Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inventure Academy Investiture

Investiture Ceremony at Inventure Academy was held on July 21st with Mr Aditya Sondhi, the lawyer of the Supreme Court, Karnataka High Court and founder of ‘Aditya Sondhi Law Chambers’ as the chief guest.
Mr Aditya on the occasion underlined the importance of identifying leaders not only among the elected few but among other peers, elders and even younger ones around us as leadership ,among many other responsibilities, is about setting examples
Also present on the occasion were CEO and the Managing Trustee of Inventure Academy, Ms Nooraine Fazal and Inventure Academy Principal, Inventure Academy, Mrs Mallika Sen.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inventure Academy's School Magazine- `The Inventurer' releases

Inventure Academy magazine 2010-11 was released on July 4th 2011. This volume zooms in to articles, activities, timelines and reports. Full enjoyment comes from zooming out to look at the wider picture; at how we are growing, in thought word and deed. It will prove to you how seriously we believe in our School motto and seize each day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The elected student council of Inventure Academy 2011-12

The elected student council 2011-12

Results for Middle & Secondary School Student Council 2011 are as follows:

School Captain: Surya Nimmagadda

Sports Captain: Nihal Aarons

BA Captain: Akshay Rao

BA Vice Captain: Anushri Pendiala

Community Outreach Captain: SaiTushar Goteti

Adventurers Captain: Duruvan Saravanan
Adventurers Vice Captain: Namratha Narayanan

Inventors Captain: Payal Kela
Inventors Vice Captain: Nischal Nadhamuni

Nurturers Captain: Akshay Kulkarni
Nurturers Vice Captain: Nakul Jajoo

Venturers Captain: Dipali Bajaj
Venturers Vice Captain: Sriram Goteti

Friday, July 15, 2011

Inventure Academy lifts the Gen-X Football Championship Cup (U-14)

Inventure Academy was declared winners of the Gen-X Football Championship 2011 in the under-14 (boys) with Tejveer Singh Rekhi awarded the Best player for the tournament in the category and Nirvair Nair awarded the top scorer of the tournament under the Under 16 category.

Around 16 schools of the city participated in the four day event held at XLR Indoor stadium, Bengaluru from 12th July 2011 onwards.

Scorecard- Under 14 category
League match:
Inventure Academy won against Legacy School- 3-0
Inventure Academy against Oasis School-
1 all draw
Inventure Academy won against DPS North- 1-0

Finals U-14

Inventure Academy won against Parikrma Humanity Foundation- 2-1

Scorecard- Under 16

League match:
Inventure Academy won against Legacy School- 6-1
Inventure Academy won against Oasis School- 2-0

Quarter Final:
Inventure Academy won against Florence School 3-2

Inventure Academy lost to DPS (North) by 2-1

Inventure Academy celebrates its 6th Birthday

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Inventure Academy releases the School Magazine ‘The Inventurer’ -Vol 2

Inventure Academy magazine 2010-11 was released on July 4th 2011. This volume zooms in to articles, activities, timelines and reports.  Full enjoyment comes from zooming out to look at the wider picture; at how we are growing, in thought word and deed.  It will prove to you how seriously we believe in our School motto and seize each day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bharatnatya Arangetram of Inventure Student

Family, friends, Inventurers and distinguished invitees attended the Bharatnatya Arangetram of our very own Namrata Ramesh (of grade 8) on July 2nd 2011. Wonder and pride on a brilliant display of this classical dance form was the prevailing mood of the evening, where our CEO and Managing Trustee Nooraine, was Chief guest along with Mr R Ashok, Minister for Transport and Mr.ST Ramesh, IGP of Karnataka.

Namrata has been trained and guided by Guru Kanya Ramchandran Tayaliya since the tender age of 7 and is a multi-talented girl who paints , reads avidly and writes with much interest and skill. Passionate about this classical dance form from south India, she wants to become an astronomer! Behind this great performance was hard and regular practice, determination and strength to present this vast repertoire that is required of each dancer who aspires to be presented by her guru to the public in her debut stage performance . “ Arangetram” a Tamil word comes from “aranga” or stage and “etram” means to climb.

We congratulate Namrata, her parents, Mrs. Sowmya and Mr Tiger Ramesh on this important milestone in her journey of learning, performing and wowing so many of us!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Duke TIP Experience:Entrepreneurial Leadership

I'm going to share with you, my experience of taking the entrepreneurial leadership course at the Duke TIP summer studies program 2011.

I chose to take this course because:

1.) It some thing that schools in India usually don't offer for students of my age ( but that holds true for all the other courses offered as well)

2.) I always had a passion for business (it runs in the family) and leadership, and as soon as I heard I knew I had made my decision.

Now, some of you might be wondering who an entrepreneur is, and what is the true definition of a leader. Well, there are many ways to look at it, but here's my understanding:

An entrepreneur is someone, who can cross reference/meet the needs of the community with resources, and therefore makes some amount of profit ( not necessarily money). In other words, He/she can create value in the community profitably (value propositions).

A leader is someone who can make the right decisions, through good analysis ( strategy – MECE list of criteria), good communication skills, creativity and emotional intelligence ( not getting “married” to one idea). He/she should also be able to to reach/define success as well as, help lead his/her team towards it by looking at core competencies and by alining agendas ( the incorporation of goals and team members in the milestone and vision of the company).

During my three weeks at the Mysore Infosys campus, I learnt a lot. It was one of the best three weeks of my life. I chose the course entrepreneurial leadership, in which I learnt how to create a good business plan and lead and manage a team towards success. During my first week there we learnt the basics of creating a business plan, the aspects, such as marketing,operations and finance, the general business styles, other leadership skills and styles etc... All through the second week, we put our knowledge to test. We had an elevator pitch competition, in which we had to make power points and present it in front of a guest audience who acted as venture capitalists. Later, we had to create a business plan of about 35 – 45 slides on the same business venture. Finally, in the third week, we revised our skills by doing a project with the java team. Where we marketed a video game prototype that they created. This experience not only enhance my knowledge, but also taught me the way to look at it. To look at it in a structured and systematic manner.

For example, value propositions. My dad and I were pondering over the thought the other day, and we came to the conclusion that many IT biggies don't survive in the market for that long because they have very narrow value propositions ( niches). Take, Microsoft for instance, they're facing some stiff competition, why?? Because, if you look at their value proposition it is to create an operating system itself. These companies are not flexible as they have product or service – based value propositions.

On the other hand, IBM recently celebrated their 100th anniversary. They are an outsourcing company, that change with the market (time), they are very flexible company that provide systems and services.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience thoroughly!! And I am hoping I can attend again!!!!

Neeti Ganjur
Grade 9

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Student Elections results are out!

The results of the 1st round of student elections were declared on July 5, 2011. It is as follows:

Venturers: Rahul Menon (Captain-Primary)

Dipali Bajaj (Captain-Senior)

Adventurers: Tanvi Amba (Captain-Primary)

Duruvan Sarvanan ( Captain-Senior)

Rivka Smiti Aarons (Captain-Primary) 
Akshay Kulkarni (Captain-Senior)

Ananya Parthasarathy (Captain-Primary)
Payel Kela (Captain-Senior)

Monday, July 4, 2011

School scribes closely scrutinize the student leaders prior to voting

Ananya Parthasarthy

Ananya's speech was very good. She was a bit nervous in the beginning but soon got used to speaking and spoke the rest with a lot of confidence and was very calm. She spoke about her logo which was a light bulb inside the sun. She said she chose it because ‘the sun represents warmth and light and the light bulb represents great ideas, inventions and efforts’.

She said she would help the house participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities; she would be kind and encourage everyone to make sure no one was left out. She was very believable and she had convinced the audience.

She got a great ovation. The audience asked her some difficult questions but she answered them well. For example, when someone asked what would she do if she was Vice captain, she replied that she and the captain would work together as a great team as it was the house’s victory that was more important. I think she deserves to be elected as she came across as someone who would stand by her promises.

Ritu Alapat, 5A

Adrein Lee

Adrien appeared to be a confident candidate from the Blue House (Venturers), in my opinion second best among the Blue House candidates. He made a number of promises, the ones that I captured were

– that he would be kind to everyone
– he would give everyone a fair chance to participate in house events
– he would try to lead Blue house to victory.

He started off well and with confidence, but then lost audience interest because he just read from the paper, without making any eye contact with them. Expressions from the speech were also somewhat missing. Being one of the last few candidates to give his speech, it was but natural that the audience was tired and impatient. He could have sustained the interest of the audience by being livelier. He got almost the same number and kind of questions as the other candidates. Adrian answered all the questions extremely well.

On a scale of 1-5, I would rate Adrien’s speech at 2.5
-Abhishek Jain, 5C

Q1. Was the candidate nervous?

I could sense that Sanjana was nervous, but she did a good job by not exhibiting it. She looked quite confident and calm. She was not fiddling with anything, unlike some other candidates. In fact, she was composed. She spoke her lines very clearly and did not get stuck anywhere while making her speech.

Q2. Did the candidate convince the audience enough?

Well, her speech was very short, not giving enough points to convince the audience. So, I feel she may not have she convinced the audience enough. The audience was not looking that satisfied with her speech.

(Did he/she get an ovation or a good response?)

Sanjana didn’t get a standing ovation but many people clapped for her. When people asked her questions she gave a sensible answer. For example, when people asked her what her logo meant she had a meaningful explanation for it and said she will help everyone shoot up and shine.

- Aisha Nikita Singh, 5B

Shivam Kapila
 Shivam appeare
d confident in the beginning but failed to keep the audience’s attention as he was not very audible. He was also very reluctant to show his logo & symbol to the audience probably because he felt it wasn’t very creative.

He could not convince most of his audience he was reluctant to answer questions. His strategies to bring his house to victory were good & but he wasn’t convincing enough. He did not get much applause from the audience. He put in a fair amount of effort to campaign but could have campaigned better.


Student Elections @ Inventure start tomorrow

With the student elections at Inventure Academy round the corner, students declare their symbols. The votes will be cast on July 5 2011 for vantage post of house captains.

 Adventurers (Primary)

1. Neileshwar Pramodh
2. Sehar Panesar
3. Sohum Shenoy
4. Tanvi Amba

Inventors (Primary)

1. Ananya Parthasarthy
2. Inika Kandwal
3. Mukul Kandwal
4. Roshni Ganesh

Nurturers (Primary)

1. Armani Vikram 
2. Bharatha Ramaswamy
3. Rivka Aarons
4. Shivam Kapila

Venturers (Primary)

1. Adrein Lee
2. Pragnya Ramprasad
3. Rahul Menon
4. Sanjana Bakre