Friday, September 30, 2011

Nooraine’ s winning ways

It is not every edupreneur and CEO that has to her credit a series of wins, that too on various golf courses scattered over the world!  Sharing news of these wins is a matter of pride for the whole Inventure community!
Colorful feathers in Nooraine’s Golf cap are
-         Turnberry Cup, Scotland (team of four, including Anirban, ranked top 5 in India)
-        Callaway Tournament, KGA (individual Trophy)
-        Toyota (team of four). Competed as one of 120 teams!
-        Won one longest drive and 2 closest to the pin awards at two of the above tournaments
-        Member of a team of 12 which has qualified for the south zone finals of the Touche Gang wars. 1600 golfers across India participating
-        Represented the wining team from India in the “Race to Ireland”, at the Irish open pro am with Jeev Millka Singh as her partner.

Inventure Academy is reckoned to be a formidable name in school sports. There is no doubt that students here draw their inspiration from their CEO, Nooraine Fazal.  From her spirit, encouragement and zeal they imbibe her desire for winning and her pursuit to win. Sports can be very serious business and not mere recreation, our teams have discovered.

Inventure Academy’s Alisha dances for a cause

Alisha Kalyanpur, a student of grade 9 at  Inventure Academy recently performed at a Bharatanatyam dance performance to raise funds for the People 4 People foundation, a Whitefield-based NGO which puts up playgrounds in government schools in Bangalore, among its other activities.

Titled ‘Dance for a Cause’, the program was held at the Jagriti Theater in Whitefield on 21 August 2011 , Alisha performed the sinuous Krishna padam as a solo, and a resounding foot-tapping Thillana along with her co-dancers. The grand finale was titled Sadbhavana, a fusion dance performed to musical compositions by Mozart, Benjamin Britten, AR Rahman, Bryan Adams and Michael Jackson. The last piece of this, danced to the melody of “Heal the World” brought the entire audience to its feet and tears to many eyes.
The show was a sellout and raised over Rs 5 lakh.

Mihir Bhaskar shines for Inventure Academy

Mihir Bhaskar does Inventure Academy proud with his stellar performance in the Cambridge IGCSE examinations – he achieved 7 A Stars (distinction!) and here is what he had to say:I was actually rather shocked when I first heard about my results. It took me a while to digest the fact that I had done so well! At first I thought that there was surely some error, but as things began to set in, the satisfaction and relief of several months of hard work and effort finally paying off was simply incomparable to anything else!”    

Mihir is not only a top class student; he is also accomplished on the guitar, played football for the school and is well liked by his peers. 

Stop Press: Information just in that Mihir has topped All India in the  IGCSE Information and Communication Technology exam held in November 2011! 

Inventure Academy Student Council REACHES OUT for Child Rights

Reach [Out]:The ISCL or Inter Student Council League (Inventure Academy is one of the four schools who comprise this group initiative), in association with CRY(Child relief and You) held a massive fundraising event on 27thAugust 2011 at UB CITY.
Inventure academy was at the forefront, taking the lead in the entertainment programme, in organising the printing, sale and collection of tickets and programmes.  The Student Council executive members former and newly elected  were everywhere that evening, in a busy helpful mode and deserve much appreciation for their talent and commitment to the Cause.
The programme titled ‘Reach Out’ opened to a short play on the “Rights of the Child”, as students of Inventure Academy depicted scenes of child labour and what more fortunate children could do about such problems.  This was followed by our band and singers who sang 2 beautiful songs including “Sweet Child of Mine”.  The applause was most gratifying.
“Tarantismo”, Arati Punwani’s( who produced and directed Muse-i-cal Magic @ Inventure last year) dance company, took our collective breaths away by a creative ballet for 5 couples.
In the next half hour while we waited in the amphitheatre for the Rock concert to begin, the anticipation and excitement was palpable!! To begin this part of the evening students from Mallya  Aditi International School sang a song.
Then, with a powerful impact Allegro Fudge, the band tuned us in to the real business of listening and throbbing to the beat of their music. This rock band, comprising old Cottonians, truly captured our senses and everyone was on their feet, arms waving in the air!
In sharp contrast, but equal in mastery came a solo performance by Bangalore’s famed guitarist, Konarak Reddy.  What an opportunity to let the music overtake those of us of the GenNext, who are addicted to higher decibel levels and more powered rythms. The music melted into its rhythmic motifs of fused melodies of East and west, it soothed and enchanted us almost into a trance!
After Konark left the stage and his audience in rapt admiration of his skills and sensitivity, came the piece de resistance of the evening! Parikrama, the band from Delhi was celebrating its anniversary and were doing this with us!  What an impact! What power! What vibrations!  90 solid minutes of hits had this audience singing, dancing and enjoying being taken by storm!
As the gig came to a close, the audience yelled, “One more! Just one more!” 
They mesemerised us with their talent, but their whole-hearted participation helped ISCL raise over Rs 7 lakhs for CRY and their work for underserved children.
What a blast! But what a great success for the first endeavour of ISCL.  Inventure, well done, for being at the helm of this good work!  There's more to come, more to look forward to…
Reported by Parthiv Shah and Akriti Bhargava.