Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Inventurers rank 2nd All India in TAISI'

"On the 17th of November 2010, Inventure Academy took journey to Pune, Maharashtra with a team of 36, all with potential to mount the Victory stand at The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI) hosted by Vishwashanti Gurukul World School. Athletics coach, Mr. Srinivas Naidu, Mr. Suresh Balaraj, sports director, Mr. Kishen Whabi and teacher Mrs. Mary Whabi accompanied the Inventure contingent with the help of enthusiastic hearted parent volunteers to Pune.

After an early morning flight and a one hour journey in and out of the city of Pune, we reached Vishwashanti Gurukul. Our team members ran about, claiming their beds in the dormitories, after which a vegetarian lunch was served to us, courtesy Gurukul’s management. After a filling meal, an afternoon nap was called for by many in the group. Soon enough, in the evening, Mr Srini took the athletics team to the field to take a look at the tracks and the other facilities we were to use during the course of the competition. Not being allowed to warm up on the tracks due to maintenance, Mr Srini took the team to the playground of the school, in which he made us warm and stretch our muscles for the events on the oncoming days.

After a good night’s rest, the morning call from the coaches got us all up and ready for the opening ceremony and the march past. After a series of inspiring speeches and a dose of the sun’s heat, the march past began. We were the only school that marched to precision while the coaches and parent volunteers stood with their heads held high as the contingent marched its way passed them at the “eyes right” command. After the sports meet was declared open, all the running heats and the qualification rounds for the sports teams began. Children of different age groups gathered from across 17 international schools across India. Some of the other schools who participated were Indus International, Bangalore International, Podar International, Aditya Birla World Academy and International School of Hyderabad.

However, I personally believe, there was no beating Inventure’s determined contingent in terms of optimism, team loyalty and team spirit. Seniors helped juniors as the juniors supported their friends in bringing a sense of courage for the participants who were to display their talents to their full potential.

In the three days of the competition all events for all the categories went by, but Inventure’s spirit never seemed to subside. From the announcement table, the name of Inventure was called several times in acknowledgement of our students wins. Other schools, who had never heard of Inventure Academy before, were convinced that Inventure Academy harboured a team of true spirit with a competitive attitude almost impossible to beat. Gold, silver and bronze medals shone brilliantly around the necks of Inventure Academy’s participants, as the hard work put in by coaches and students deserved.

The day’s wins included Individual Championships for:

Best player Girls Category C by Payal Kela- Grade 9

Best player Girls Category E by Anika Desai- Grade 5

Although Inventure Academy did not take the overall championship due to the limitations of events the teams were allowed to participate in, Inventure flew back from Pune proud high spirited, with an unbeatable aura of winning that the team had carried throughout the competition. Inventure Academy went as a team, not only to win, but to display its brilliance to schools from all over the country and came back a proud and hard working team!

Ishaan Pujari
Grade 12

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inventure stands 2nd in medal tally at TAISI-2010

After clinching 25 golds, 21 silvers and 19 bronzes, Inventure Academy stood 2nd at the 3rd The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI), held recently in Pune.

Around 17 International schools from across India participated in this three day sports meet which was held at Vishwashanti Gurukul Sports Complex, from November 18th onwards.
Junior Girls: Silver
Senior Girls: Silver
Senior Boys: Silver                                                   

Ashwin Swamy:
Backstroke: Bronze

Akriti Bhargava:
Backstroke: Gold
Breaststroke: Silver
Shreya Sarda:
Backstroke: Bronze
Breaststroke: Gold
Butterfly: Gold

Keya Vishwanathan:
Breaststroke: Silver
Butterfly: Silver

Track & Field

Category A Boys:
Ishaan Pujari
200m: Bronze
400m: Gold
1500m: Gold
Relay: Bronze

Prateek Jalan
Javelin: Bronze

Category A Girls
Anika Desai
400m: Gold

Category B Boys
Nirvair Nair
Long jump: Silver
Javelin: Bronze
Relay: Bronze

Category B Girls
Akriti Bhargava
100m: Silver
200m: Bronze
Long Jump: Silver
Relay: Gold

Maya Sanaba
400m: Bronze
800m: Silver

Category C Boys
Nihaal Aarons
100m: Silver
400m: Silver
Javelin: Silver
Relay: Bronze

Category C Girls

Anu Shri Pendiala
100m: Silver
Long jump: Gold
Relay: Gold

Dipali Bajaj
200m: Silver
400m: Silver
Shot Putt: Gold
Discus: Bronze

Sumreen Sandhu
100m: Gold
Long jump: Silver

Payal Kela
200m: Gold
400m: Gold
800m: Gold
Discus: Gold

Category D Boys
Ahaan Bharadwaj
100m: Gold
200m: Silver
Long jump: Gold
Javelin: Bronze
Relay: Bronze

Tejveer Singh Rekhi
200m: Bronze
Long jump: Bronze

Category D Girls
Shreya Sarda
Relay: Gold

Keya Vishwanathan
Long jump: Silver
Category E Boys

Ankur Kela
100m: Gold
200m: Silver

Shot Putt: Gold
Long Jump: Silver

Neileshwar Pramodh
100m: Bronze
Long jump: Bronze

Category E Girls
Anika Desai
100m: Gold
200m: Gold
400m: Gold
Long jump: Gold
Relay: Gold

Rivka Aarons
100m: Bronze
200m: Bronze

Congratulations to all our winners and the entire team! A BIG Thankyou to all the parents who extended their support

Ajay Kela parents of Payala and Ankur Kela
Mamta Desai parent of Anika Desai
Pramod Sreedharan parent of Nileshwar Pramod
Ravana Pendiala parent of Anushri
Sanjay Swami parent of Ashwin Swami

Monday, November 22, 2010

`It was a display of amazing goals and excellent defence'- Under 13 Girls' Soccer Team

For months we had prepared for this event! Ever since the beginning of the school year in fact! I am not a very sporty person but after all that FIFA fever and because of my own will, I started to play more and more soccer. Finally a girl’s team was formed, with all my friends included:

1. Maya- Captain and mid-defense

2. Keya- Striker

3. Koodrut – striker

4. Sahana- defense

5. Tanya- defense

6. Neeti- substitute

7. Roshni- substitute

8. Anusha-Substitute

9. Drithi- Goalkeeper

We worked hard, learning many new techniques and practicing continuously. Everyone on the team was bent on winning and put all their effort and energy into doing their best. In the Dassera holidays, most of the girls came and sacrificed three days of holidays for intense practice! We dribbled around cones, practiced heading the ball, passed the ball to our team mates while running, penalties and much more! Throughout practice we thoroughly enjoyed playing felt ready for any challenges.

On the day of the match everyone was filled with mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement. As I got off at Greenwood High, I could feel Goosebumps and uneasiness run inside me. Lucky for us, there weren’t too many girl teams and if we won at least one match, we would manage to reach the semi finals.

The first match was against Vidyashilp Academy and they looked scary, but one shouldn’t judge a person on how they look but how they play. We tried our best and that’s all that mattered. Unfortunately or efforts weren’t as good as they could have been and we lost the first match 2-nil. Everyone thought about it and we decided that it was our first match as a team and we could have done better. We felt even more nervous because we had to win this match or it would be our ticket out of the tournament. The next day we came back, even more determined to really fight it out. We practiced through the entire breakfast time doing some passing. As once again we came onto the field, the smell of the grass and confidence in the air, we played much harder and with all our might.

Keya got a throw in and with her position close to the opponent’s goal; she knew that this was our ultimate chance to score! Keya threw the ball with all her might to Sahana. With the opposite teams players approaching fast, Sahana passed to Roshni who quickly kicked the ball … and it was a GOAL! The opponents’ goalkeeper looked surprised and didn’t seem to have been guarding the goal when Roshni kicked the ball in. Everyone screamed in delight. For the rest of the match, we all moved back to defend. The other team, DPS east never made a goal and we made it to the semi-finals!!!

We played the semi-finals against Greenwood High, the host school who did prove very formidable, but nothing we couldn’t deal with. A kick from Sahana proved that we were going to make it to the finals after all, giving us the goal we needed! The other team though had some fast players though and their captain played very well. Everyone was really excited but we all felt very pressurized because the finals were the next day. On the finals everyone played truly with their hearts. We played against none other than Vidyashilp, the team that had beaten us earlier. Nothing would get away with our victory and all of us played very rough.

Some memorable moves throughout all the matches were:-

1. Maya’s hard and high kicks along with her ace defense

2. Tanya blocking all the hard corners and her well timed kicks

3. Sahana’s amazing goal and excellent defense

4. Koodrut’s quick dribbling and reflex

5. Keya’s rapid passing and well angled throw ins

6. Roshni’s stupefying goal and fast feet

7. Neeti’s great defense and helping to block the opponents from scoring

8. Drithi’s awesome saves and clearing of the ball

9. I enjoyed playing defense and I tried my hardest to block the strikers and goal kicks

The opponents had very good defense and they had a petite but agile player who proved very difficult for us. There were two girls we cleared the ball every time we approached their goal. We did manage a few times though, to almost score a goal but their goal keeper was very good and well-trained, proving quite difficult. We played the entire match, without either side managing the throttle a goal inside the net. The penalties were the deciding result of the entire match.

We lost the match 2-nil because of the penalties as the opponent goalkeeper blocked very well (we tried pretty hard though). Everybody was upset but we knew that it was not a bad match we had played and that there is no shame in losing at penalties. It proved how well we had played during the rest of the match! We also appreciated it when Vidyashilp clapped for us and cheered telling us that we had played very well.

The awards ceremony took a while and when everyone had received their small trophies with a golden boot and ball inside the cup, we cheered with joy! We also got a silver bowl trophy because we placed second placed in the girl’s tournament! Everyone held it, smiles lighting up the faces of all, happy they had contributed towards this! I would like to thank my fellow teammates and our coach, Freddy Sir for coaching us so well! Getting this far is quite an achievement to us and the best part is seeing that we added to the vast collection of trophies Inventure already has!

Anusha 7B with Keya and Dhrithi

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Megha of Grade 7 gets tougher in the India's toughest foot race

Megha Srinivas, a grade 7 student of Inventure Academy 12.5 kms in the Bangalore Ultra and was awarded as the youngest participant of the eevnt. To read more click http://runnersforlife.com/photo/something-to-get-inspired-from?

Payel Kela aspires to represent India in CWG and Olympics

Payal Kela of Inventure Academy was a standout during Banaglore School Games at Kanteerva Stadoum held recently. This 14 year old won two golds in the individual event and added one in the 4X 400 relay. Excepts of her interview with Media Pod (MP)  students.

: What was your preparedness level for the event?

PK: The organizers had done a great job of inviting over 50 schools and over 1000 students. The athletics facilities at the stadium were also fantastic. The stands were rather empty.

At Inventure, the participants used the Dussehera holidays to train for the event. It was heartening to see so many of Inventure kids come for practice every morning for 2 hours.

MP. How did you typically feel on the day before the event and just before the event is about to start?

PK: The day before the event I was a bit nervous. I knew that I worked hard for the event and that I would just do my best . Half an hour before my event I was extremely nervous and was trying to relax by lying down . My dad encouraged me to just do my best without worrying about winning or losing and that helped me calm down a bit.

IA. How did it feel to represent your school at Bangalore School Games?

PK: It was a great feeling to represent my school in the tournament and be with other Inventure kids who were all in the same boat and competing. I also felt that the school had expectations of some of doing well in the competition so there was a sense of drive along with nervousness to not let the school down.

IA.What does it feel to see your names in some of the leading national dailies?

PK: Winning 3 Gold medals in 400M, 800M and 4x400 competing against all Bangalore schools and to see my name in the papers was one of the best feelings I had that I will cherish for a long time. It was very motivating. I realized that I had accomplished something big. I have always wanted to make my family, coach and school proud of me and I felt I had accomplished it.

It was also a proud moment for me to be part of bringing Inventure in the limelight. The school has done a lot for people like me and I felt that my efforts would make the school proud.

IA. What motivates you as a sportsperson?

PK: Sports intrinsically drive one towards perfection because you are always striving to get to the first place in any competition. I love sports and always want to compete and that has lead me to become a perfectionist.

IA. What is the role played by your school in your achievements?

PK: Inventure is very supportive of sports and has a great infrastructure for us athletes to train and develop. Nooraine mam, Kishen Sir and Srini Sir provide excellent moral and hands-on support and the practice session that they have introduced after-school are making a huge impact on our performance.

Also, I noticed that at the tournament our school team was pouring their heart and soul out and cheering us on when one of us was competing.

IA. What are the qualities of sports which you can apply in classrooms as well?

PK: My dad always says, in sports you have to lose many times to get that one win. These losses are initial disappointments but if you take it the right way, they are excellent motivators to improve yourself and do better in the subsequent races. Also, sports require tremendous discipline and focus. The combination of the these two qualities is generally applicable in studying as well. I find myself more focused and motivated (if I do badly) to do well in tests and exams as a result of sports.

IA. What are your future plans?

PK: I would love to represent India in a major sports event such as Common Wealth Games, Asian Games or even Olympics. I know that a long shot but I would like to give it a try.

Also, I feel that I would like to provide a world-class sports environment for future athletes in India and increase the awareness and interest in sports in India. I would love to start a sports academy where we can focus on producing world-class champions.


Inventure's Under 13 Girls and Under 11 Boys Soccer team hold firm ground in Greenwood Champions Trophy

The Under 13 Girls and Under 11 Boys were declared Runners Up  in the 'Greenwood High Champions Trophy' concluded recently.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Inventure Academy- India's First Ranked Day School on Admissions Transparency

Inventure Academy continues to raise benchmarks in the sixth year of its existence.

According to the EducationWorld C-fore survey 2010, Inventure ranks among the top ten schools of Bangalore and South India and twenty third in the league of the Most Respected Day Schools in India.

In the area of sports education, we rank fifth in India.

On the parameters of honesty and integrity Inventure Academy ranks eighth, while in admissions transparency we have attained the first position.

All India Rankings in other areas are:

11th in parental involvement.

12th in infrastructure provision

13th in competency of faculty

13th in co curricular education

13th in leadership/management quality

13th in value for money

Read the cover issue by clicking on

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

PGTI 1 Team including Nooraine Fazal wins the LG Race to Ireland Pro-Am

The PGTI 1 team comprising of professionals Amandeep Johl and Arjun Singh and amateurs Mr. Kapil Dev, Ms. Nooraine Fazal and Mr. K K Bajoria won the LG Race to Ireland Pro-Am at the Jaypee Greens golf course on Sunday.

The second round of the Pro-Am was played in the scramble format. In the scramble format each amateur player teed off on each hole. The better of the two tee shots were selected and both players played their second shots from that spot. Subsequently the better of the second shots was determined and then both played their third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball was holed. The professional pair followed the same process as the amateurs.

PGTI 1 (128-121) was the winning team as it ended up with a score of 249. PGTI 1 included professionals Amandeep Johl and Arjun Singh. The amateurs in the team were the legendary cricketer Mr. Kapil Dev, Ms. Nooraine Fazal and Mr. K K Bajoria. This team has now booked a berth at the Irish National Pro-Am which will be staged in 2011. The winning professionals also walked away with a prize money of Rs. 2 lakhs.

The team representing the Avantha Group (131-122) finished second with a total of 253. This team consisted of professionals Ashok Kumar and Gaurav Pratap Singh and amateurs Mr. Padamjit Sandhu, Mr. Harsh Gupta and Mr. Yudi Bahl.

Feroz Ali Mollah and Randhir Singh Ghotra won the prize for the best professional pair of round one as they had recorded a score of nine under 63 on Saturday. They took home a prize purse of Rs. 110,000.
Ashok Kumar and Gaurav Pratap Singh won the prize for the best professional pair of round two as they recorded a score of 13 under 59 on Sunday. They took home a prize purse of Rs. 110,000.

About PGTI: Formed in 2006, Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) is the recognized official body of professional golf in India. PGTI’s objective is to promote professional golf in the country as well as give players an opportunity to be involved in decision making for all aspects of the game. Headed by Mr. Gautam Thapar (President), PGTI’s governing body comprises of leading Indian golf professionals such as Jyoti Randhawa, Shiv Kapur, SSP Chowrasia, Digvijay Singh, Uttam Singh Mundy, Amritinder Singh and Ranjit Singh. PGTI currently has over 300 members.

Read what The Hindu has to say

The Tree of Life

The grass stared silently at the filthy looking creatures coming towards them,
Thoughts of pain aroused in their minds; remembering the members of their clan who had been killed,
The time of year had come again and those big monsters looked scary indeed,
They came towards the patch of the queen herself; who started muttering silent pleas of help,
But tis not even god to save her; for they came and destroyed wherever they pleased,
She bid her subjects goodbye and left the kingdom of Mother Earth forever,
The men of the soil were dug up once more till there was a huge hole in the earth,
The grass eyed it sadly; missing ever so, their dear old queen.
The infant seed was planted, and the creatures left, leaving their subjects in pain,
There was so much sadness and tears to spill out that day,
God, of course, was upset as well, and once more did the celestial angels pour down their sorrow.
Their tears reached the earth solemnly, with a mission to fulfill,
The grasses danced gently in the breeze, tossing their heads in utter joy,
The seed was given the gift of life; yet another story of an endless journey,
Towards its destiny it climbed; even to the tops of the highest mountain,
It grew and grew steadily; till it was able to watch the sun fall from the sky,
Or the birds soaring above their abode in the clouds; or even the animals roaming the forest;
The tree connected with and saw all that must be seen; wiser beyond his years and times to be told.
His mind travelled around the world; seeing what a monster it has become, saddening his heart ever so,
He witnessed the weeping willow’s weeping silently near the riverside,
Or the spiny acacia sitting sadly being spurned by all the other beautiful creatures,
No matter how sad my sister the Weeping Willow is; no matter how much she whimpers,
The evil creatures they call humans pay no heed and leave her in despair,
They don’t fell her like my kind; they leave her to weep,
My cousin; the spiny acacia too is left alone; for she is too ugly and spurns all,
What good might come from; only time will tell; they wonder; such darkness hath filled them,
They don’t fell her like kind; they leave her in a world of loneliness,
But what about other trees, like me the tall redwood,
I have nothing against all and I love all creatures; no matter how destructive change to they be ,
This world is not one of love; but is one great battlefield; where only one is left standing,
All of my family; whether redwoods alike; are all long gone in this game they call ‘life’,
What will become of me, know not ; for no matter how strong I remain,
Ever so angry, do they try; to rid this world of what beauty still survives,

Of what understanding; truth and virtues, struggle to live,
Soon we won’t call this place Mother Earth; but simply Monster….
Nature will go into its eternal sleep; the sea will drown itself out,
The air will get suffocated from the noxious fumes caused by none other than man,
The earth will withdraw itself and remain dead; no trees to support its health,
Then man will realize his huge mistake; he will try to repent for his wrong doings,
But go will not answer, for he too has nothing to live for,
Man will join all in the eternal slumber he has caused; and all will be quiet once more.
The trees, the guardians of the world, are at rest; because of man’s careless mistakes,
The weeping willow eventually died; from misery and woe; of course she had naught to support her,
The spiny acacia; home to many creatures, a symbol of happiness; ugly as she was, get to too left too…
If man doesn’t realize his mistakes now; what will become of our home, of trees, of love itself?
What will this place come to?
Once more must the infant seeds be planted without being felled!
Once more must they grow and embark on the journey to enlighten all;
To teach them the meaning of life and the internal fires inside, all must glow brightly through all,
We must all join hands together unite; trees; man; animals and all creatures alike,
We must save our home sweet home; before all that’s left of her is gone, forever.

-Anusha Ramji
 7 B

Monday, November 8, 2010

Habitat- as I see it

Recently in our Theme class we learnt about habitat- that it is a place where the living creatures find food and shelter and also safe from their enemies. We also learnt that a home is a small part of the large habitat. My friends and I later made drawings on our favorite habitat and animals found in it. Please find them below

Anuron Datta and Diya Varma
Grade 1A


Inventure plants trees for free

Have you ever thought about how life would be in 5 years? Many thoughts might have flooded your head, but think again. The water crisis in 2015 will be immense. One family of four would have to survive on only 1 litre of water a day!

That is where trees come in. If the future is going to be such a nightmare, we might as well try and play our part. Add a bit of greenery to your city and plant a tree. That is what Inventure students learnt to do on October 22nd.

Three social workers from  an NGO `Trees for Free', came to school and preached to us, a few words of wisdom about trees. Many of us weren’t so interested in the speeches, but when we got on our feet and started planting little saplings around our tennis courts, we were all for it. We planted around 50 trees that afternoon. Jackfruit, Pomegranate, Singapore Cherry, and many other interesting varieties were planted.

We worked in groups of four as there weren’t enough trees to be planted; after all there were about 200 of us. Each team had to give a name to the tree we were going to nurture. We had a great time and I sure hope the trees did too! It would be awesome to see these young plants grow into majestic trees with our care.

Why we plant trees. And you should too.

Trees cool the globe we warm

Trees purify the air we pollute

Trees bring rain

Trees conserve fresh water which feeds streams, rivers and lakes

Trees provide shelter and food for birds, bees, butterflies and a host of insects and animals

Trees prevent soil erosion and transform barren wastelands into fertile soil

Trees absorb toxic chemicals from the soil

Trees absorb noise

If you are interested in planting trees please contact http://www.treesforfree.org/ just like we did!

By Manasi Rao
Grade 8A

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween at Inventure

" Halloween parties are fun. I chose to be dressed as a witch as I like them. I had read an interesting book, and what fascinated me was that they could make magic potions and can do funny things with people around them."- Diya Abrol, Grade 2 student

The Cry Of The Wolf

I look around me. Silence. The tall trees tower over me, and the moon shines bright. Cocking my ears, I listen for any sign of movement. I can sense something. Something dangerous was coming. Human footsteps. I’d better make a dash for it and warn my family, hiding in the bushes. No! My foolish sister assumes it is a deer and jumps out. Her eyes widen as she sees the gun, pointing at her face. She howls, calling for me and my brothers. We dare not go out to protect her. It would be the last of us. We can see up to ten hunters, maybe more.

I look at her pleading face, and she meets my eyes. I shake my mane slightly. She must pay the price for being so careless. I blink once and she hangs her head. The humans take the gun, aim and shoot. Blood explodes out of her body and I watch in silence. But for my brother it is too much. He will not tolerate this. He howls and the humans turn their attention to us. ‘Run’ I growl. We race through the forest, with the humans on our tails. Just as we reach our hideout, my brother’s dive inside our hole, but I turn back. I need to retrieve our sister’s body. But I was mistaken. There is one man there. I growl, but he aims his gun.

I may as well say my last words with pride. We wolves are the most noble creature’s on Earth, but we are vanishing. Do not let my brothers end up the same way I am ending. Please save us, dear children. Help us.

Deeksha Verendar
Grade 7B