Saturday, October 30, 2010

Swimming pool at Inventure campus soon

The 25 m, six track swimming pool with attached changing rooms and also a toddlers pool will soon be ready at the Inventure Academy campus.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Inventure Academy puts the best foot forward

Inventure Academy wins the 4X 400 m relay by finishing it in 5:10.3 mins at the Bangalore School Games 2010 at the Sree Kanteerva Stadium. The school also defeated Vibyor by 14-4 in Basketball. 
Inventure Academy made headlines recently for being awarded the Champions Atheletics School at Bangalore School Games 2010. Around 60 schools from across Bengaluru participated in this three day event recently concluded at Sree Kanteerva Stadium. 

Competitions in sports events like soccer, basketball, atheletics, volley ball, kabadi, tennis. The achievements of Inventure Academy is below:

Event                                                Position        -    Student

Sr Girls- 400m                                  1st                     Payel Kela

Sr Girls- 800m                                  1st                     Payel Kela

Sr Girls- 1500m                                2nd                    Maya Sanaba

Sr Girls- 400x4 m relay                     1st                   

Boys Open-Lawn tennis                   1st                       Adil Kalyanpur and Nishchal Nadmuni

Girls Open- Lawn Tennis                  2nd                     Alisha Kalyanpur

Boys Open -Lawn Tennis
under 16                                          3rd                      Adil Kalyanpur

Jr Girls- 400m                                  3rd                      Anika Desai     

Jr Boys- 800m                                 3rd                      Ankur Kela


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Classroom or a cocoon?

Yesterday I spotted these vibrant butterflies in Inventure Academy. Then I thought ‘Hmmm They must be having a content life! ‘They have no protocol to follow, no rat race to face. All they have to do is look vivid and fly around shrubs and trees.

We have to endure years of schooling to get a job and once employed there are infinite challenges to face. While we humans are busy replicating our own DNA and designing new gizmos and gadgets, they fly from flower to flower looking for nectar. They live in a serene environment while we battle it out in the chaotic concrete world.

They merely do what they are programmed to do without defying the laws of nature unlike us humans. We try to simplify things by messing with nature but we are getting entangled in the complex web of our own creations. For example, we design faster cars that guzzle up petrol and cough up fumes. That in turn perforates our lung and the ozone layer!!

In a butterfly world, it is always Sunday. There are no clocks ticking, no dead lines to meet!!! They don’t need degree from IIM / IIT to be successful; instead they just need wings to get them around. The hardest thing they ever have to do is pollinate. Our lives are so complicated and stressful. I wish I could metamorphose into a butterfly and live a short but simple life.

By Varun Biddanda 7A

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RTE shadow over India's most admired schools

Since the Right to Free & Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (RTE Act) became operational from April 1, the misgivings of private school managements and other stakeholders (parents, teachers) have transformed into snowballing fear of creeping erosion of academic and administrative autonomy. Read more on what Dilip Thakore- EducationWorld's Editor has to say on the issue.

Click on the link below:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Inventure Academy Teachers' Outbound Trip

Inventure Faculty during an INME activity on teamwork

Inventure Academy team participating in `MoonWalk' -A tribute to MJ

Teachers engaged in Bull Ring game underlining significance of focus & team work

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inventure Academy Students declare their Assets!

With the educational approach of independent thinking and logical reasoning being the cornerstone of learning at Inventure Academy, it is no surprise that our students have done exceptionally well in Assessment of Scholastic skills through Educational Testing (ASSET) 2010 held in August.

Based on out of the box thinking on subjects like English, Math and Science, ASSET measures how well students between Grades 3 to 7 have understood basic concepts and how they apply them to problem solving. This test is held nationwide and over 2.5 lakh students participate all India, providing benchmarks for student performance.

Inventure Academy

Student Name:  English, Maths, Science (Percentile)

Aditya A Parekh : 99.10, 98.11,  97.99

Anusha Ramji     : 99.81, 97.43, 97.14

Karan Abrol       : 96.06 99.51 99.50

Keya Viswanathan:  97.65 95.41 96.12

Namrata Ramesh : 99.10 95.41 97.99

Nihaal George      : 98.26 99.11 98.68

Pranav Prakash     : 99.53 97.43 99.50

Valerie T Shek      : 95.14 95.41

Neeti S Ganjur      : 96.91 97.14

Ankur Kela           : 97.43 97.99

Anishwar Sen        : 98.69

Arya V Rao           : 95.14

Koodrut Panesar    : 98.26

Roshni Rajnarayan  : 99.53

Simran Ibrahim       : 98.26

Sharon Roy            : 96.12

Sridhar Prabhu V R :99.90

Students who have scored 95 percentile and above in any of the three core subjects ie English, Math or Science are eligible to participate in the Talent Search 2011 and register to take the Above-level ASSET test on November 28th, in one of the listed cities – Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Varanasi.

To know more about the programme you can visit

Monday, October 4, 2010

Working group on RTE Act formed

Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure and Development (ABIDe) has formed a working group to discuss the Right To Education Act. The group will interact with parents, teachers and school administrations and discuss the draft rules set by the state government on implementation of RTE and make recommendations to the government.

Interested people may post their questions and suggestions on or in or send their letters to

ABIDe, 11th Floor, Major
Tower, Sir M Visvesvaraya
Centre, Dr BR Ambedkar
Veedhi, Bangalore-560001.