Friday, July 24, 2009

Fleeting Moments

Was it by chance that you decided to trust me?
My chest swells with pride to be so honoured!

It is true that I desire to hold you tenderly
And watch every moment when you breathe softly,
resting your head on my lap,
My outstretched arm encircles to nestle and cocoon you from unforeseen dangers,
I take pride to absorb the shocks of journey on your life’s highway,
My fingers strain to hold you tightly,
For I am scared I might drop you down.

Relax dear child, you are in safe custody.
Relax until you are ready to fly.
I treasure the songs we sang together,
the poems recited and the secrets shared,
Remember me as some one who cared.

I know you are a creation of God, a marvel,
born only to win and soar high.
I wait for that moment when you will spread your wings,
to touch the vibrant colours of the sky.
Remember me then as someone who cared,
the songs we sang and the secrets we shared!

Shikha Roy

Grade 8-Students Portfolio

Bhagvad Gita- Verbattle Debate Speech

Good day. My name is Tristan Stamets and I represent Inventure Academy. I will be debating the topic the “Bhagvad Gita is for Old People.” I shall speak against this motion.

Humanity is blessed with a few great books and stories, passed along through generations because of their eternal values. The Bhagwad Gita is one of these gifts of ancient and time-tested wisdom. It is the jewel of the great epic the Mahabharata.

The Gita’s core message lies in the conversation between Lord Krishna and the Pandava prince Arjun. Arjun hesitates to fulfill his duty as a warrior on the eve of the great battle of Kurukshetra between the Pandava and Kaurava clans. He says he would rather not fight than gain victory at the expense of causing mass bloodshed. Lord Krishna counsels him: Just perform your duty, without lusting for victory or agonizing about defeat.

This story is old, to be sure. But its wisdom and relevance is not confined simply to old people. Rather, the wisdom of the Bhagwad Gita is relevant to everyone. Truth, justice, honor, duty – the values discussed in the Gita still matter as ideals in our society today.

We gain valuable insight into our Indian heritage by reading how Krishna taught Arjun. His golden words can be an aid in everyone’s journey to success. Arjun may represent a doubtful and harrowed youth, struggling to live life, and Krishna may be a kind but firm mentor, who instructs him on how to be a good and righteous person.

Modern India still values the ideals of the Gita. In our legal courts, people take an oath to tell the truth with their right hand placed on a copy of the Bhagvad Gita.

If our political leaders actually followed the lessons of the Gita, by walking on the path of duty, India would be a model of good governance.

Arjun’s struggle to find his place and purpose in the world is an inspiration to all of us today. The Gita can offer us guidance in our individual journeys. This is especially relevant for young people, who face many choices in this fast-paced age of globalization.

Didn’t the Nike shoe company re-state the message of the Gita when it came up with its trendy slogan: “Just Do It!”? Does this message sound like it is outdated, or only fit for old people?

The Gita’s message is universal and timeless. It is relevant for both old and young. It is relevant to everyone in the world, in any country, in any era.

Tristan Stamets,
Grade 8

Moonwalking into History

Michael Jackson’s death shook the world. But it probably afflicted the Michael Jackson of India the most.

Prabhu Deva, inappropriately called “Benny Lava” after his English adaptation of one of his hit songs on the Internet.

Prabhu Deva must be one of his most devoted fans, he quotes:

“Michael Jackson is one of the biggest reasons for me to be the dancer that I am today. He inspired me like nobody else and I am shocked by his death.”

“People here do refer to me as the Michael Jackson of India, but I don’t know how to react to it. It doesn’t matter anymore given that he is dead now.
I still recall the time I got to spend with him when I met him in Mumbai. It happened, thanks to the efforts of Anupam Kher. We couldn’t talk much, nor did I get to perform on stage with him.
Yet, it is one of the most memorable days of my life”

I believe that for all his status problems, he was the world’s biggest prodigy for wannabes.

Tristan Stamets
Grade 8
Media POD

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grade 7 -Students Portfolio

When I go into the sea,
I feel tiny air bubbles rushing up.
Their power is over; it has gone to another element.
An element that cannot break apart in the
Strongest wind,
An element that can quench even the
Hottest fire,
An element that can break apart the
Strongest earth,
An element that has no more, only equal.
Life cannot go on without it,
But we have endless supply..
But we pay for that supply.
In other words, we pay for life.
But other people,
They are forced to waste their life for life.
To spend their whole day to get water.
But in vain,
For dozens die a day from disease and drought.
But there is a cure.
A cure that has been possible for years but never
Has been done.
Until. Now.
A group of people have realized the true weapon;
Not for war,
But for water.
Not for ourselves,
But for life.
Not for fame,
But for earth.
Not for money,
Not for mankind,
Not for anything or anyone
But for all,
In other words;

Parthiv Shah
Grade 7

Applying Learning in Grade 7

In Middle School, the focus on inquiry-based learning continues, as does parallel in-depth explorations of subjects. Assessments are not based merely on subject knowledge, but also on skills of research, organisation, presentation and application.

English Literature

Through Macbeth, we are taught to write scripts. We begin with the investigation of King Duncan’s murder, where a list of suspects needs to be interviewed. I discover that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are both liars!


Our project, to build a Solar Cooker, throws up so many questions: we realise how we take energy and fuels for granted. Have we thought about how long it will last, or even where it comes from? We watched the movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Everyone should see it!


We’re looking at acids and bases in nature today. So beetroot, tea, and lemon are being put to the test. The question is: how can Nature’s wonders be tapped to identify the acidic and basic nature of substances? I can’t wait to get home and create my own “pH solution” in the kitchen!


Chlorophyll is seriously fascinating. Do plants really need it for photosynthesis? How do we prove that it is the green parts of the leaf that actually make sugars? What about variegated leaves? Do they produce sugars only in the green sections? And then we learn about the starch test.


An excerpt from my journal describing the splendours of Vijayanagara, in the persona of Nicolo Conti, the famous traveller and historian:
“I am Nicolo Conti. I’ve just returned to the court in Vijayanagara, from visiting the very beautiful Vitthala Temple in Hampi. The musical pillars there are truly unique. I marvel at the genius of the creators of this wonder, and hope to visit it again, soon.”


The teacher distributes two square-shaped pieces (one big and the other small) and two rectangles of paper to each of us. Assuming the sides of the big square are ‘a’ and the small square are ‘b’, and the rectangles have one side as b & the other side as a, we’re asked to find out the area. We arrive at this formula: (a+b)2!

Physical Education

I’m really looking forward to PE today. We warm up by doing coordinated sprints and stretches, then practice shooting hoops for a little while. It’s not game time yet, but today I heard the coach say we’re to focus on lay-ups!


The Media Pod is just great! Today, one of the city’s best known editors talked to us about how he got into journalism, and told us about some of the life-changing incidents he’d witnessed. We’re going to be looking at media from different angles – as a reporter, an editor, a cameraperson... wow!!

Grade 6-Students Portfolio


Author: Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider never knew his parents and was brought up by his uncle, Ian Rider. Alex was told that Ian Rider was a banker and as you probably know, 3:00 a.m. is not a good time to be woken up, but who can blame the authorities when Ian suddenly dies in a car crash? The mystery of the bullet holes on the side of his car seen at the funeral brings Alex’s attention to the Royal and General Bank, where his uncle works. It turns out that the bank is nothing but a cover for MI6! Confused and reluctant, Alex is blackmailed into accepting the mission that killed Ian. Herod Sayle has developed a new branch of computers called Stormbreakers and he’s been acting as though he’s got something to hide. MI6 has reason to believe he is responsible for the death of Ian Rider and Alex has got nothing but a bunch of cool gadgets to defeat Sayle. Can he find out what’s wrong with the Stormbreakers, or will his first mission be his last?

Grade 6 Sec A

Solar Eclipse-Sunny Boy's Peekaboooooo

The solar eclipse of 22nd July 2009 is a memorable one as it was the longest total solar eclipse during the 21st century, not to be surpassed until June 2132. It lasted a maximum of 6 minutes and 39 seconds off the coast of South east Asia, attracting tourist interest in Eastern China, India and Nepal. Totality was visible in many large cities, including, Bhopal, Varanasi, Patna, Guwahati, in India and Wuxi, Huzhou, Suzhou, Jiaxing Shanghai, in China. According to NASA, the Japanese island Kitaio Jima was predicted to have the best viewing conditions featuring both longer viewing time (being the closest point of land to the point of greatest eclipse) and lower cloud cover statistics than all of continental Asia.

Sunvertisement-Flame estates-Residential complex for sale.............
Flame estates

Flame Estates is now open to all of you who don’t mind the burn or the funky smoke smell can now reside on flame estates (Located on the scorching hot sun)! You can stay in any of the nine Regions of the sun called the Core, Radiative zone , Convective zone , Photosphere , Chromosphere , Corona , Sunspot , Granules & Prominence . The Corona is for those who like to party, with its bright lights it’s the perfect discoteque. The core is for those who would rather have an indoor Sauna toning your skin pink. Our whole estate, every single acre of it, is run by solar power. Flame estates includes barbeques, jacuzzis, spas, you name it! Join us at flame estates. Caution: Moving to flame estates can cause serious burns so use scorchin Savers insurance! Money in your pockets are not covered and can easily be burnt!

Sunny Side Sunflower Suntastic Sunnylicious Sunscreen!

The Sun sends harmful rays down to Earth also. The ozone layer protects us from it.Since global warming; the ozone layer has grown lesser and lesser. We need a new sort of protection. Even the sun has its sensitive areas. Dark spots, some as large as 50,000 miles in diameter, move across sun, contracting and expanding as they as they go. These strange and powerful phenomena are known as sunspots and are black in colour. Ok, actually the sun has a magnetic field that is twisted around inside the sun as it spins. There are places on the sun where this magnetic field rises up from below the sun's surface and pokes through, creating sunspots. Sunspots are magnetic and often have a north and South Pole like a magnet. They come and go over the surface of the sun and last from a few days to a few weeks.

Now, back to the question of how to protect ourselves from these rays. Any guesses? Well the right answer is to use… Nirma Washing Powder!!! Uh… sorry! Burma Washing Powder. If it’s not a washing powder what else could it be? Oh!! I got it. It’s Sunny Side Sunflower Suntastic Sunnylicious Sunscreen. That was a mouthful! Sunny Side Sunfo, Sunny Side Sunfd, Sunny Side Sunfle …oops. This sunscreen comes in 5 different flavors which are: poached egg, rotten egg, omlette, hot dog, barbequed eggplant and our most popular Barbie girl! It has 1000 SPF and more. Barbie theme song not included. Ultraviolet violet rays can be covered with extra Barbie Pink Platinum! Hope you enjoy it but if you have sensitive skin … conditions apply. I’d tell you what happened to the last guy but that would ruin my business. See you later!

Anusha Ramji
Grade 6 A
Media POD

The Tasmanian Wolf

The last Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine, known to have existed died in the Hobart Zoo, in Tasmania, Australia, on September 7th, 1936. Despite being the last of its kind, the animal (named “Benjamin”) likely died due to neglect after being locked out of its sheltered quarters during extreme weather.
Although commonly referred to as ‘tigers’, and despite having the look of a canine, the Thylacine isn’t remotely related to cats or dogs. Rather, it was the largest carnivorous marsupial of modern times, meaning it carried its young in a pouch. Its closest living relative is the Tasmanian Devil.
The biggest cause of their extinction in the wild was a massive hunting campaign instituted by the Tasmanian government from 1888 to 1909, justified because the Thylacines were believed to be a threat to sheep and hens. The last known wild Tasmanian Tiger was killed by a farmer named Wilf Batty in 1930, after spotting the animal around his hen house.

The Quagga

The Quagga was a unique variety of Plains Zebra, marked by having stripes only on the front of its body, with hair color transitioning toward a light brown or tan along its rear and underbelly, until becoming white along its legs. This picture represents the only Quagga ever to have been photographed alive, taken at the London Zoo in 1870.
Its unique hide made the Quagga a target for hunters and poachers, and the last known wild Quagga was probably killed in the late 1870’s. The species went extinct on August 12th, 1883, when the last specimen died at a zoo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Passenger Pigeon

The story of the Passenger Pigeon is one of the most tragic extinction stories in modern times. As recently as around 200 years ago they weren’t anywhere near extinction. In fact, they were actually the most common bird in North America, and some reports counted single flocks numbering in the billions.
During some migrations, the flocks flying overhead would stretch for over a mile and could take several hours to pass. It would have been impossible to imagine a North American skyline without them. Yet somehow the species went from being one of the most abundant birds in the world to extinction in only about 100 years. What happened?
Colonial hunters happened. The pigeon meat was commercialized and recognized as cheap food, especially for slaves and the poor, which led to a catastrophic hunting campaign on a massive scale. Furthermore, due to the large size of their flocks, the birds were seen as a threat to farmers. In fact, in 1703 the Catholic bishop of Quebec actually excommunicated the entire species.
The last known Passenger Pigeon, named “Martha”, died in captivity on September 1st, 1914, in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1896, the last flock of 250,000 birds were slaughtered by hunters despite the knowledge that it was the last flock of that size left.

The Golden Toad

The first recorded account of the Golden Toad was by herpetologist Jay Savage in 1966, and the last sighting of the species was made in 1989. The toad, showcased by its brilliant golden orange colorization, was native to the tropical cloud forests which surround Monteverde, Costa Rica.
Their extinction symbolizes a large scale decline in amphibian numbers worldwide over the last several decades, which has likely been caused by global warming and climate change. Australian biologist , Tim Flannery has described the extinction of the Golden Toad to be the first demise of a species due primarily to global warming.

Anusha Ramji
Grade 6A
Media Pod

Grade 5-Students Portfolio

Inter-Disciplinary Learning in Grade 5 This term, Grade 5 is going to reap the benefits of inter-disciplinary learning by exploring Egypt and all things Egyptian in English, History, Geography, and Art! Team teaching is great, because it encourages your child to explore connections and think laterally. Children are also encouraged to get in to a state of Flow, where they are so focused on the activity that time and the environment cease to exist.


History teaches us about the grandeur of the Egyptian civilisation. It was an age of thinkers and philosophers, a time in which people were far ahead of their Western counterparts, in science, in religion, in social structures and everyday values.


We trace the journey of the Nile, from its source to its beautiful, fan-shaped Delta, learning about the silt-rich alluvial soil, and how the Egyptians planned their crops in preparation for yearly floods.


We study the constellations as a part of the astronomy that would have been introduced by the Egyptians. We also discuss the impact, big and small, of stars on our lives. When we finish, the list is exhaustive, and we realise how important astronomy must have been to the ancient Egyptians.


We code the symbols in the Hieroglyphs to the letters of our English alphabet, and start a small journal in the persona of a Pharaoh, an accountant, a farmer, a mason, a cat… all written in that amazing pictographic form.


We use paper cutters and old pencils to create styluses, to be able to reproduce the Hieroglyphics found all over the tombs and pyramids of the Egyptian civilisation. Some of us make portraits, and others, scenes from the desert and the building of the pyramids. One group is busy designing masks of the Pharaohs.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grade 4-Students Portfolios

A shadow in the sky

There is a shadow in the sky,
Floating up, up so high,
I want to touch it,
It’s so, so high,
I want to get the shadow up in the sky,
Then I wondered whose shadow it was,
Very long like a buttercup,
I took a ladder to the clouds
But I still couldn’t touch a dainty cloud,
I still wanted to touch the shadow in the sky,
The shadow up, up so high.

By Samhita Ramji,
Grade 4B


The people in the village are very kind
If someone hits them, they don’t mind
The people in the city, oh! What a pity!
They are always trying to be witty
In the village there is more greenery
And much better scenery
The people in the city might be rich
But there’s noise at the highest pitch
So the village is the best
If you want you can come and test.

- Rasika
Grade 4B

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Green Global Deal

The lofty trees stand tall lining the road much travelled,
Mute spectators to man’s pride of progress.

They desperately need a face lift,
their skin is wrinkled with age, leaves dusty and withered, matted like the tresses of Medusa.

Their lungs gasp for breath,
silently longing for a wisp of fresh air, as they moan in agony.

What an irony!
Weren’t they the lungs of the world…….once upon a time?

They know their days are numbered, waiting to be felled any moment,
by those, in the garb of progress,
ruining the balance, imperative to keep nature in harmony.

They know their days are numbered; it’s only a question of who is first!

Who? The tress that stand tall on the roads much travelled
Or the ones on the roads less so?

The only solace for them is the thought,
Wouldn’t they be serving humanity even after their death?

Wouldn’t they be helping a poor man light his hearth,
to give warmth to him on a cold, chilly night?
or to cook his evening meal,
or to light somebody’s funeral pyre?

Stand tall, oh majestic trees!
Your battle is still not lost.

Wait! There might be harbingers of peace,
Defending the environment from ruin,
Heralding a new, greener world,
Urging people to sign a Green Global Deal,
to spread the message, Let’s go green!

Shikha Roy

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inspiring Young Innovators

Technology major, Intel has launched ‘Inspiring Young Innovators’ school programme at two international schools in the City, the Inventure Academy and Greenwood High, as part of its Intel Teach initiative.

Students from the two schools will be mentored by Intel experts and given workshops during the course of the academic year 2009-10. The programme is aimed at inculcating scientific temper both, among the students and within the system.

Rahul Bedi, director of Corporate Affairs for Intel (South Asia) said, “The idea is to make learning fun. There will be a total of 10 interventions including workshops, field trips to the Intel campus.” Teachers from kindergarten to Class 12 too will participate in the programme.
Meanwhile, the CEO of Inventure Academy Nooraine Fazal said, the academy would make sure that the benefit of the programme reaches the immediate communities of the ‘eco-system’ that the school is situated in.

A parent, Anupama Parekh felt the programme would provide students the required practical exposure.

Deccan Herald

Inspiring Young Innovators School Program

Learning goes hi-tech

Intel partners with schools to take students down the scientific path.

Memorising long chapters has always been a curse for students. Now, many corporates are coming forward to help students learn better and think scientifically.

With the Intel Teach programme and Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS), students of a few city schools will get exposed to scientific thinking and take part in various competitions, held throughout the academic year.

Inventure Academy has launched ‘Inspiring Young Innovators,’ a school programme in association with Intel on Tuesday. Noorain Fazal, founder of the school, said, “India has moved on from being an agrarian society to a software-centered society. It is important to think differently. This programme will encourage teachers, students and parents to take the scientific path.”

Rahul Bedi, Director, Corporate Affairs, South Asia, Intel, said, “Intel Teach and IRIS together have taken up this project. Many schools in the country will be exposed to project-based learning. Various workshops and demonstrations will be held during the academic term along with state, national and international level competitions.”

The programme not only teaches the children but also trains teachers. Joyitha Das, Corporate Affairs In-charge, Intel and IRIS said, “We customise programmes according to the requirements of the school. We are aiming at working with educators and making learning fun for the children.”

The parents have a key role to play too. Tarun Bharghav, a software engineer whose children study at Inventure Academy, said, “I am glad our children are learning to think differently. They are sent on field trips to Intel offices where they get first-hand exposure to the way the corporate world works.”

Anupama Parekh, whose children also study at Inventure Academy, said, “Children are given theoretical exposure in all schools. With Intel Teach and IRIS, they are able to learn the practicalities involved. Demonstrations will help in higher retention levels.”

Seenappa G

Bangalore Mirror

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Drumming to the beats of “Inventuring”


Is it making a different commitment to learning?
Is it an effort to create a unique learning environment
Where the children do not lose their sense of wonder and feeling of belongingness?
Is it a quest to create an urge in the students to put all of them,
Mind, body and spirit into everything they do?
Is it creativity unlimited?
Or exploring the unexplored deep sea of knowledge?

Constructing a tree house on the branches of a lofty banyan tree,
Is the first flight of steps they took to reach the land of imagination.
Where the ‘gardeners’ have succeeded in blossoming a thousand flowers
In the ‘garden’ of aspiration and creation.
Their mental faculties stretched to new dizzy heights in the ‘Brain-gym’ sessions,
While carpentry challenged them with logical and spatial lessons.
Their passion and perseverance
Rallying them to work as a team.
Nurturing them are their mentors in the process of living out their dreams.
So, isn’t “inventuring” a new adventure for the learners
To venture into an exploratory and expanded domain of learning?
Mentors do not let this zeal to stop burning,
For in their eyes we also see our own dreams shaping.

We mentors are keen on imparting lifelong skills to our future generation,
But aren’t skills also acquired through exploration and innovation?
Allow the children to observe, wonder and explore,
Don’t clip their wings, don’t stunt their growth,
For only a free body and spirit can dare to soar!

Ms Shikha Roy,
Educator,Inventure Academy