Friday, February 26, 2010

Suman Sridharan writes on what he missed on the sports field due to his unfortunate leg injury......

It's the end of the academic year and for sports in Inventure, this year has been packed. Inventure has been achieving on all fronts and the wins that our athletics, football, basketball teams are bringing back are solid proof. We had shared our victories in the Celebrations!!, a Power PointPresentation which reflected the accolades. For me this year hasn't been as active as I hoped due to my leg injury, and because of this I've been out of competition for the past 6 months.I miss the tingling in my gut just before I play, I miss the anxious first minutes of the game, I miss the feeling of competing with other people, and most of all I miss the joy of winning, but as the old school year goes out and the new one comes in I catch myself dreaming about the next tournament I participate in, I dream about which sport it is, how well I'm going to perform, how well my team is going to perform, and how much glory we as a team will reap in the coming year. Its me and my fellow 11th grader's final year and it would be great to win as much as possible, I hope we can set a standard for all future Inventurers, a goal to aim for and surpass, it has been an honor to be a part of this school, and I hope my contribution to setting an example for following batches in the field of sports is enough to repay my huge debt to this school.

Suman Sridharan,
Grade 11,
Sports Editor,
Media Pod

Espirit-de-corp---Micheal phelps proves the spirit of sportsmenship

Micheal Phelps post Olympics

The U.S swimmer Michael Phelps won a ground breaking 8 medals in the 2008 Olympics .Michael opened his Olympic experience in impressive fashion, winning the gold in the 400 individual medley in world-record time (4:08.26). One down, eight to go.
His pursuit of Olympic gold history ended a few days later, however, when South Africa and Australia finished ahead of him and his American teammates in 4 x100 freestyle relay. He also took the bronze in the 200-meter freestyle, though he gave the champion Thorpe all he could handle. Still, with three medals in three races, Michael was far from disappointed.
Michael got back on the gold track in each of his next four races. In a thrilling duel that came right down to the wire, he paced the Americans to victory in the 4 x200 freestyle relay. Michael swam the lead leg, and then rooted his heart out as Klete Keller edged Australia's Thorpe down the stretch.
The 19-year-old did it all on his own in his final three events. After winning the 200-meter butterfly, he set a pair of Olympic records in the 100-meter butterfly and 200-meter inidividual medley. But his greatest moment in Athens may have come out of the pool.
Though he had qualified for America's 4 x 100-meter medley relay, Michael gave up his spot to teammate Ian Crocker, who he had beaten in the 100-meter butterfly. The relay was Crocker's last chance to earn gold, and Michael felt he deserved the opportunity. Crocker was nearly speechless with admiration when he learned the news. With Michael in the stands cheering loudly, the Americans cruised to victory. Despite not swimming, Michael was awarded a gold nonetheless.
Six golds and two bronzes—not a bad week's work. And Michael's unselfish gesture on Crocker's behalf bolstered his already sterling reputation. His Olympic bounty also promised new riches, including a likely deal from McDonald's. (In an interview with Bob Costas after he finished competing, Michael said he couldn't wait to chow down on a big breakfast from the fast-food giant.

Arshad Padiyath & Vedant Jain,
Grade 7
Media Pod

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


When I go into the sea,
I feel tiny air bubbles rushing up.
Their power is over; it has gone to another element.
An element that cannot break apart in the
Strongest wind,
An element that can quench even the
Hottest fire,
An element that can break apart the
Strongest earth,
An element that has no more, only equal.
Life cannot go on without it,
But we have endless supply..
But we pay for that supply.
In other words, we pay for life.
But other people,
They are forced to waste their life for life.
To spend their whole day to get water.
But in vain,
For dozens die a day from disease and drought.
But there is a cure.
A cure that has been possible for years but never
Has been done.
Until. Now.
A group of people have realized the true weapon;
Not for war,
But for water.
Not for ourselves,
But for life.
Not for fame,
But for earth.
Not for money,
Not for mankind,
Not for anything or anyone
But for all,
In other words;

-Parthiv Shah
Grade 7 A

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inventure Academy Library- The "in"place to be.

The library is a wonderful place to sit and read amazing stories. Have you ever been to our library at Inventure Academy? If you haven’t come and visit it. Our library is filled with the whispers of unusual creatures from the innumerable storybooks. You can sit and relax with a book in your hand. The library is a good place to get unwanted things out of your head. I am sure that you will find a book just right for you. We have a lot of books in the library. Some of these will fill you with happiness, some with sadness and some…. freaky! But all of them are nice.

Have you met our librarians? If not you, can always find them in the library.
They are: Renuka Ma’am and Kishore sir.

Here is a list of books our librarian recommends us to read (grades 6 and above including teachers):

1. The Unfortunate Series
2. Star of Kazan
3. The other side of me – by Sidney Sheldom
4. The Kite Runner
5. Bad dogs have more fun
6. Marley and me
7. Books Jefrey Archer
8. Inkheart
9. Divide – by Elizabeth Kay
10. The Cappuccino years

These are the books you should try to read when you visit the library. These aren’t only the good books in the library but there a whole lot of books in the library that you can read.

Any time you are free and don’t have anything to do, just remember to visit the library!!!

Sharon Roy
Grade 6B
Media Pod

Inventure Students visit the Gurudwara!

A Trip to the Gurudwara

Grade 3 piled into a school bus this week and, cheerily singing, sped off to a Gurudwara.

We have been learning about various festivals of India. Our teachers, Sonali ma’am and Parul ma’am took us to the Gurdwara to learn about Guruparv. Guru parv is the birthday of the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak ji, the founder of their faith.

A Gurudwara is a place where Sikhs go to worship their holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji or Adi-Granth. Adi Granth is a thick book with all the teachings of the ten Sikh gurus. The last guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji pronounced that after him, there would be no guru in charge of the Sikhs. Instead, the Sikhs would follow the teachings of Adi Granth. The Sikhs do not worship any idols.

At the entrance of the gurdwara was a large, shallow tub filled with water. We had to step into it and wash our feet and hands before we entered the temple. Each of us had brought a dupatta or scarf to cover our heads because anyone who enters must cover their heads as a mark of respect to the Holy Book.

We walked in and silently bowed our heads near the shrine. We found out that Adi granth is treated with the reverence given to a living guru. During the day, it is placed in the shrine and covered with a colorful cloth. In the evening, before the priests go home, there is a room on the side with a grand bed in which Adi granth is laid to rest in at night. Even the most restless kids stood calmly,lulled by the peaceful chanting in the background.

The priest said a special prayer for us and read a page of the Adi Granth out to us. Naman’s father translated the Punjabi for us. The words told us how fortunate we were to have been able to visit this holy place. Later, we went downstairs to the langar, or community kitchen, where we were served a simple and delicious lunch: rice, dal and a tasty potato sabji. Anyone who is a devotee can come and help in the langar. This help is called sewa.

On our way out, our kind hosts distributed Dairymilk chocolates and a very tasty prasad. Everyone enjoyed the visit. It was fun, and we also got to learn something new. I hope we can visit the Gurudwara again some day!

Freya S
Grade 3A

Inventure Kids Nishachal Nadamuni and Adil Kalyanpur win the BATTLE GROUND, Tennis Tournament.

Adil Kalyanpur and Nischal Nadamuni of Inventure Academy won the Under 12 and Under 14 Titles at the Battle Ground, a State Ranking Tennis Tournament.

Nishchal Nadamuni, Grade 8.

Congratulations Nischal and Adil!We are proud of you two!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


On an icy January 20th,2009, Barack Hussein Obama took the presidential oath with his wife Michelle over the very same bible that Abraham Lincoln swore over.Over a thousand people thronged along Pennsylvania Avenue, wrapped in numerous jackets, sweat shirts and shawls to protect themselves from the biting, frigid temperatures.

While traveling to watch the inauguration, you could stop and purchase many Obama souvenirs. You could buy imitation Obama million dollar bills, Obama champagne, a comical Obama bobble head and even an authentic Obama periscope for peering over the heads of the crowd. Ninety percent of the people present at the inauguration ceremony were estimated to have to have purchased on Obama, at least one of a thousand assorted paraphernalia.

Obama and his wife Michelle, left their residence,Blair House at 8.47 am in a Cadillac – CTS I4 , stretch limousine for the White House.
The Obamas, along with their kids Sasha and Malia, met the outgoing Bush family at their doorstep. The outgoing and incoming presidential families then had a refreshing mug of White House coffee before departing together in two limousines.

Among the bigwigs present were Senator John McCain, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with her husband and former President Bill Clinton. Also present were George.W. Bush, father of the outgoing President.

While being sworn in, crowds were shivering and enduring sub-zero temperatures to see the forty-fourth president sworn in. President Obam, having taken oath , delivered a victory oration commemorating John McCain as a valiant opponent candidate.Obama laid down some of his intended policies that he would implement as president. He used powerful, far-reaching language to describe how he would combat terror.

Among the crowd were elederly veterans of World War 2. These people were of ex-members of the Tuskegee airmen, one of the most death defying, valiant air squadrons that ever existed. Obama quoted that his father, if he was still alive, would look back to 60 years where he was prohibited to drink from a white peoples drinking fountain.On January 20th,2009, Barack Obama, his son, was the forty-fourth President of USA..

Grade 8

Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you need a perfect username??

A few of my methods to find the perfect username for you.

Have you ever struggled with a good username? Thought about it hours and hours and still couldn’t find a good username to suit you and your personality? Or have you found one but it’s already being used? Well, probably these tips will end that struggle. This is going to be mainly about how to get a username. I’m on multiple websites that require an account, and have found pretty good usernames for each. If you can’t get one, try out these tips-

Let it match your personality

One of the most important things to remember. You would always want a username matching your personality, and what you are. Making up a random username that makes no sense to you and simply sounds weird in your mind won’t help. When you think of personality, think of adjectives. You could be happy, sad, angry, grumpy, tall, short, fat, thin, round, talkative, wierd, depressed etc. As my username says IamKrazy, it simply says I’m crazy! It’s a simple username, and you can do the same thing as well. For example, Iamhappy, 2sad4ever, reallygrumpy etc.

A username matching your personality could probably be the easiest way to get a good username.

Short and sweet can be the solution

No need to go for something long. As a matter of fact, short usernames help as well. Personality can come into play here as well. When I say short and sweet, it could be your own name, or a word that you use frequently.
A mix of random words that you know well
Always works. If your username is too long, instead of thinking of a new one, shorten the letters into a little thing. For example, if you want the name iamthebestintheworld you can simply take the first letter of every word and make it look like iatbitw, something that nobody else will realize, and most probably will not be taken. It will be your little secret. My email is ssfbb45, and all the letters are short for something.

A word that sounds cool

If there’s one particular favorite word you have, use it! It will sound cool to you, to your friends, and you’ll get a good username. For example, my username for this one account is virus02647, and virus is my favorite word. It gives me and my friends a good feeling.
It can be your own name
If you can’t find anything, put your full name there. As simple as that.

Add some numbers!

If you’ve got a good username, and it’s already taken, just add a few numbers that you can memorize. In my class everybody has a particular number. One of my friends has 361, other has 1023, and as for me, mine is 02647. I’ll remember that for the rest of ,my life. If you add numbers, most probably the word won’t be taken.
Those are all the tips I can think of, they will surely help you get a good username in the end.

Rohan Desai
Grade 8

Anybody having difficulty with squares and square roots? Your guide awaits.

I don’t particularly enjoy people going against me when I show off, but I have to say I am an absolute topper in my math class. Algebra, easy. Geometry, easy. Fractions, easy. Basic arithmetic, easiest. That’s why today I’m going to help with solving squares of numbers, and this a very easy method. Atleast it’s more easier than multiplying a number with the same number.
Now I myself only know the squares of numbers upto 25 by heart, and I’m only 13 years old. I’m not going to show off and simply dictate it. I’m going to give my method.

Here’s the tip
• Square of 1- 1
• Square of 2- 4
• Square of 3- 9
• Square of 4- 16
• Square of 5- 25
• Square of 6- 36

Take all these numbers into hand, and try to find a pattern. If you can’t find any, here’s a hint: subtraction. Look at the difference of 4 and 1. It’s 3. For 4 and 9? It’s 5. And for 9 and 16, it’s 7. Now, the differences are 3, 5 and 7. If you continue you will get 9, 11, 13, 15 and so on.
Got the tip? It is simply adding two more to the square from the previous square. If you didn’t understand what I just said, here’s how it goes-
Suppose you want the square root of 11. Simply use the method to get it to the square of 10, which is 100. That is, square of 1 plus 3 to get the square of 2, square of 2 plus the previous odd number used+ 2, which is 5, to get 9, which is the square root of 3. This method you can use till however long you please.
Now let’s get back to the sum we want to solve. The square of 11. By following the method, get it to the square of 10, which is 100. Difference between square of 10 and 9, 100-81 which is 19. Now you have the number 19. Add two to that, to get 21. Then you add that number to 100 and you’ll get the square of 11, exactly 121.
Pretty neat isn’t it?

Rohan Desai,
Grade 8

A New Adventure

A long story I had to write as an assignment when I was nine, turned out pretty good. Enjoy!!
It was about to be winter vacation, when our English teacher assigned a two thousand word narrative composition, entitled ‘A new adventure.’
When I heard it was about writing, I took out a pen and paper and got to work as soon as I got home. On the first day I was finished with half the story and it was of good length. I finished the work in less than 4 days, and the rest of the days I simply edited it. I’m going to be sharing it with the internet today. Note that I was only nine and it is nowhere near what I can do now. Just saying =P. Might be pretty long, but I put hours work into this, and I hope you like it. Here it is-
A New Adventure
Once long time ago, there lived a crony old man and a boy, in the middle of a jungle. The old man’s name was Norman Faraway. The boy’s name was James Faraway, and he was eight years old. Norman was a usual man with, unusual abilities. You see, Norman was a wizard, and James was his grandson. James was a lonely boy, because his only companion was his grandfather. James wanted to see the outside world; he wanted to have adventures in the outside world. His grandfather had forbidden James to ever set foot outside his jungle. Norman instead would create magical little boys so that James would have playmates. One night while trying to go to sleep, James saw a falling star. He quickly made a wish, to be in the outside world. This is a story of James and his grand adventure.
As soon as a wish was made, James felt himself slowly disappear and reappear in the outside world near the local streets of Chicago. James thought he was dreaming for a moment. He thought things like this don’t happen in real life, but he forgot that he lived in a magical house, in the middle of the jungle. When he touched the outside wall of a store, he realized he wasn’t actually dreaming. James loved it! He looked around and saw shoe shops, Donut shops, clothes shops, grocery stores, big trees, small trees, houses, roads with cars being driven, etc. He even enjoyed the smell of diesel!
He started crossing the street, but he didn’t know he should look both ways before crossing the street. He almost got run over by a car, and as the car drove by, the driver started screaming at him. James shook his head, because he didn’t know why the driver yelled at him. He was passing the Donut Shop, and the smell of fresh donuts, made James realize that he was hungry. He went in the donut shop and helped himself to a donut and started walking out the shop. The shop owner caught up to him and asked James for money, for the donut. James didn’t know what money was, and of course, didn’t have any thing called money. The shop owner told him if James didn’t have any money, James should work for him for the rest of the day and eat as many donuts as he wanted. James thought it was a wonderful idea and agreed to work for the shop owner.
Meanwhile, back in the jungle, Norman was getting worried. He didn’t know where James had gone in the outside world. Norman knew that James didn’t know anything about the outside world. He took out his magic mirror and asked the mirror to show him what James was doing. The mirror showed James surrounded by people and eating donuts very fast.
The shop owner finds out that James hasn’t been serving the customers and has just been eating donuts. The shop owner becomes very angry and fires James. James is shocked and he keeps thinking what did I do wrong? The manager told me that if I worked for him I could eat as many donuts as my heart could desire. Sadly he turned to leave the store with his head turned down. As he was walking out the donut shop James decided to go to the shoe shop.
When he reached the shoe store James was astonished! He had never seen so many shoes in his entire life! So he started to try all the shoes he could find. But he really didn’t like any of them. He even tried on a pair of girls’ pink Barbie shoes. Everyone in the shoe store was staring at him and a few were even doing small giggles. James was confused. Why is everyone staring at me? What did I do wrong? James was feeling a bit tired. He went out of the shoe store and decided to sleep. So he went to somebody’s house and went up the stairs. The father of the house asked.” What are you doing? Why are you going up the stairs of my house?!”
James ignored him and climbed up the stairs and went into the bedroom. He went to sleep in the mother’s big fluffy bed. James felt uncomfortable so he decided to sleep in the fathers’ bed. His bed was big and firm, just how James likes it. The father went into the bedroom. His eyes popped out when he saw that a stranger was sleeping in his bed! The father fainted immediately. James woke up a couple of hours later.
Meanwhile, in the middle of the forest Norman was very worried. He was wondering how James was. What if he had gotten kidnapped? He took out his ‘child sensing device’ and typed in James Faraway. He found out his location and how he was doing. He instantly took his magic wand and vanished into thin air. He reappeared in Nashville, in a place far away from where James was. None of his devices had any use now to find James. So there was only one way to find James… he had to look for him on foot.
James was getting a bit bored of the outside world. One of the reasons was, he was very lonely. James started searching for his grandfather. A few minutes later he realized that he was the only one. He had remembered that it was a wish that allowed him to get here. James was starting to feel sad. He was missing his grandfather. James left the house and started wandering on a busy street. He looked around. When he turned to his right he saw a tornado coming towards him. James started running, but it didn’t help at all. The tornado sucked James up and James went flying. He landed in the middle of a desert.” Where am I?” James asked to himself. He was stranded in the middle of a desert!
Norman had been looking for James everywhere. He thought about using his child sensing device. He tried and the response from the child sensing device made Norman faint immediately.
James was very hungry. He was also very scared. He looked around. He saw nothing except for desert plants like cactus and prickly pear. James saw an object coming towards him at great speed. It looked like an animal, but he had never seen an animal of that sort. As it came closer James saw that it was a human riding on a camel. James shouted,” Help, help!”
The camel came towards James and stopped at his feet. James starting talking to the man. He had white skin with curly brown hair and wore sunglasses. He had three piercings in each of his ears and was very tall. His name was Wallace. James had asked if Wallace could help him get out of the desert. Wallace nodded. James climbed onto the camel and they started off with a smile.
Norman had been looking for James everywhere. He called his black dragon called Razor. The dragon wasn’t that tall but was strong enough to fly to the Sahara Desert without any rest. Norman climbed onto the dragon and took off all full speed.
Meanwhile, James and Wallace were feeling tired. They had already traveled one hundred miles. James was wondering, is my grandfather coming here to rescue me and bring me back home? Wallace started asking James questions like, where do you live? What are your hobbies? Do you like your home? James was daydreaming. He decided to go to sleep. But he would be uncomfortable. He started thinking; there are all these animals like snakes and scorpions living down there. What if I fell off while sleeping and got eaten alive? He decided to stay awake.
Norman was about three thousand feet high. He was looking for a desert. He was right next to the Atlantic Ocean when he heard a BOOM! He went back to see what was going on and guess what he saw…
A three headed snake that was black with yellow polka dots, about forty feet tall was invading a town! The snake was chewing on a building. Norman had to do something about this. He took out his wand and chanted a few words in a secret ancient language. Then he said abra- kadabra- alakazam and then… the snake started floating in mid air and smash! The snake went flying across the sky. Norman was getting a bit weary and exhausted. He decided to stop at a city nearby. Norman went to the store and bought a few things like food and water. Norman looked at his watch. He had wasted two whole hours, saving the town from the forty feet tall snake. He called Razor and climbed onto him in a hurry and took of to find James. They took off and soon were on top of the Atlantic Ocean.
James had become very tired. He asked Wallace if they could stop for a few minutes and have a snack but Wallace replied with a frown. He had not had any food with him so they would just have to starve. Half their journey was over and they were both very tired, were starving, and were burning up. They decided to stop near a small lake and filled their stomachs with as much water as they could drink. The camel, who was also very tired, ate a few desert plants.
Norman was having a rough time. It had been almost a week since James had made that wish. Norman looked ahead. He saw a few buildings as they came closer and soon landed in the city. It was a city near the Sahara Desert. It looked much different than the United States. Norman thought that one of these people would know where James is, since this city was next to the Sahara Desert.
James and Wallace had no food to eat. Wallace saw a city ahead said to James,” wait here with the camel, I’ll go to that city and buy food.”
James was confused. What does he mean by “buy”? He was okay with waiting with the camel for about half an hour. Wallace started heading toward the city.
Norman took out a picture of James and started showing it to people. Hundred percent of the people responded by shaking their heads. Then as Norman was about to turn SMASH! Norman bumped into… Wallace. Norman got up and said sorry. Then he moved on. Then Norman realized,” Wait!” he said to Wallace. Wallace stopped in his tracks and turned around.” Have you seen this boy anywhere?” Norman said showing him a picture of James,” he is my grandson and I have been looking for him for days.”
Wallace’s mouth dropped open. Then suddenly he went crazy. He started jumping around and said,” I know him! I met him in the desert a few days ago! He has been with me all this time! I just came here to buy food for us! Follow me! I’ll take you to your grandson!”
Norman was feeling a lot happier now. He followed Wallace all that way. It was about ten miles from the desert. James was getting worried.” Where did Wallace go? He said it would just be half an hour! First it was grandpa, now it’s Wallace!”
James started to hear footsteps. James walked toward the sound. He saw two objects coming towards him. He could hear voices now,” James, James!” he heard. James gazed ahead of him into the distance. He noticed the first person. It was Wallace! James started running toward Wallace. He still couldn’t identify the second human running toward him! As they got closer James saw reading glasses, gray hair, checked shirt, it’s, it’s,” Grandpa!” James ran and hugged his grandfather. Then all three of them James, Wallace and Norman gathered and had a talk. Then Norman and James waved goodbye to Wallace and climbed onto Razor. Then Razor took off at full speed into the vast distance.

Rohan Desai
Grade 8 IGCSE

The History of the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, occasionally called the Football World Cup, but usually referred to simply as the World Cup, is an international football competition contested by the men's national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's global governing body. The championship has been awarded every four years since the first tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not contested because of World War II. There are preliminary rounds to select the 32 final teams to compete in what is known as “World Cup Finals”.
During the 18 tournaments that have been held, seven nations have won the title. Brazil is the only team to have played in every tournament and have won the World Cup a record five times. Italy is the current champions and has won four titles, and Germany is next with three. The other former champions are Uruguay, winners of the inaugural tournament, and Argentina, with two titles each, and England and France, with one title each.
The most recent World Cup was held in Germany in 2006. The next World Cup will be held in South Africa, between 11 June and 11 July 2010, and the 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil.
Now, to explain how selection of teams are undertaken. Since the second World Cup in 1934, qualifying tournaments have been held to thin the field for the final tournament. They are held within the six FIFA continental zones (Africa, Asia, North and Central America and Caribbean, South America, Oceania, and Europe), overseen by their respective confederations. For each tournament, FIFA decides the number of places awarded to each of the continental zones beforehand, generally based on the relative strength of the confederations' teams.

Siddarth Jairaj,
Grade 7 A,
Media Pod

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun with colours

Dyeing is Fun!

Cloth,colour,thread and a little bit of magic gave us a beautiful piece of art.

We never knew that we could tie so well and the result was brilliant!

As part of our activities at the Learning Lab we had Tie and dye as a whole class session for grades 1 through 4 in the month of January. The children diligently tied the cloth with strings – This was till we discovered the joys of rubber bands!! They enjoyed all the water soaking, splashing (accidental of course!) involved. The MOST exciting task though, was to put on their myriad coloured gloves to dip the cloth in the dye. They did this with all the earnestness of a doctor going in for surgery! only to break into giggles at more accidental splashing!! We now have many gorgeous tie and dye material in many hues to show for all the fun work.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drive to Drive Away Noise Pollution By Inventure Drama Pod

Horn No K Please – A Huge success

Honk!Honk!a familiar irritating sound which we annoys us day in and day out.As you know Horn No K Please was a public art show by the Drama pod of Inventure Academy which was trying to spread the message that we shouldn’t honk unnecessarily.Can this little effort make a difference to Namma Bengalooru's noise pollution?

The bus buzzzzzzzzzzzzzed with excitement as we left Inventure campus.

The show was at a traffic junction near Cubbon Park.We(Media Pod) have been watching the Drama pod kids ebb with excitement for a long, long time and here was the proof before our eyes. The first time they performed it, they did well but once they started doing it again they did excelled it. Rather do I say, they got a hang of it!!

There did have minor issues with some of the props which broke, but the student volunteers and teachers fixed them in a magical jiffy. The bystanders brimmed with curiosity and were awestruck at the message and dramatic delivery. The traffic police of Namma Bengaluru proved that they are the best and helped us to avoid accidents and guided us through out. What more do we need, some of our parents had dropped in and supported us through out our effort.

My friend, Roshini said that she was feeling really, really, really excited and the show went on quite well. Another participant, Deeksha said that this was a wonderful idea. The teachers did a lot of hard work and so did the students. After the show our art teacher, Poornima Ma’am took us for a treat at Corner House Ice Cream. (Thanks ma’am!!!)

The Drama Pod did a GREAT JOB!!!!(Hey!! we do have some great photos too.. wait and watch)

Now,can you come up with some interesting ideas to create public awareness???

- Sharon Roy
Grade 6B
Media Pod

Sunday, February 7, 2010

“Horn No K Please”

The Drama pod at Inventure Academy is a common interest group, where in both students and teachers come together for the love of Theatre.

We have used this Drama Pod as a platform to express our ideas for change and progress in India.

HORN NO K PLEASE is more of a public art show. It is an awareness program, where we tackle the issue of Sound pollution. Our mission is not to lay down rules but to make sure that an understanding reaches the public in a simple yet creative way! Unnecessary honking proves to be one of the most unfortunate side effects of Bangalore city’s progress. We chose the form of the street play as it has always been used to propagate social and political messages and to create awareness amongst the masses regarding critical issues. Street theatre breaks the formal barriers and approaches the people directly.

This is also a great learning experience for children as they are also educated about the issue while carrying out a different kind of production. The acting team consists of 26 children who are from grade 6. We will be performing at the MG Road (Jewels de Paragon) signal on 9th February, 2010. Each performance lasts for about 3 minutes, we will be visible at 3 signals and we hope to perform 9 times.

Parents are welcome to come and watch!!

Our Media Pod Journalist Sharon Roy of Grade 6 B interviews a Participant Anusha Ramji:

Q1. What is the play about?
Actually it is not a play; it is called a public art show. We want to tell the public our opinion on sound pollution, basically honking.

Q2. What are you doing to prepare for the show now?
Currently, we are giving the finishing touches to our props. Mainly we are using traffic colors seen on sign boards – red, black and white. We are also practicing.

Q3. How do you fell right now?
I am very excited because it is something different from other plays. It is a bit more difficult to tell people what they think without speaking. We are just using props and there will only be action and our cues are pretty tight. If one person doesn’t start their part at the right time, the whole thing may be a disaster. The signal lasts only for three minutes.

Q4. Would you like to say anything else?
Our play has three main points that we want to focus on which is deafness, panic and accidents. We hope that all the viewers to take this seriously because honking has a big impact.

Q5. Do you think it will work out well?
Our Christmas play was a huge success. I am just hoping for the best.

After hearing this I think this play really will be a great success. I think they would be able to spread this important message throughout the city.


- Sharon Roy

Barclays Premier League -A Review

The Barclays premier league is the cup. Many teams are trying hard to win this cup. Right now Chelsea is leading with 2 points more than Manchester United. Recently Manchester United beat Arsenal 3-1. Sir Alex Ferguson
(Manager of Manchester United) was very happy with their victory over Arsenal while Arsene Wenger (manager of Arsenal) was unhappy. Arshavin scored the goal for arsenal against Manchester United. Arsenal has one more match on Sunday against Chelsea. Rooney scored his 100th goal. Rooney is the top scorer in this league till now.

Portsmouth who are last of the league have a match against Manchester United. If MANU (Manchester United) wins this match they will be at the first place. Recently Portsmouth lost to Fulham 1-0. Jonathon Greening scores for Fulham. Fulham bt Portsmouth at Craven Cottage.

Vedanth Jain
Grade 7,
Media Pod

Movie Review

Most Dangerous Man in America

It is really good movie to watch. It is interesting how Daniel Ellsberg, a top military strategist working for the RAND Corporation, leaked a 7,000 page document known as the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. It was about the government's lies and misdeeds which they were trying to hide from the public. It was a top secret paper which had details of how five Presidents continuously lied to the American people regarding the Vietnam War.

This event finally led to the end of the Vietnam War and the downfall of President Nixon. This documentary describes excitement and chaos unleashed in the media and country by Daniel. It tells the story of how Daniel Ellsberg goes into hiding to avoid being caught by the FBI. When he comes out in the open, he is regarded as a hero and at the same time as a traitor. He has to fight in court for his life and the truth. In the end this led to a big effect and change of law on how the White House and American Government shared secret information with the public.

This movie has been nominated for two Oscars.

Parth Shah,
Grade 7,
Media Pod

Save the Earth..........Wake up.............

Earth was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago.

If those 4.6 billion years were 24 hours, Man has walked on Earth for the last 1 minute of those 24 hours.

And of those 24 hours, Man has changed the world to suite him in the last 30 seconds.

In just 30 of those 86,400 seconds, the world has changed for the bad, and is getting worse. There is no balance. Will there ever be any again?

There probably would be. But how would there be balance, is the question. It could be by all the humans dying, because of what they or their predecessors did. It could be something like what happened in the movie 2012, in which only a few humans survive, and through previous experience think through how they live their lives, and live them in a better way. Or, hopefully, we humans see what’s happening and stop now, before it’s too late.

Only time will tell what happens. But whatever happens depends on what we do now. So let’s do something now. Something that will change what is going to happen if we do nothing. Or prepare ourselves for the end of the human race, whether it’s for the better, or for the worse.

Parthiv shah,
Grade 7,
Media Pod

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writer's Workshop at Inventure-A Delightful Literary Experience

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword

I offer my sincerest apologies for not knowing who said that. Anyway, I came home after the workshop at 5 in the evening, due to a comedy of errors for which I was largely responsible, but apart from that, the workshop was one of the most enriching ‘meeting of minds’ that I have ever been to. We did have a funny feeling when we were informed about the Writer's Workshop but we were proved wrong when the actual event took place.It started at about 1.45 p.m.with the introduction of Jagrithi Ma'am.She introduced all the three authors which was very impressive.

Daveed, my class mate gave his understanding and opinion of the short story written by Mrs.Anuradha Nalapat.He was quite frank with his critical opinion and I think that is what Literature is about.Sanaa Bano of Grade 10 IG, gave her bit about Ms.Christina Daniel's short story which was in detail and then came the crisp presentation of Asha of Grade 11.
We were then divided into three groups moderated by the writers and we analysed the story.I was part of the group that was analyzing the premier chapter of Kite Strings, a novel by Andaleeb Wajid and also the one responsible for her fame. Pondering over the plethora of hidden meanings and themes in the excerpt was like playing one of those games around teatime. Everyone had something to say; some opinions were serious while others were a welcome laugh from them. Needless to say, the latter opinions occurred more. Having Nandini ma’am moderate the session along with the author added a bit of her traditional touch to the proceedings; we had to find an adjective beginning with the first letter of our name.

We came up with a long list of these, and laughed as each person coined their sobriquet. And then began the serious analysis. We all had to pick our favorite aspect of the story, followed by grouping up and taking care of different aspects of any piece of literature; setting, plot, themes, vocabulary, etc. Then was the general discussion, with everyone having something to say. We were then asked to read the story thoroughly and pick out things that we could see in the story that others couldn’t. That done, we began a long but friendly interrogation of the author, and Nandini ma’am rounded it off by asking the author if our analyses were correct and she said yes, they were. The ceremony was formally concluded by Ms. Pritam Benjamin, former Principal and the Educational Consultant.She gave a beautiful touch to this great literary event in her own style.Nihaal Aarons then gave a short vote of thanks and a token of appreciation and gratitude was presented to the guest speakers. All in all, it was an event which will not be forgotten by senior school in the years to come.
By Aditya Chandrashekhar
Grade 9B
Media Pod

The Grammy’s-For the Inventure Music Buffs.........

The Grammy’s. The most exciting Award Show of 2010! We were even more excited since there were New artists who joined the Music Industry.
Beyonce won a total of six awards breaking the record for most wins by a female artist in one night. Artists such as Colbie Caillat, Eminem, Kanye West, Lady GaGa, Maxwell, A.R Rahman, Rihanna and Jason Mraz won two awards.
Taylor Swift won four, while Black eyed Peas, Jay-Z and Kings of Leon won three.
Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ was awarded Album of the year.All in all watching the Grammy's was a lot of fun.

Sanjali Menon &Sumreen Sandhu,
Grade 8
Media Pod

TISB Interschool Tournament-Tennis

Recently our school participated in the TISB tennis tournament under 15 tennis tournament, our teams placed second in the boys category davis cup and third in the girls category Davis cup. The boys team consisted of Nischil, Adil, Martin, and Tanish, and the girls team consisted of Alisha, Namrata, and Valerie These are amazing results considering our players are at least two to three years younger than the competition. For those of you who aren't familiar with the davis cup format, it is fairly similar to standard tennis, the same rules apply, the difference is that the players are divided into squads of four, and each team must win one singles match, and one doubles match against the opponents to advance to the next round, however if the team loses either the doubles or the singles match they must play a singles match again called the reverse singles. Our boys team did very well by coming second, they beat National public school (Rajajinagar) without having to play the reverse singles, the same for TISB, they only had to play a reverse singles against Sarla Birla academy because they lost the doubles. After this they came on top of their pool and had to play against Delhi public school in which they lost, however they played very well with the points nearly always coming to deuce (tie). Our girls team did quite well as well, they reached third with points scored over Canadian International School and Delhi public school. Oddly enough they lost against Canadian winning the singles, and losing the doubles and reverse singles, they scored points with the singles win, and were on an equal footing with Delhi Public School south , however DPS did not show up for their face off with our school, presumably because they were too scared. This gave our team one point and they secured third place. The icing on the cake would definitely be Adil's win of best player, he is just 9 years old, and it is usually from the ranks of the winning team that this award is presented to, but he played so well that he justified the organizers giving him this prestigious award. well done to all those who participated they all performed very well and have made Inventure proud.

Suman Sridharan,
Media Pod

Intel Young Innovators Programme at Inventure Academy

Nooraine Fazal

As India moves to a more knowledge based, globalised, and urbanized economy it faces unprecedented challenges for education achievement.

While India is uniquely poised to take advantage of this increasingly interconnected, open and collaborative world, given its “demographic dividend” (relatively young and growing population) and limited infrastructure (opportunity to leap frog to the 21st century without worrying about legacy systems) much depends on whether it can provide its youth with the education required to capitalize on this.

Educational institutions, such as Inventure Academy are increasingly expected to keep up with the demands for change and at the same time face intense pressure to reinforce traditional practices, be conservative and leave no child behind.

The fact is “We can not prepare students for a world which existed 21 years ago; we don’t know what the world will look like in 21 years time when a child born in 2010 graduates from college; what we do know for sure about the future is that there will be constant change”

There is a growing concern (highlighted further by the success of movies such as the “3 idiots”!) that school going students in India are very focused on getting high marks to secure admissions to higher education institutions (where they can look forward to more of the same, if they do indeed manage to secure a place).

Students, and the larger community in India and globally (given one out seven people world wide is an Indian!) would benefit considerably if students are instead / in addition, encouraged to make independent informed choices about what they want to do when they grow up and equipped to contribute effectively to socio-economic development by innovating, creating jobs and wealth.

This makes the need for a change / fundamental shift in our education system absolutely critical.

Given Intel’s tremendous success with initiatives such as the Intel Open University Network, Inventure Academy and the rest of the K-12 learning community look forward to continue collaborating with Intel to reap dividends that all of us could have only dreamt about in the past! For more on specific details on the programs please refer to reports from my colleagues on ……

Click here to view Intel Programme for Grades 9,10&11.

Click here to view the report on the Intel Lab Visit.

Nooraine Fazal
Managing Trustee & Head of School
Inventure Academy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Workshop on Book Reading By Ms.Roopa Pai

A report – book reading by Ms. Roopa Pai, author of “ Taranauts and the quest for the Shyne Emerald".

Roopa came, captivated and conquered the minds of the young readers of grade 3 and 4 with her magic in story telling. She entered the world of the little ones and created a space for herself by speaking their language.
Imagination is the spark that sets off the creative impulses in a reader’s mind and that’s what Roopa used as her “mantra” to play with the fantasies of the children. Their journey to the world of “ Taranauts, the quest for the Shyn Emeralds” was a mystical one and Roopa spun an interconnected web of imagination to stretch and weave the children’s own fantasies.

Shika Roy,
Inventure Academy

Monday, February 1, 2010

Breaking News:Inventure Students secure high ranks in International Math Olympiad and National Science Olympiad

International Math Olympiad:

*Aditya Parekh of Grade 6B has secured 265th Rank at the International Level and has topped at the School Level in the International Math Olympiad.

*Nihaal George of Grade 6A has secured 266th Rank at the International Level and 2nd Rank at the School Level in the same examination.

National Science Olympiad:

Nihaal George has added icing to the cake by securing the 382nd National Rank at the National Science Olympiad. He has topped at the School Level.

Our Hearty Congratulations to Nihaal and Aditya.You both have brought accolades to Inventure.We are proud of you!