elated!!!

An MC from Radio Mirchi came to hold the final rounds. The audio-visuals had 5-6 rounds.
Round 1:- In the first round each student got two words and had to spell them. Thirty seconds per word.
Round 2:- Each contestant was shown a slide and had to spell the answer according to the questions the MC gave us in forty seconds.
Round 3:- Rapid fire: - We were given words continuously. The more you spelt right within the forty seconds, the more points you got.
Round 4:- Each contestant was shown a slide with a poem and had to pick out the misspelt words within forty seconds.

The above were some of the main rounds we had. In the end we were sitting down in nail-biting suspense waiting for the results. Akila of 9th grade in Sri Kumarans School had secured twenty-two points! She was awarded a cash prize of twenty thousand rupees in a cheque from HDFC and she will be representing Bangalore in the finals in Mumbai.

What about Inventure?Anusha Ramji(Hey! that's me:-)) of Inventure Academy came third with 17 points. Then we were informed about our individual performances.Of course Akila of Sri Kumarans got rank 1 because she got 22 points in the audio-visuals and 100% in her test! Anusha Ramji (ME,ME,ME), secured rank 3 with 97% in the written round with 17 points in the Oral round. At rank 5 was Aditya Parekh,of course from Inventure grasped a total of 14 points in oral and 97% in his written round. Kriti Varghese of grade 7 (no prizes for guessing-an Inventurer) secured 9th rank with a whopping 98% (second only to Akila) and 10 points in oral round.

Overall all of us had a great time as this built up our confidence levels and gave us great exposure.
A special thanks to Meenakshi ma’am for supporting us and training us. I’d like to thank our parents and fellow school mates for cheering for us. Finally, I’d like to thank HDFC Spelling Bee and our school for giving us such a wonderful opportunity!

Anusha Ramji,
Grade 6A

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inventure Academy Fifth Annual Sports Meet 2009-2010

Nooraine Fazal,the Head of School,Sharmila Nicolette,the Chief Guest and Kishen Whabi,the Sports Director .

Nurturers, the Overall Champions of Inventure.

Marcos Wille,Individual Champion -Division 4(Boys)

Anthony Shek, Individual Champion -Division 4(Boys)

Maya Sanaba,Individual Champion-Division 3(Girls)

The Drummer's Call

A Visual Treat

The little sprinters of Kindergarten.

It was a bright, sunny day in December, ideal weather for a day of sports, sun and fun. As a commentator, I had the opportunity of seeing sports day from a different perspective. For once I was glad I didn’t have to march, I didn’t have struggle for breath after an event, and I didn’t have to sit on the floor in my house tent. So you see there are benefits to breaking a leg. The best part of it all, was, that I got to make rude, biased comments on every race, though I have to admit the death threats were coming in pretty fast.

As the second Sports Day I have witnessed in Inventure, I must say the standards have definitely gone up. The sports Day was an ideal showcase for the faculty, and students to show the parents how much they had achieved during the year. From the tiniest tots in their 60 meter races, to the older students in their 400 meter races, everyone put on a great show. However there must be winners, and in a shocking upset, the underdog houses of Inventure, the Nurturers and Inventors came first and second respectively, knocking of the Venturers and the Adventurers off their pedestals. Each individual champion really pulled his house through, hearty congratulations to them all!

The relays in my opinion were the prime events of the day, simply because, in no other race, do competitors from other divisions get to compete with one another, it is a true test of speed, strategy, and teamwork. There also needs to be a special mention for the dance/drill for both the kindergarteners (because they’re just cute, and they did their best) and the students who participated in the finale drill, which was fantastic to watch, congrats to the all the students, and the dance teachers who choreographed the dance/drill.

What I really like about the Inventure Academy Sports Day was the fact that there was all round participation, from the students, parents, teachers, and faculty. Each group had their own races, and each group did very well, I especially liked the teacher’s’ races, because for me it was a role reversal of sorts, where I got to sit in the shade, and they got to sweat it out in the sun. All in all a grand day, made even grander by the presence of our eminent, and good looking chief guest, Sharmilla Nicollette. Thanks to you all for coming, and hope to see you again next year.

By Suman Sridharan
Grade 11 AS
Media Pod (Sports Editor)

Mary Whabi - Head of Beyond Academics writes:

Sports Day @ Inventure Academy

The most important day in the Sports calendar dawned at Inventure Academy, bright with sunshine and blue skies… the only clouds on the horizon were the soft, fluffy ones that make you want to smile…

The Sports field looked fittingly grand with the white lines and fluttering flags circling the field. The shamianas arrayed either side of the field in colorful splendor.

The day began with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Ms. Sharmila Nicolette, a young golfer who has scaled heights both on the national and international golfing circuit. She was accompanied by Ms Nooraine Fazal, our Head of School, Kishen Whabi, the Director for PE & Sports at Inventure Academy as well as the School and Sports Captains, Gauri Billore and Roshan Balaram.

The houses then marched past in fine display, led by the reigning champions, Venturers. The school band under the able baton of Sub. Major Ravinder, wowed us with their amazingly good renditions of “Brown Girl in the Rain” and “The Drummers Call”.

The little tots of Kindergarten were adorable as they spelled out their love for Inventure Academy through their drill display “V love IA”.

The games began in earnest with the 400m runs by the Middle & Senior School participants and moving on with the rest of the day’s program. The field events were well run and well contested. The supporters in the house enclosures cheered themselves hoarse, supporting their respective champions.

The parents and teachers races proved to be as hard fought as very sporting parents and teachers lined up to compete in their respective races to much cheer and applause!

The drill display by Grades 4&5 was one that would have rivaled any at the Olympics! The students danced and jigged their way right into all our hearts!

The end of the day saw the emerging of a new order of champions. For the first time in Inventure history, Nurturers were overjoyed to top the points tally with 238 points, followed closely by Inventors at 227 points. Last year’s champions, Venturers, had to settle for third place with Adventurers rounding off the tally. Our champions of note for the day were:

Division 1 Individual Champions: Aashna Ibrahim (Girls) & Aadi Walia Boys)

Division II Individual Champions: Anika Desai (Girls) & Vedav Varadarajan (Boys)

Division III Individual Champions: Maya Sanaba (Girls) & Tanuj Lalwani (Boys)

Division IV Individual Champions: Akriti Bhargava (Girls) & Anthony Shek (Boys)

Division V Individual Champions: Marcos Wille (Boys)

The day ended with much to be proud of for the champions and smiles and applauses from the rest of us. It had been a good day and we all knew it! In the words of some of the parents:

Mr. R: “I am very impressed with the way the event was planned and executed… a lot of people obviously put in a lot of hard work to make it happen… the enthusiasm of the kids was great to see!”

Mr. AK: “Congratulations on a fantastic organization of the Sports event today. Having gone to a number of these events now, I can vouch for the best organized and executed event. Thank you for showing us parents a good time.”

Mrs. RS: “this was a superbly organized Sports Day. Everything was executed seamlessly; everyone seemed to know what they were doing. The children were in great physical form. I especially liked the drills and band display. They were visual cues to how much the school has matured in the last few years.”

Monday, December 7, 2009

Inventure Team Wins the Headstart Music Fest

Inventure Team has won the Head Start Music Fest ,an Interschool music competition conducted by Head Start in the English Group Song/Band Category.Mallya Aditi International School,Ebenezer International School,Head Start and Vibgyor High were the other participating schools.

The musical rendition of the Inventure Team was like a breath of fresh air.The Inventure Kids created a spectacular musical magic proclaimed the audience at this musical bonanza.

Click here to watch the youtube video

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inventure Academy Wins the National Kellogs INME Championship!!

Tanushree Taneja,Anthony shek,Nihal Ben Aarons,Vinay Ramkumar and Mihir Bhaskar at the INME Challenge.

The Inventure team with the INME Trophy.

Mountain Biking

Team Inventure at INME Challenge

Hardwork,fun,excitement.......and much more

Eleven teams from across India converged on picturesque Tons, Uttaranchal, to pit their brains and brawns against each other in a bid to emerge All India Champions at the Kellogg’s Cup inme Challenge.

Through two days of intense, grueling competition, the teams were put through a variety of tasks. The events fell under two main heads: Adventure and Helter Skelter. The Adventure tasks involved rock climbing, back packing, trekking, rafting and off road-biking. Helter Skelter had the teams making movies, performing songs and calling on their team building skills. Helter Skelter also had points for team discipline and attitude. In short, this competition tested not just the teams’ physical endurance, but also their creativity, their ability to think on their feet and pull themselves together as a team.

Other Competing schools were: Army School – Jodhpur, Cambridge School, Doon International School- Dehra Dun , Heritage School – New Delhi, Maharani Gayatri Devi School – Jaipur, Modern School – Barakhamba, New Delhi, Pathways World School – New Delhi, Vasant Valley School – New Delhi, Vidya Devi Jindal School – Haryana.

Team Inventure emerged victorious with a total of 506 points out of 600 (333 points in Adventure and 173 points in Helter Skelter) in a hard fought battle that had just two and half points separating them from second place. Anthony Shek set the fastest time of 1 minute 46 seconds cycling uphill for a distance of 900m, while Srinivas Naidu ( both of Inventure Academy) set the record in the Slow Cycling race! Team Inventure had perfect scores in rafting and biking.

The spirit with which this team excelled in even the events they were trying for the very first time is a definite testimony of the culture at Inventure which encourages creativity, excellence in co-curricular activities and independence. The victory was sweeter still for the fact that we triumphed against schools established for far longer than Inventure and with teams known for excelling in these activities.

Inventure Academy is an initiative of the India Learning Foundation, and is situated over 20 acres on Sarjapur Road. With a teacher-student ratio of 1:15, and access to a wide array of extra-and co-curricular activity, students are inspired to realize their full potential and aspire for excellence in all their endeavours. The school aims to provide the best of what both conventional and modern schools offer – focus on academic excellence and inclusiveness; while nurturing individuality and inventiveness in every student.

Inventure Academy’s Promise to its parents, faculty and students is to:
• Nurturing Individuality
• Providing Maximum Exposure
• Inculcating a Passion for Excellence
• Instilling Integrity
• Encouraging Sensitivity
• Foster Dynamism

Team Inventure went, they played hard and they definitely conquered! They truly are champions.