Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inventure Academy students serve community

Who would perhaps want to sweat in noon summer sun, cleaning a dusty school library never cleaned for years? I bet not many!. So was the case with most of the Grade 7 and 8 students who boarded their school buses heading to Gunjur Government School to clean up their library and classrooms, rather reluctantly.

It was just a pint-size start for these youngsters who, in the coming days visited old age home, schools for differently abled and a clinic, and realized how a small yet significant service towards community can change lives.

“Initially I took up community service as it was mandatory in school. `Clean Up’ was something that I would do only for my room, that too after my mama coaxing me 101 times,’’ confesses Tanujof Grade 7. But after we undertook the tedious task of cleaning a library not cleaned for over an year, there was a spirit of teamwork and doing good for our peers that made me feel good despite my dust allergy.”

Cheshire Home for the Aged, is a picturesque place in Whitefield known mostly for its sleepiness where Inventure Academy students visited next. Not only was there a need for the place to look more desirable it was also to make the inmates feel wanted. Inventure Academy students enthusiastically carried out wall painting, gardening, cleaning of the windows and mosquito mesh and later spent time with the senior citizens.

At the Cotollengo Special School for the mentally challenged situated at Whitefield, our students realized that even leading a normal life is a gift of God, we should thank Him for. The students chose to beautify the school by cleaning and painting for their peer inmates. Besides they presented the school with colorful and eco-friendly paper bags as a token of memory to convey `We care’.

The interaction with spastic children at Vydehi Special School was sole steering too. When kids their age would be running around playing soccer many of the inmates were still taught how to stretch their hands and hold their nose.

“After my interaction with the staff there I gathered that children with spasticity have a normal IQ, they understand the instructions, want to carry it out but their muscles do not agree with each other and they fail. Even holding their lips together could be a task to learn,” said a student who was visibly concerned how challenging a life could become for some.

Having realized how timely medical help could change the course of our lives, the students visited RXDX Clinic on ITPL road. Here they got an opportunity to interact with doctors and hospital staff. They were briefed on the day to day working of the diagnostic clinic. Some students visited and helped the staff in the Pharmacy, some helped in the Lab, and one helped at the Reception and also helped to coordinate patients records kept at the Reception. Students visited the Physiotherapy centre, Ultrasound and CT scan and some helped the nurses to make gauze for dressings. Such first hand experience was very enriching.

Our kids also mentioned that they would want to visit this place again. Our students interacted with them through various activities like painting and Craft.
All this could not have been possible without the support of the parents and the teamwork of students and staff which included Nagashree supported by Jagrithi, Shaheen, Sukanya ,Ruchi, Nandita, Sreenivas, Umadevi, Poornima, Jennifer, Smitha, Salome, Anuradha ,Venmal, Dhamayanthi, Rashmi Katti, Renuka, Ritika
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inventure Academy Annual Awards Day

Success is not coming first in the race but giving your best no matter what place. The true spirit behind these lines authored by our student was celebrated on, the 5th Annual Awards day of Inventure Academy held on March 28.

It was also a day for students to showcase their multi-talents on stage be it dance, play, or music in front of the cheering audience comprising of parents, teachers and peers.

Our guests of honor on the occasion were Associate Director of Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) Professor N Balakrishnan and CMD of Prestige group, Irfan Razack, who inspired children with their speech on need for holistic knowledge to be a future ready.

The event started at around 4pm with Professor Balakrishnan, Mr Razack along with CEO and Head of Inventure Academy, Nooraine Fazal lighting the candle of knowledge. Professor Balakrishnan inspired the students, parents and teachers alike by his speech on significance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) where there would be growing need for people with holistic knowledge more than specialists in a field or two. Recalling his young days, Professor Balakrishnan, said, “While 30 years ago, when I joined IISc, a computer had a main memory of just 32 kb, today even a pen drive can carry 320 gigabytes!.”

One of the founders of the world’s largest digital library, Professor Balakrishnan, emphasized the need for integrated education, where there are no borders in acquiring knowledge from subjects of science, engineering, social science or arts. He congratulated Inventure Academy for having nurtured inventive thinking in five years of its formation and also the parents for having chosen this school.

Irfan Razack, also the Chairman and co-founder of Inventure Academy, underlined the changing face of Indian education and the need for freedom of space for young minds to think, grow and excel as individuals and as human beings.

Nooraine Fazal, proudly presented the `harvests’ of the academic year 2009-10 and the audience cheered as much to Inventure excelling in academics, with 100 percent of IGCSE students scoring distinction or merit and Titan Genius kids APJ Abdul Kalam Awards National Awards for Maths, as they did for the school being overall champions of Multiple Intelligence Xplored, an inter-school competition, for the third consecutive year.

Later the students who displayed winning attitudes in varied fields of academics, sports, culture were felicitated by an Inventure Academy cap and badges on their the guests followed by a colorful cultural evening.
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The Theory

Every task you perform could be a success
It is when you set a goal and achieve nothing less

It requires you and all your senses, including your will
It asks you to bear all obstacles, be it a mountain or a hill

To emerge successful, passionately combine sweat and blood
Charge against suppression, sternly shake off the mud

Keep yourself strong, for all your wars are not yet fought
Because something like success just cannot be bought

It is your decision to define your own success
Let someone else do it for you and you’ll end up a mess

Forego unneeded pressure, as it adds to stress
Lead life with strategies, like a good game of chess

Lead life with everything planned, prevent the suspense please
Or you’ll live it like a heartbeat playing against piano keys

Carpe Diem – that means seize the day
Grab your opportunity, don’t let go no matter what they say.

But remember:
Proving to yourself, that you are a winner
May induce over confidence. And that could be a success killer.

Remember kids, having a luxurious lifestyle may not be success
When you are satisfied with yourself, then you may achieve ultimate bliss

Success may not be standing first in a race
It is the feeling of giving it your best no matter your place.

Siddharth Menon ,
Grade 11