Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inventure Academy wins YFCC Soccer Fest Under 14

Belief in one’s abilities and excellent team work is a surefire recipe for a win. This was displayed by Inventure Academy `Under 14’ soccer team which defeated 15 other Bangalore schools to be declared the winners in the Interschool Football Tournament recently.

“The team’s battling spirit and each of us carefully calculating our strategies together towards a goal to happen, made us come out as winners ,” says Nirvair Nair, the school soccer captain for Under 14 and the goal keeper for the tournament, as a matter of fact.

Inventure Academy’s winning team was testimony to the regular practice year round for least 40 minutes everyday and the importance placed on team spirit.

“In football or any sports team, besides having the talent to play the sport well, it is also very important for a coach to work on the combination of players and understand what each player is capable of,’’ explains Inventure Academy Soccer Coach J Fredy.

There were several occasions when the Inventure players were nervous and thought the opposition was getting stronger but ``we would cool down each other and rework on our strategies,’’ comments Ahaan Bhardwaj, the mid-fielder of the team.

The finals against DPS South was a nail biting experience, particularly when Nirvair, showed tremendous temperament as goal keeper, and saved two fiercely struck penalty shots to help the team win.

“We could see that the opponents were bigger and physically stronger but we were there to give in our best in each of the game,”’ adds Nirvair.

Inventure Academy Under 14- team (Boys)
Nirvair Nair (Captain)
Martin Shek
Vedanth Jain
Tanish Kharab
Ahaan Bharadwaj
Abhilash SA
Pranav Jaisingh
Vishal Shah

Score:Group A
Inventure Academy Vs Mallya Aditi International School- Won 3-0

Quarter finals
Inventure Academy Vs Presidency. Won 2-0

Inventure Academy Vs Jain Heritage High School- Won 5-4

Inventure Academy Vs DPS South- 3-1


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inventure Academy Student Council 2010-11


Like another victim of insomnia
I sit distraught.
A vast emptiness stares at me,
Like a dying fish, it’s fraught.

The only path of air left,
Felt like an unknown hand had grasped.
Snatching it away! Swift it is…
And the time still ticked, as the pain lapsed.

A melody of a sort, a repetition of a kind;
Creates ripples in the still lake of my heart.
It confronted my silent, strangling solitude.
It pierced like a poisoned dart.

There was no warmth here;
In this cold, distorted scene
‘Cause where I sat nothing touched me;
Even the strongest rays faced the screen.

Asha Venugopalan
Grade 12

(Asha began writing poetry 4 years ago and has made her mark as a poet at an international level. Her poem `Loneliness' has been shortlisted for publication in the The Poetry Rivals Competition Anthology 2010, UK.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inventure Academy makes a mark in `The Vistas 2010'

It was an inter school literary competition where the tussle was between 400 students who represented around 18 schools from across Bangalore. Needless to say Inventure Academy students made us proud again by succeeding in making a mark.

The Vistas 2010, an annual event organized by Innisfree House School, had the best of schools from Bangalore participating in their fest starting July 7th and spread over three days.

The events were aimed at tapping and encouraging the talent in nine to twelve year olds in areas like debate, creative writing and quiz.

Following were declared winners for the respective events:

Dhruv Bhatia - Second in Hindi Elocution (Jr)
Anishwar Sen- Third in Hindi Elocution (Sr)
Pratik Bhargava-Third in Hindi Debate (Jr)
Ankur Kela -Third in English Debate (Sr)
Samhita Ramji, Tarang Shah and Sohum Shenoy (team)-Fourth in Quiz (Jr).

Here’s three cheers not only for the students who officially won but also to those who enthusiastically participated without bothering much about the results.

Samit Basu interacts with Inventure Academy students

Meet Samit Basu, one of the first Indian English writers, who dropped his management course at IIM Ahmedabad to pursue course in broadcasting and documentary University of Westminster, London.

Having written three best selling novels, The Simoqin Prophecies, The Manticore’s Secret, The Unwaba Revelations, Basu now 31, published his first work when he was 23, making him one of India’s youngest authors at the time. He was also declared as India’s most promising `Emerging Indians’ by a survey conducted by IMRB and The Week.

The writer is in the city to launch his fourth novel- Terror of the Titanic- Morningstar Agency Adventure and also visited Inventure Academy to address the students, prior to the launch on Tuesday, 13th July 2010.

``I chose to be a writer because of a complete lack of other skills,’’ chuckles Basu while answering a question from one of the students on the reason for him being a writer.

On a serious note he elaborates, `` There is nothing magical which inspires me to write. Be it writing a script for a movie, a graphic novel or a column in a newspaper, it is something that I love doing and comes to me easily.”

Explaining to students on how to plan a story, he suggests, “ I had read somewhere that every story, real or reel, happens as we all want something and the story ends with us, either being successful in getting it or failing to do so. Design your plot first as that helps a big deal”

Students quizzed him on various topics ranging from the reason why Hitler is one of the most well known personalities from history; influence music has on creative writing and if he could name one of his future characters in graphic novels after Ishaan Pujari, their mischievous classmate!

Summarizing his healthy interaction with Inventure Academy students Basu opines, “There are obviously not many schools in India which encourage a child to think and Inventure Academy is one of them.’’

Monday, July 12, 2010

Inventure Academy makes Best Film at BICFF

Inventure Academy won the award for the ‘Best Film’ under the Children’s produced film category of Bangalore International Children’s Film Festival (BICFF) 2010 on Thursday.

The competition titled `Make a film in 48 hours’ was organized by Ryan International School, Kundalahali and was open for around 20 schools in the city. The topic for the film revolved around Action for Green- with an aim of younger generation understanding the emission of green house gases, the main cause for global warming and there were 17 films which competed for the award.

Parthiv Shah and Akshay Bhamidipati who represented Inventure Academy, made a short documentary on `Life with Oxygen Masks’. `` There were four topics to choose from and we chose this as it seemed most challenging to us,” says Parthiv, a student of Grade 8 of Inventure Academy, who is all smiles after hearing the news.

The film is around 5 minute long and begins with showing life in 2020 where kids are leading a life with oxygen masks. In the flashback, we are shown the damage that vehicular pollution and industrial waste has already done to our environment.

``Message of our movie was to stop wasting more time in bringing about the `Change’ we so often talk about, and instead mobilize each other to working towards green world. Or else we have to be ready for our future generations to survive only with help of oxygen masks,’’ states Akshay, also a student of Grade 8 at Inventure Academy.

Inventure Academy, Head of School, Nooraine Fazal, says, ``I am delighted that the Inventurers took the opportunity provided by the Bangalore International Children Film Festival to develop and showcase their learning as movie makers and environmentalists.’’

``The win, is of course icing on the cake! Where our students had no specific preparation for the event, Inventure Academy in partnership with our parent body provides a very nurturing environment for students to identify, and develop their talents, and pursue excellence in their chosen fields,’’ she adds.

Click to view the movie-