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Graduation Ceremony -2010

There are certain events of our lives such as our graduation day or the first day of our job that are very special to all of us. At Inventure, we feel that these important milestones of our lives is cherished and celebrated with joy making it memorable for the rest of our lives. So, the D-Day- 29th January,the Occasion- the Graduation ceremony of our second graduating batch, our 10th graders the batch of 2009/2010.

The day started with a list of things to do.We organised our selves with the stage decoration, which was actually fantastic-- personalised banners with individual graduates names.. how nice.The MC's rehearsed and went over their scripts a number of times.The Grade teacher for the graduating batch,Mrs.Arpita Deb, went over her list a number of times to keep the occasion special,flawless and memorable.And yes!! It was just that.. no... much more than that...

Ishaan and Abhilash-The MC's

At about 3 P.M, we were all set for the show and the graduates started arriving accompanied by thier parents and relatives. The event began with an Invocation dance by Alisha Kalyanpur.This young dancer has performed her Arangetram on the 16th January 2010 and here she led all of us into a trance by her scintillating dance performace of a Ganesh Stuthi,Vaathapi Ganapathi...Nooraine Fazal, the Head of School lit the lamp of Knowledge and inaugurated the auspicious event.

Alisha Kalyanpur-Invocation Dance.

Nooraine Fazal, the Head of School Lighting the lamp of Knowledge.

The graduates arrived at 4 P.M in their mind blowing costumes…. The girls in a light blue crepe sari’s and the guys in their black tuxedoes. The event started with our MC’s Abhilash and Ishaan giving a brief introduction of "what life and graduation is all about and its significance in our lives".

Mrs. Jagriti Prabhukiran

After this the Head of academics for middle and senior section, Mrs. Jagriti Prabhu kiran gave an inspirational speech.She brought out specific points and quotes which touched our heart . Mr Bhargava,Akriti's dad, gave a speech on following your dream and always doing what you like and believe in. He also expressed his strong belief in Inventure's culture and as a student of Inventure his explanation reminded me of our Core purpose -to instil in students the ability and conviction to realise their full potential and excel anywhere in the world. .


The Valedictorian, Akriti Bhargava gave a fantastic speech--in her own style which just fantastic...her memories,her experiences,her thoughts.. just too good.

Akriti Bharghava

Ms. Nooraine Fazal, the Head of School was invited to light lamp of knowledge,the flame of which was used by the teachers of the graduating batch to light the individual candles of the students. Marcos and Roshan gave some hilarious comments about the students as each teacher proceeded to light the candle. Mrs. Arpita Deb, grade teacher led the graduation oath. And finally the students were declared Graduates!!

Grade 11 students Asha, Harini & Pushkal gave inspirational speeches to the graduated batch. The choir sang two songs “I will be your friend” and “Aasheein” .Shalaka's vote of thanks was simply superb.She thanked each and every person with a beautiful remark of their contributions.

All in all it was a day to be remembered. Well done Graduates. Keep it up!!!!!
K.N.Harini (Co-curricular Editor)

Disco Deewane.. the 2010 Graduation Party

Grade 10: With a rock on disco theme…..

After the exciting Graduation Party Ceremony for the 2010 batch, everyone was pumped up for the graduation party organized by the 9th and 11th graders. The theme was DISCO and the venue-our music room.

After the ceremony, the students went to dress in their funky western dresses. The party was to start at 7.00 but the party animals took their own sweet time to get dressed into those amaaaaaaaaaaazing outfits.After they sashayed on the stage in those ethereal blue sarees and smart tuxedoes, the young graduates emerged attired in awesome clothes.To add fuel to fire, our 9th graders and the 11th graders dazzled.Aditi,Tanu,Prerana,Asha-- "wow" is the term to describe them. What about the accessories-- Asha wore those amazing giant sized goggles and left all of us wondering about the view, we had Marcos in with his blonde wig.. and Sid our random star of grade 11 in his rainbow coloured clown wigs. Also lets not forget Tushar who wore a Jamican braided wig to show of his equally smart sense of style. They all really looked cool.

The Wiggly story

The ambience of the music room went into a huge transformation...courtesy Poornima ma’am and her magic wand(..sorry students). She also proved that she was the best DJ we have.
I am seriously not going to miss out the teachers in this one, as they grooved alonglike......... Sinduja Ma’am, Nooraine, Kishen sir and Reena Ma’am. This was a must to watch eventtttt.The rest of our teachers kept popping in and out of the dance arena cheering us and enjoying themselves at "our Chilled our State".

We danced and danced and danced and ---------danced and --------.It was an endless groove.

Students of Grade 9 had made a nice slide show of some nice memorable pics of the graduating batch which left us crackling with laughter. Each and every picture showed the happy memories that they had spent together. Nihal’s Pic was an unforgettable one as he looked so small in 7th Grade.

What next, we got the nice aroma of the stream of starters which were served with a nice creamy dip. The supply of coke, sprite & Pepsi was never ending.All the dance and movement left us HHHHHhhunnnnngrryyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!.

Graduates also cut a fresh cream cake which said “ All the Best”. Towards the end of the Party Surya Beat Boxed which was awesome. The party was concluded as everyone danced for the song “TIK TOK” by Kesha.

An unforgettable day, an unforgettable ceremony, an unforgettable party and as a whole an unforgettable experience.

Best of luck Graduates!! ROCK ONNNN!!!
K.N.Harini (Co-curricular Editor)

The Science Exhibition At Inventure Academy-Jan 30th, 2010

ALL IS WELL at Inventure Academy!

Yes I know, the title is derived from one of the catchphrases of 3 Idiots, but I write thus due to the Science Fair held at Inventure by the students of Grade 7, and due to the fact that “health food” was one of the main attractions being offered. Despite these tough economic times, the enterprising students managed to seize the day (as well as a lot of money) in true Inventure fashion, and I can say that parents’ wallets were considerably lighter by the time the ingredients were done and over. There were lots of happy smiles around the place, as you will see in the photos.

Healthy Eating
There were many more attractions being offered as well. Firstly, a gargantuan representation of the basis of chemistry, the Periodic Table, loomed over the scene, providing a welcome shade from the summer heat at Inventure. Though lots of information about the 114 elements was present, some of the elements were more interesting than others. For instance, Rhodium is an element that is a hard and dense silver transition metal and a member of the platinum group and is used in alloys with platinum, symbol is Rh and atomic number 45. Its name comes from the Greek word ‘rhodon’, meaning ‘rose’. Next Strontium, a silvery, soft metallic element with the symbol Sr and atomic number 38. It is highly reactive and turns yellow when exposed to air. It is named after a Scottish village, Strontia. Last but not least, there is “The Poisoner’s Poison’ or Thallium, a soft, grey, malleable poor metal, which resembles tin but discolours when exposed to air, with atomic number 81 and symbol Tl. It has been given its rather ominous sobriquet due to the fact that thallium is highly toxic and is used for murder. Apart from that, thallium is also used in the electronics and glass industries.

Scientists in the making.....
And to conclude this tome of happenings on Friday 30th January 2010, our scientists, Arincheyan Gerald and Karan Abrol were explaining their experiment to find out what makes geckos change color to the bystanders, including myself. And did I mention the PTM running parallel to the event? Oh well, that’s Inventure for you!

Aditya Chandrasekar,

Healthy Eating-Food Fair

On the Parents Teacher Meeting day, the science exhibition was organised and the whole of seventh grade were given the project to create an awareness about healthy eating by selling healthy snacks to all the parents, students and teachers. The responsibility was given to us by Chandrika ma'am, our Biology Teacher. We were split into groups, I was with Vaishnav and Abhilash and we decided to make 2 mocktails and a chat item. Our drinks were a Strawberry Storm and a Virgin Mojito which we slyly tagged at Rs20 and Rs25 respectively with our eyes keen on the profit. We also made spicy Bhel puri which we know would be a hit. The name of our stall was Bhel and Beverage (B&B). Vaishnav was the Bhel Puri chef, Abhilash was the Strawberry Storm and Virgin Mojito chef and I was the Cashier and the salesman(How convenient ha! ha!).

When all three of us arrived at 11:00am at the PTM with all our ingredients, spoons, plates, gloves and chefs caps we did have a slight inkling that we had spent about 1800 rupees on the ingredients and a hope(or is it greed) to make a largeprofit lurking behind our minds, we found that we were the last to arrive and others had already started making money. By the time we found a table and settled down we were tensed.(with the thoughts... there goes the profit..rather healthy eating)
Our first customer was Bharath and he took a Strawberry Storm and he said it was fantastic. We were relieved. From then, we young entrepreuners as we would like to called got more order, more green cash and plenty of ha!ha!ha!!!!! We felt excited and very proud. After everyone left, we counted the money and we earned around 3000rupees! So our hard work paid off and we earned the most money out of all the groups! We made 2200rupees profit of which 50% will go to a charity organisation and the rest you guessed it right----will be split into three! So over all it was a great idea and an amazing experience.

Anish Dutta 7A Media Pod

Learning Lessons at Intel Labs

The 11th graders visited Intel Labs to get an insight on to what Intel does.

Over there, we learned about Chip design, Graphics design and the history of the computer world. We had the privilege of interacting with the CEO of Intel India. We also gained insight into the various educational programs that Intel sponsors. We were showed a presentation on Intel’s latest project which is an e-textbook. We had the opportunity of going inside the Lab, in which they do most of their testing and processing.

Personally it helped me gain insight into the Computer World and made me thinking about my future career.
Sankar Muthulingam
Media Pod

Graduation Ceremony Speech of Mrs.Jagrithi Prabhukiran, Head of Academics, Middle and Senio School.

Nooraine Fazal, CEO and Head of School, Ms Benjamin, Board Advisor, members of the faculties and the most important people present, the families of those who are graduating. You are the most important because you are the ones who have made today possible. While we are here to celebrate the achievement of the Graduating class, it is a milestone on a long, long road on which your families have been accompanying and encouraging you for many years.

Your graduation from Inventure Academy today can be likened to a stage in a manufacturing process. You now have the potential to acquire life skills. They are not yours yet. Part of the implicit contract into which you entered many years back when you enrolled at Inventure was that you would be exposed to much more than lecture room and library knowledge. You would gain much more than new friends and technical skills. You would learn lifelong values which would differentiate you from others, who had read as you have.

That quality is what I call the Inventure Brand. It is not just a turn in mind acquired over your years here. It is not just a style of behavior of what we call the entrepreneurial spirit. It is all these but so much more - much of which you will only discover that you have acquired some time - may be years in the future.

I am talking of the “carpe diem” the ability to seize the day, a commitment to social responsibility and a self awareness that when we do wrong we know it’s wrong. All this, and so much more, constitutes that Inventure Brand with which I now urge you to go ahead - heads high with proud steps to change the world.
I am moved to be sharing this special moment with parents and teachers and not least, you have many illustrious alumni lighting the way.
First, success only knocks on your door if you win the National Lottery or the Irish Sweepstakes. All the rest of us have to work for it.............hard.
There's that old joke...How do you get to represent India at the Olympics? Practice, practice, practice. That's a major point Malcolm Gladwell makes in his book "Outliers." He writes that to truly master something, you need to spend at least 10-thousand hours doing it. Take Bill Gates, for example. He dropped out of Harvard and he still became Bill devoting his every waking moment to building and understanding computer codes. The Beatles might have seemed like an overnight sensation, but they played together more than a thousand times before that famous appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. For them, it really was a hard day's night...night after night after night...for four years!
I'm no Beatle or Bill Gates, but I've learned the importance of hard work, as well.
Next, don't be a hater. Inventure has taught you to think critically, to approach things with a healthy dose of skepticism...and that's a good thing, as Abdul Kalam would say. But you really must guard against the cynicism and nastiness that are so pervasive today, particularly on the internet. It can be a wonderful, powerful and equalizing tool, but it's also populated by haters and trolls. People think they can say or do anything online under the cloak of anonymity. Don't get sucked in...In his book, entitled "Snark", David Denby writes, "Snark often functions as an enforcer of mediocrity and conformity. In its cozy knowingness, snark flatters you in assuming that you get the contemptuous joke. You've been admitted or re-admitted to a club, but it may be a club of the second rate."
Rise above the nastiness and instead....celebrate excellence. The joy of reveling in someone else's success is much sweeter than the bitter vitriol of sites like Juicy Campus.
It's not all about you. No matter what your opinion may be about the wars this world is fighting, the men and women of the military are making sacrifices every day...and deserve our respect and support when they're deployed...and when they come home.
But there are many ways to serve. The unsung heroes of this countries...scientists, doctors municipal workers who work day in and day out...without fame or big checks so many more people can live with disease and not die from it.
There are smaller, quieter ways to serve...that are just as important. Never underestimate the contribution you can make. It’s been said: "If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito."
So give something back. After all, you're graduating from Inventure! You are so lucky. And do me a favor...thank your parents or whoever helped you achieve this goal. Then, transform your gratitude into action...and give back to a world that has already given you so much.
Parents, your children, too, can achieve anything because you gave them strong shoulders to stand on and the tools they'll need to succeed. The silver lining of these tough economic times is that it may be the wakeup call that helps recalibrate our values.
The truth is closer to the Old Italian Proverb that says: "At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box."
What really matters in the end is how you've played the game of life...that you've lived it with honor, integrity and character... old fashioned qualities that never go out of style...whether you're a fan of Ella Fitzgerald or Lady Gaga.
Finally, take some chances. Get out of your comfort zone, even if that's extremely uncomfortable. Mark Twain once wrote, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do."
T he old Chinese saying is "Boats are always safe in the harbor. But that's not what boats are built for." So set sail, even if the waters are choppy and the territory'll be amazed at what you learn about the world and about yourself...and through it all, cherish the handful of people you can always depend on to throw you a life preserver when you need it the most.
To the Class of 2010... My personal congratulations to you all and to your families. I wish you well in your futures.
On behalf of Arpita and the proud team of teachers who taught Grade 10 I end with Joan Baez’s words that Salome will sing for us.
May God's blessing keep you always,
May your wishes always come true,
May you always do for others
And let others do for you.
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung,
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous,
May you grow up to be true,
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you.
May you always be courageous,
Stand upright and be strong,
May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy,
May your feet always be swift,
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift.
May your heart always be joyful,
May your song always be sung,
May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever youngMay

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting Geared up for the Graduation Ceremony and the Retro Theme Graduation Party.

A lot is happening for the 10th Grade Graduation Ceremony and the Party. The Art department has been preparing for the D-day for the last 15 days! Everything has to go right, from the hand made streamers, the retro theme disco party to the satin sashes with the graduates’ names on them and the rapid fire Dabba Quiz, which has questions like, “What do you think of a vacuum cleaner?”. We can see the 9th graders scurrying busily to organize the party with the Retro Theme. The choir is getting geared up for the performance and so are the others.

All in all, tomorrow is going to be lots of fun for the 10th graders!

I dream, there’s nothing that’s too tough
There’s nothing that’s hard enough
For me and you, to get through
There’s not a goal, we can’t reach in time….. sings Christina Aguilera .

Seems like this has been written just for our 10th graders.

May all their dreams come true.

Parthiv Shah and Siddharth Jairaj
Grade 7A (Media Pod)

Bharatanatyam Beats

Alisha Kalyanpur,Bharatanatyam Dancer from Inventure Academy

Alisha Kalyanpur of Grade 7 of Inventure Academy performed her first Bharatanatyam Stage performance on 16th Jan 2010.Kriti Varghese, her classmate interviews her……read on……..

Q- I heard that Bharatanatyam depicts stories. What stories do they usually depict?
A- Well, they usually depict stories on gods or goddesses. It is not like all of them depict stories though; the first few dances you do are only for stamina or are only actions.

Q- What is your favourite part of Bharatanatyam and why?
A- Well, my favourite dances are called padams. Every padam has a story and they are easy to remember. They are also energetic because most of them are usually stories that contain fights or wars. The moral is usually good triumphs over evil.

Q- How long have you been doing Bharatanatyam and have you worked hard to get to where you are today?
A- I have been doing Bharatanatyam for six years. It is tiring and you have to have a good will power . A lot of people stop because there are phases where it gets really boring and they do not want to continue.

Q- How long do you usually practice and when do you practice?
A- On week days, I practice for 20-30 minutes. On Saturdays, I practice for 1-2 hours.

Q- I heard that your Arangetram is coming up. Are you excited?
A- In the beginning, I was not excited because I thought that it would be a lot of hard work and I would have to miss school a lot. But now, I am starting to enjoy being famous and I realize that it is a really big thing in my life and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Q- Why did u start Bharatanatyam?
A- My present Guru began a dance class in our residential complex. I thought I would try it out and after a year or two , I got totally grooved into it.

Q- How do you feel when you do Bharatanatyam?
A- Well, I usually think about the next step and I like doing it in front of an audience because then I usually do better.

Q- What is an Arangetram?
A- I will be performing one varnam, one padam and the rest are under the able guidance of my teacher. A varnam is 45 minutes and a padam is 10 minutes.

Q- Why does a varnam take so much time? What does it depict?
A- Well, first of all, you choose a god. Then, you depict a short introduction for the god and then proceed to portray the story linked to it.

Well that tells us two things-
1. Bharatanatyam is a very interesting dance that takes a lot of time.
2. Everyone has a chance to shine. You just need to take that chance and make something out of it.

Kriti Varghese
Grade 7B

MIX-Smart Verse

Poem on M.I.X

M.I.X is based on multiple intelligences,

It’s no exam of English Maths or Sciences.

If you want to get in,

And try and win,

You ought to have the smarts

And those aren’t easily available in super marts.

There are eight smarts on the wheel.

Read the poem and see what you have got.

And remember having all eight is a great deal.

Self smart is someone who knows about themselves keeps a diary and can control their temper before they get fiery.

People smart is someone who can work in a group, has many friends, cares about others not only her brothers.

Body smart is someone who is fit fast and not too fat

Nature smart is someone who cares about plants and animals, knows the names of birds flowers and trees and isn’t scared of flees.

Word smart is someone who is good at writing essays poems and poems and stories. Only authors can put in word such glories.

Music smart is someone who understands music knows what is beat and can get any rhythm into the heat.

Picture smart is a smart on art, if your picture smart.

By Manasi Rao
Media Pod

Media POD


Saturday, January 23, 2010


Highlights of MIX 2010

The activities of MIX 2010 were challenging and were conceptualized and designed to test the participant’s interest and strengths in one or more intelligence areas as propounded by Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences
The highpoint of MIX was the unbounded flow of creativity and the display of logical and process thinking that children demonstrated. There was an atmosphere of camaraderie as teams worked together towards common challenges, the exultation of coming up with a great idea or the cracking of a challenge. Quiet confidence and audacious verve went hand in hand. At the close of the day, there were some winners, but on each child’s face was the victory of a day well spent.
Snap shot of some of the events
One of the activities was ‘Josh’ a Functional relay where they had to cross a water hurdle, limbo bars, a tyre trail. Teams from all three divisions tested their flexibility, reflex, balance, coordination and team work.
Think a Thon tested the participant’s logical, interpersonal and spatial intelligences- from creating a toy that could walk, spin or fly, to creating a hot air balloon and designing a boat which can propel itself forward across a body of water- all while using Small Garbage bags, straws, cotton twines, balloons and other scarp materials
Creative Sparks – an activity that tests the linguistic, interpersonal, spatial, musical, logical intelligences saw the contestants mime, create scripts and stage puppet shows.
Wild Wide World was yet another event and it helped test the Naturalist intelligence
Contestants from different divisions created imaginary animals, trees that could support different ecosystems and unique planets.
Colours of Our World and All by Myself were some other activities that helped students explore their areas of strengths as well as untapped skills and abilities





Friday, January 22, 2010

Hattrick Win for Inventure Academy in MIX 2009-2010

Today( 22nd January, 2010), over 350 children from 9 leading Bangalore schools participated in Multiple Intelligences Xplored (M.I.X.) – an interschool event organized by Inventure Academy, Bangalore for students of grades 1-6 .

Inventure Academy wins the MIX Overall championship the third consecutive time. A whopping victory with 58 points followed by India International and Indus International at 30 points.

Last row standing: Shaheen Shafi – Head of Primary and Kindergarten at Inventure Academy, and Nooraine Fazal CEO and Head of School.
From Left to Right standing: Rivka Aarons, Natasha Aji, Freya Stamets, Joel Tony, Sahil Kuchlous, Aadi Walia, Ishi Tripathi,Varun Ramakrishnan, Elizabeth Mathew, Mallika Bhaskar, Samhita Ramji, Siddharth Saxena, Adarsh Sekar, Anarv Kumar Mathur
Sitting from left to Right: Benoit Cambournac, Bhadra Bejoy, Pranav Mishra, Sheryl Thomas, Niharika Ghosh , Anjali Mallampooty, Agastya Samay Rana, Pratik Bhargava, Anika Desai, Rahul Menon, Ankur Kela

Colours of the World

The Puppet Show-Creative Sparks

Think a thon


Creative Sparks

In Division 1 for grades 1&2,Inventure Academy emerged winners followed by Indus as the runner-up.In Division 2 for grades 3&4,Head Start won the Divisional title with Inventure Academy as the runner-up.Inventure students strode to victory in Division 3 with Greenwood High as the runner-up.

"Multiple Intelligences Xplored" challenges the contestants across eight intelligence categories, as propounded by Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The theory is an account of human cognition in its fullness.The event has been designed to distinguish inherent talents and to nurture the child's self-esteem.

Think-a-thon,Creative Sparks,All By Myself,Wide Wild World,Colours of the World and Josh were the challenges which fuelled the insatiating cognitive appetites of the little wonders.The energy,the synergy,the logical thought process,the aesthetic presentation,the synchronised groups dynamics and inherent talent reflected in their performances.

Our Media Pod Student Reporters Armand (7B) and Yuvraj (8)write.........
At the outset we were briefed of our duties. We were all set take a peek into journalism by reporting this great event which was as amalgamation of fun,entertainment,logic, intelligence,environemental awareness and everything which we need to know and experience.

We waited eagerly to test our journalistic insticts with the other participants.We started our spree with One of students from Dean’s Academy. He said that he was really excited and a little tense about the day. In fact, all the participants had a similar feeling.

After the all schools arrived,Sinduja Ma'am welcomed and gave them an outline of the event flow and thus began the fun trail.

we began with our first event; the Division 1 Think a Thon. The students had to design a toy than could walk, spin, or fly. It was held in the Primary Block and they all enjoyed it. We interviewed some volunteers from our school and asked them about thier experiences in the M.I.X. They said that it was an overdose of unending fun. An excellent way to express their talents and make new friends too.

The second event, which was held at the same time as Think a Thon, was Josh for Division 2.In this event, the participants had to go through a number of obstacles that tested their flexibility,strength,grit and stamina.It was lots of fun,sweat,excitement and hard work.


The third event, which ran parallel, was All by Myself for Division 3.The participants had to create a 3-D model of their strengths/Weaknesses. This did pose a problem for a few students,as they say it is always easier to find fault of others than our own:-)

After a few other events we had our break, in which we had guess what!! Unlimited cotton candy and popcorn. The line for these two stalls stretched further than the horizon. Well, nearly.There was a stall for Body Tatoo too.Students made a beeline to get the tatoo done in all myriad colours and exotic shapes.

The first event after the break was the Think a Thon for Division 3.In this challenge, the participants worked in groups of four and tried to build a boat that could propel itself across the water filled in the Round About. Loads of logic,practicality and forethought. We interviewed the Division 3 participants of Head Start on M.I.X. and they said that they were having a fantastic time and were looking forward to the rest of the day.

After spending some time at Think a Thon, we went to the Division 3 Wide Wild World event, in which the participants had to create a model of a planet that would be able to support human life without an atmosphere or hydrosphere.Whoa!What a challenge... we argued a bit on the possiblity of facing the situation with Global Warming lunging forward.

In the Division 2 Creative Sparks event, participants had to do stage a puppet play shown on a given theme.It was a sight to see.. what a fantastic creative spark they created to illuminate the stage with their narration.

After a lot of events, no blood, some sweat, and no tears, we had lunch, which was extremely refreshing. We also had some more popcorn and cotton candy, which surprisingly didn’t run out, even though at least 500 helpings of cotton candy were given out.

After another hour and a half of funfilled events we had our prize distribution. As fitting start to a Prize distribution ceremony for Mix,an imprompto cultural event was organised. The students of grade 9&10 danced.Ishaan and Surya brought more cheer by their fun dance or do we call it dragon dance after the dragon tatoo on Ishaan's face.Surya's music was fantastic and left us dumbstruck. After loads of fun, the prizes were distributed, in which Inventure Academy won the overall trophy! After a snack we had to say goodbye to our friends and go home. It was really tiring, but the fun we had made up for it, with some extra fun left over, for us to smile and remember that day.
Jubiliation after the Hattrick Victory

Edited by Parthiv (7A)
From the Media Pod

MIX 2009-2010-Deccan Herald Newsarticle

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inventure Academy Presents MIX-2010-Loads of Fun and Action

On 22nd January, 2010, over 300 children from 9 leading Bangalore schools will participate in Multiple Intelligences Xplored (M.I.X.) – an interschool event organized for the third consecutive year by Inventure Academy, Bangalore. Exclusively for students from grades 1-6, this event challenges the contestants across eight intelligence categories, as propounded by Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

This Interschool event has been designed to distinguish inherent talents and bring about a powerful positive impact on the children’s self esteem. The unique events were conceptualised and designed by MI experts at Inventure.

The schools participating in this event are:

1. Deens Academy
2. Greenwood High School
3. Indus International
4. Canadian International School
5. India International School
6. Gopalan International School
7. Bishop Cotton Boys High School
8. Head Start Montessori
9. Inventure Academy

A couple of photographs of MIX 2009

Media Pod Editor(Academics)
Grade 11

MIX-Bright Minds,Multiple Challenges

Click here to know more about MIX

Multiple Intelligences Xplored

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Update on the TISB Tournaments

Soccer U-15 Boys:
The matches were in league format with the top team from each league proceeding into the next round. The Inventure team played 2 matches yesterday. They won their first match against NPS (Koramangala) 1-0 and lost the second match to DPS (South) 0-3. DPS (South) topped this league table and therefore our boys are back with us at school today!

Tennis U-15 Boys:
Good news from the tennis courts. [The matches were played in Davis Cup format (reverse singles)]

1st match against NPS (Rajajinagar): Nischaal Nadhamuni won the first singles 6-0. He then teamed up with Adil Kalyanpur to win the doubles 6-4.
2nd match against Sarala Birla: Nischaal won 6-1 in the first singles. He and Adil lost the doubles 4-6. Adil then won the reverse singles 6-3.
3rd match against TISB: Nischaal won 6-0, then he and Adil won 6-3 in the doubles, eliminating the need for the reverse singles.

Having won all the matches, the Inventure Team is at the top of the heap and will play the finals on Friday, 22nd January at 2:30pm.

Our U-15 Girls team will be playing tomorrow, with their first match against TISB at 9am.

We wish them the best of luck!

Mary Whabi,
Head,Beyond Academics

Grade 7 visits FRLHT(Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions )

The FRLHT is a recognized centre of excellence in Medicinal plants and Traditional Knowledge. The ethno medical garden is a ‘Knowledge Park ’ which provides a visual introduction to several species of medicinal plants.

Our hosts at FRLHT were Dr. Sangitha and Dr. Suma both of whom are botanists. They brought out to us the importance of medicinal plants in day to day life. They also told us that their herbal garden consists of more than 1000 important medicinal plants brought from different parts of our country.

The FRLHT was started in 1995-15 years back .The Ethno-medicinal garden is a very unique and well designed garden as it is aesthetically landscaped. Many people come and visit this place in order to learn more about the various plants and their medicinal uses.

The plans we observed include:
- Sandal wood - It cures diabetes
-Helicteres isora
- Janakia (named after the first woman taxonomist). It is grown at the altitude of 2000 ft. At the FRLHT this plant is provided with the same environment this plant would find in the rocky areas at 2000ft.
-Rudraksha: grown in the Himalayas
- Eleocarpus: Cures chicken pox
- Aloe vera- To cure skin problems
- Cissus : To cure fracturers
-Ruta chalepensis : Used as a mosquitoe repellent
- Lotus: The stem, leaves and seeds have a medicinal value
- Tinospora cardifolia : used in the cure for H1N1

We also visited the Bio- Informative centre. This houses a Herbarium of about 2000 plants. The Plants have been dried and tied onto herbarium sheets.

Our trip to FRLHT was fun. We learnt a lot about different medicinal plants and their values there and I would love to go again.

Kashvi Bajaj
Grade 7

Multiples Intelligences Xplored

Solar Eclipse

Our Mediapod student reporter, Manasi Rao accompanied a team of researchers from Bangalore Astronomical Society to view the blazing sun being simmered into the ring of fire by the moon at Rameswaram- the event-The Annular Solar Eclipse and here she writes.................
Eclipse means hidden. In a solar eclipse the sun, the moon and the earth are in one line. The shadow of the moon falls on the sun blocking its light from some parts of the earth. This is what happened on the 15th of January, 2010. From Rameshwaram one could see the only the outer ring of the sun which can be seen only in annular (with ring of fire) eclipses.

The moon came from the bottom left side up to the top right. The totality was at 1:15-1:26 and the eclipse lasted for around 3 hrs. From Bangalore only a partial eclipse could be seen.

Here is the sun,

He thinks he is number one.

In front of him comes the moon,

Like a huge white balloon.

Blocking the light!

Leading the 2 large bodies into a fight!

Watching the commotion,

Is the earth standing in confusion.

People smiling with glee

And watching the solar eclipse happily.

Click here to gaze at the spectacular eclipse

These photographs were clicked by her team mate.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inventure @ Synchronize 2009

On the 9th and 10th of November, Bishop Cottons Boys School Organized Synchronize 2009.Sychronize is a inter school science and technology fest
This time they added IT to the agenda saying IT makes science better. Nearly the whole of high school participated. There were many events like Inference, the clash of titans, blogger. Turing test, blogger, event x and there were also gaming. It was a fun filled science and IT event. It helped us improve our scientific knowledge.
PushkalMehrishwas among Top 3 in "Clash of the Titans",Asha and Anthony participated in the –quiz and made it up till the semi-finals.

Grade 11
Media Pod Editor(Academics)

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Internet

The Internet is a network of networks that has long ago become part of our daily lives. It connects us, informs us, and entertains us. What started the Internet?
A U.S. Defense Department program, called ARPANET was established in 1969, with connections between computers located in USA. ARPANET's purpose was to conduct research into computer networking in order to provide a secure and survivable communications system in war. As the network quickly expanded, academics and researchers in other fields began to use it as well. In 1971, the first program for sending e-mails was made. And in 1973, international connections were completed. By 1993, ARPANET had ceased to exist, the World Wide Web was released to the public, and the Mosaic browser was released. The world caught on quickly.
In 1997 there were more than 1,00,00,000 hosts and more than 10,00,000 registered domain names. By the year 2001, there were over 36,09,85,492 Internet users. And in less than a decade, (2001 – 2009,) the number of Internet users nearly quadrupled.
The Internet has changed the way we live in so many ways. It has made communication quicker, information easier to find, and unlimited entertainment. It is quickly turning into mankind’s greatest feat of the century, and probably, of the millennium.

Parthiv Shah
Grade 7A (Media Pod)

Friday, January 15, 2010

PLAY REVIEW: Isaac Newton & the PhilosophiƦ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

A visit to the Bangalore Little Theatre was organized by our English AS level teacher on the 8th of January. We departed from school at about 10:00 AM in our school bus. The play began at 12:00 noon. The play was called the Small Infinites that depicted & explored the life of Sir Isaac Newton. This play was written by Professor Alan Brody, Professor of Theater Arts, and directed by Prakash Belawadi.
The play was about how Isaac Newton was determined to find the pattern & design of god’s creations with the aid of science & the bible and how he in this process, destroyed his relationship with all his near and dear ones. The end of the play depicts how he became an assassin of god and an ultimate failure. Various tones were used throughout the play. From a happy to a sorrowful one, from a romantic to an angry one and from a polite to a harsh one; use of sarcastic & humorous tone was also been made. A romantic tone was used when Nicolas Fatio de Duillier, a Swiss mathematician converses with Isaac Newton. An angry one was used when Nicolas Fatio de Duillier along with Leibniz was arrested for plagiarism and Newton refused to save Nicolas.The appropriate usage brought a special glamour to the play.
The play was staged in a small studio with comfortable seating. The performance space for the production staged was perfect. There was a cross at the background showing Newton’s connection with God. The stage had stairs which was pulled out when required by the actors on stage. This looked rather messy and inappropriate as it broke the tempo of the play. The set had a black & grey background.
The 4 main characters Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke, Nicolas Fatio de Duillier & Edmond Halley (Best Friend of Isaac Newton) wore costumes of grey and black. The two female actresses of the play, Newton’s mother Hannah Ayscough and his half-niece Catherine Barton wore yellow, red or black . Simple make-up with historical touches in the form of wigs and special robes was impressive. The costume and make-up contributed excellently to the whole play as it was a struggle throughout for Newton & these colors increased the impact of struggle. The special lighting and sound effects were executed very well.
The play as a whole was good though it was not very interesting. It seemed to dwell near the boredom spectrum because it was solely based on Newton’s struggle and his search for truth. This led to the creation of an overall sad effect. The script could have been more developed by depicting his whole life rather than the end of it. The actors put up a great show. The dialogue delivery was perfect with perfect intonation. I would give a 5/10 for this play and would recommend it for more mature people as it does not cater to taste for teens like us.

Made By: K.N.Harini (Co-curricular Editor)
Grade: 11

Christmas Celebration at Inventure Academy

“For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child himself”.
Dickens, A Christmas Carol.
The Christmas celebrations at Inventure, this year surpassed all boundaries of imagination by celebrating the children, their successes and ability to cope.
“Our program to end the year invites you to feel like Dickens did" as light as a feather, as happy as an angel, as merry as a school-boy…. as giddy as a drunken man. A merry Christmas to every-body! A happy New Year to the entire world! Hallo here! Whoop! Hallo!"………said the invite and it was just that!! And much more!!
The students exceeded the expectation of everyone, the variety program which included singing, dancing, the play and lets not forget the show stealer the first graders outstanding salsa number.
The little inputs from “Santa” (Pushkal) and the “Grinch” (Anthony) throughout the program was an innovative idea and kept the audience glued to their seats. It was wonderful to see so many students getting an opportunity to showcase their talents. There were wide range of music and dance like classic Christmas songs, break dancing and salsa dancing etc on display.
The students of the primary school gave us a short talk about Christmas and its significance which was very amusing as they lisped the great saga with great expression and involvement. They spoke about Christ and his life. The play by the third graders showed us that it was not necessary to have Christmas with snow and how many people all around the world celebrate it without the snow . The foot tapping performance of the Kindergartners in the form of the Hawaiian dance and song let us spellbound.
The amazing performance of the Dance pod to the song," too late to apologize" and "boom boom pow" was also thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. The play the Drama pod enacted had a powerful message. It showed how the budding actors feel when the main actors treat them badly. Respect and dignity of every individual is important. .

All good things need to come to an end. The students of the senior school left the audience dance to their tune by their fantastic band.
Christmas productions Ha!! What a way to bid good bye to 2009 and welcome 2010.

Click here to view album 1

Click here to view album 2
Nida Ahmed Grade 9& Maya Grade 7
Edited By: K.N.Harini (Co-curricular Editor)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Workshop on Composting

Intel Composting Session:
One of the Beyond Academic Sessions was used to show the process of composting to Grades 6&7.Mr.Nandlal&Mr.Vishvanathan were the guest speakers who demostrated the entire procedure involved in making compost from organic waste generated at school or at home.The students were excited at the prospect of starting this project as soon as possible.
The project is likely to be started by the end of January 2010.
Chandrika Iyer,
Inventure Academy.

Students Say..........
There was a workshop organised by Mr.Nandlal&Mr.Vishvanathan . They taught us the art of composting and the convenience of it.
They demonstrated composting. They also told us about certain organisms that help enrich the compost, such as maggots. And at the end of the session, we received bags of compost with at least one maggot inside. I must say we were disgusted by their appearance but we soon realized their true, precious value.
In the end, it was an enriching experience.

Siddharth Jairaj and Parthiv Shah
7A (Media Pod)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meet Deepak Thimaya, a multifaceted personality...

You’ve been in or started a lot of things - Verbattle, Udaya TV, FFM, ACT, et cetera. Which was your favorite?

Anything that allows me to do good for people.

Which one(s) where those?

All of them. Is something I could guide somebody, in something I could help somebody. In something I could work with somebody, in something I could understand somebody. Everything was an opportunity.

On your website, it says you have many dreams still, that are becoming clearer, as you go on.

Yes, I think that I cannot get stuck. If I’m stuck, or if I stop, that only means I’m dead. As long as I’m alive, I need to keep my thoughts alive, my mind alive, and my life alive. To be able to keep all those things alive, I need to keep my world alive. So unless you’re aspirational, you cannot really so well. And you don’t do it for others, you do it for yourself, because you fell a better person.

And how do you plan on keeping your world alive?

I think I need to become more useful, I think I need to be an example to myself, I need to guide myself, I need to lead myself, I need to see myself as to where I stand in this world, I need to have a very clear perspective, very clear understanding of why I’m here. And then I think everything else will become very clear to me. And that’s the beginning. I don’t think I’ve actually reached that stage because I’m still in the process of understanding things.

In your entire career of media, when was your worst and best time?

My best time was every time, and my worst time, (laughter) was when did not have much money to even reach the studio!

Before your career of media, what where you doing?

I studied journalism in college, but I did not want to become a journalist. I only did it to divert the attention of my folks at home, because I didn’t do that well in 12th, so to impress them, I chose journalism. Even after I finished that course, I still wasn’t interested in media.

So then what made you go into media?

Well, then I needed a job, and there was an opening in journalism, so I took it.

And now?

And now I’m the senior most TV anchor, interviewer, presenter. I think I’ve done almost everything that can be done on TV over the last 16 years.

Including dancing?

(No answer.) I don’t think he heard me.

What have you done in media?

I’ve been on the radio, I’ve done a lot do do with TV; I’ve choreographed, directed, written, and acted, I’ve done theatre, been in movies, written for newspapers, and more, so I certainly think I’ve done something in media. (Laughter.)

How do you think you’ve helped the world?

I think I’ve helped the world be being, or at least trying to be a good person. Ithink that’s what people need to do. Before you think of doing good for the world, you need to think of being a good person yourself.
“Who is a good person?” I think that itself is a big discovery. The most important thing about one is, “Am I being responsible?” I think if you’re responsible, half the job is done. And first of all, identify what is responsibility. I think I have been, or at least have tried to be a good person. In my eyes, I am a good person. And at least I have added one good citizen to this world.

And what is the most helpful thing you think you’ve done so far?

See today, through, Spider’s Web, a TV show, in which I interview mostly politicians. I try to get them to confess things or get views on them by trapping them with my words. I have made my viewers realize that nobody’s beyond reproach or questions. Today, through my show, people feel, at least in the state of Karnataka, that there’s somebody to question people when they do wrong.

And what do you think of Inventure Academy?

I did not expect to see much, like the mother speaking about her child. Whatever the child is, she’ll certainly think it’s the best in the world. And when Nooraine was talking about the school, I thought that was the case. But when I came here, the very first sight impressed me.

So what impressed you about Inventure?

The space, the light, and the feel.

Do you think it’s living up to it’s motto: Carpe Diem? It means ‘Seize the Day’.

I think it’s better than that. I think it surpasses it’s own benchmarks.

One last thing: Can you describe yourself in one word?


Thank you!

Parthiv Shah, grade 7 interviewed Mr.DeepaK Thimaya.

Major changes in ICSE syllabus

Bangalore: Sweeping changes are on the anvil in the Council for The Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) board rules and curriculum. The changes will come into effect from April 2010.

To begin with, a new subject, English Speaking and Listening Skills, will be introduced for high school students in grades IX, X and XI.
“We follow the highest standards in teaching English. Now we intend to help improve the speaking and listening skills of students. This subject will be compulsory and assessed internally,” said Gerry Arathoon, additional secretary and officiating chief executive and secretary of the CISCE.
The CISCE oversees imparting of secondary education up to grade XII.The board conducts Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) exam for grade X, and Indian School Certificate (ISC) exams for grade XII.
There are around 1,730 schools affiliated to the CISCE in the country. The board has 123 ICSE schools and 18 ISC-affiliated schools in the state.
From the next academic year, students who fail in the second language in the 10th board exam need not write supplementary exams to be promoted to the 11th grade.
“Earlier children had to clear a supplementary exam in 10th grade if they had failed in the second language, to be promoted to the 11th grade. Now, if they were to fail in that subject, they need not take the supplementary exam,” he added.
Another major change being planned is to merge environment education with other subjects. The authorities clarified that till 2012, environment education will continue to be taught as a separate subject; it will be merged with other subjects from 2013.
Arathoon was speaking on the sidelines of the 88th Annual National Conference of the Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools in India being held in the city.
Asked if CISCE will go the CBSE way, making 10th board exams optional, Arathoon stated, “We will not make the 10th board exams optional. At the COBSE (Council of Boards of School Education India) meeting where the CBSE decision was discussed, all boards were unanimous in stating that they don’t want to make board exams optional. We will wait and watch to see how CBSE implements this policy.”
The reasoning behind not making exams optional is to help students prepare for important exams later in life. “Students need to be exposed to the examination system. Parents will also agree with this decision, as school exams are not taken seriously by students. Writing board exams in 10th grade will help them be better prepared for the 12th board exams too,” Arathoon added.
The board has also announced plans to have a centralised marking scheme and a modernisation drive to have online registration of ICSE and ISC students for board examinations.

Jayalakshmi Venugopal / DNA
Wednesday, January 6, 2010 8:08 IST

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Inventure Media Pod Students visit Bangalore Mirror Press

Mr.Srinivas,the editor of Bangalore Mirror interacts with Mediapod kids of Inventure.

Today we went to Bangalore’s Mirror press. We learnt many things over there. There were many computers and people over there. We first met the sports editor MR.Satish Paul. He was very kind. He told us how he and his team work. He told us how important it was to follow rules and he told us the consequences we would have to face if we didn’t follow the deadline. He told us a fact that sports is only the criteria in which foul language is allowed. We told him about our sports day and he asked us to tell us how would we put it on the magazine? We all gave him points that we took the picture of the medalist. We took some pictures when students were on the finishing line. We told him how the sports day started and ended. He was very impressed with us.
Then we met the editor of Bangalore Mirror Mr.Srinivas . He showed us the Bangalore Mirror paper. He showed the headlines and explained some. He even told us that whenever we write an article we should make a catchy heading and the first paragraph should be interesting so the person is interested to read more. Then we were discussing a article about “We sold our Baby for 9,000”. He told us what happened in this article. He did a sting operation for this. Sting operation is when you record thing without people knowing it. Then he showed us the Bangalore Mirror page website. He told u show it works and all.
Then we all gathered at the conference room and we got burgers too eat. We were really hungry and the burger was just the right food. After finishing the burger we all thanked him and we went to the bus and went back home. The trip was amazing. We learnt many things.

Parthiv Shah
Grade7 A
Media Pod


The paper was launched on June 8, 2007.

In the editor’s office we learned a lot about the content of the paper and how the writers get their stories. The paper is mainly for people of ages 18-35 and techies. There are many visuals/pictures. The paper is compact, not broad-sheeted. The first 13 pages are about the youth of Bangalore. There are a lot of advertisements.
1) SCI-TECH- this section is about the gadgets and how to use them, etc.
2) JOY-STICK-this section is the gaming section, frequently the editor includes cheat codes.
3) WORKAYANA-this section is about the work ethics and how to get/have a job.
4) MAD, MAD WORLD-this section has the funny/strange stories.
5) ENTERTAINMENT-this section has movies and more gaming sites, etc.
6) BUSINESS-this section is about the investments, etc.
7) KIDZ ZONE-this section is where good paintings and comics get published.

Sting reporting is basically spying or going undercover to find news. They use spy cameras which look like pens. The pen has a small battery attached to it and you just hook the pen to your shirt pocket while the recorder is hundred meters away or less. There can be a computer attached to it anywhere and the person sitting at the computer can take a picture whenever they want.


The Bangalore Mirror is an “out of the box” newspaper. They do hard news and soft news. Most of it is hard news. The writers see other newspapers and try to make their papers unique by writing news that most of the other papers do not have. They make dummy newspapers before printing the final copy. The paper finally has thirty-six pages. 50-55 people work for the Bangalore Mirror. They use the Quark Express software to design the paper.


The sports department is the only place where you can use “flowery” language. You cannot assume and presume and you can only write exact facts.

In any newspaper you cannot plagiarize.

Maya Sanaba,
Grade 7A

Trip to Bangalore Mirror(A Poem)

We went to Bangalore Mirror
And came back before dinner

We learned quite a lot
And their building is in a huge plot

They make thousands of newspapers
With piles as tall as skyscrapers

We talked with the chief editor
Very unlike a meditator

He taught us about the newspaper
And he did us a really big favor

We then came home on the bus
Without making a lot of fuss

When at home I had my dinner
And said I had fun at Bangalore Mirror

--Sharon Roy 6B
Grade 6B
Media Pod

Bangalore’s Mirror Press Visit

Bangalore Mirror was a paper launched on June 8th 2007 and as the editor of this paper Mr.Shrinivas says it is a baby compared to other newspapers. I personally think it being a baby is far ahead of any other local city newspaper. It has everything you would want to read early in the morning from entertainment to sports to current city news. It is a paper for the youth you can tell by looking at it .It is a compact tabloid shaped paper that consists of many colours, pictures visuals and content that normally interests the youth. The Bangalore mirror team is of about 53-55 people. The paper has 40% ads and 60% content.
The first 13 pages of the Bangalore Mirror consist of Technologist Issues then there are pages for the following stuff:

Sci-Tech page: This page gives us and update on all the new kind of technology/ gadgets.
Joystick page: This is the first paper to have a gaming page it also consists of cheats and codes.
Workayana Page: This page gives the youth advice on how to faced an interview, tips to pass your exam, etc.
Mad – Mad world page: This page is about crazy, extreme or comical stuff happening around the world.
Entertainment section: This section consists of the tittle-tattle happening around the world
Bangalore Moment Page : This is a page where one can write an article or post a pic on the Bangalore mirror website (www. and if interesting will come onto this page the Bangalore moment.
Blog Talk: This page consists of stuff about Namma Bangalore.
Kidz Zone: where kids post pain tings on the blog and the best one is put on the paper.
And believe it or not there is much -much more to this paper than that!

The team of Bangalore Mirror paper say that the enjoy writing hard news more than soft news. “Soft news is hardly exiting”said the editor Mr.Shrinivas when we asked him what kind of news he likes writing more.
Coming to sports we had a small chat with Mr.Satish Paul the head of the sports department and he told us about how much he enjoyed playing sports and how much he liked sports journalism. “If you don’t have passion for the game and you don’t have any knowledge about the sport you can not be a sports journalist.” Was exactly how he put it. He also told us that the beauty of sports journalism was that you could use flowery words to express you love/ Passion for the game. And the hard part of this kind of journalism is that you don’t assume or presume. You just state facts. He also told us that “If you ever mess or play with your deadlines you will be thrown out of the job”. The Bangalore mirror is the only paper that does not focus only on cricket infact it is the only paper to have news on NBA.

The Trip
The trip to Bangalore mirror delayed us by a lot of time causing us to reach home very late but Id say it was all worth it as we learnt so much stuff today and I would love to go there again. (To help with a sting operation!)

Kashvi Bajaj
Grade 7A'Media Pod

Click here to view more pictures of this visit

Media workshop conducted by Mrs.Reena Stamets Shah

Mrs.Rina Stamets

The enthralled audience.

Mrs.Rina Stamets with Inventure Students.

Media Workshop

Mrs. Rina Stamets, the mother of Tristan and Freya Stamets, came to our school to talk about journalism. She told us about her career as a journalist and said that being a journalist was a pleasurable experience. We learned that you can’t join a newspaper for money, but instead you have to have a passion for journalism.
We also learned that the first step in becoming a journalist starts in school. And being a journalist involves being bold; in order to express your views.
The session was a pleasurable, not to mention a memorable experience.

Siddharth Jairaj and Parthiv Shah
Grade 7A (Media Pod)

INTEL Lecture for Grades 9,10&11

INTEL Lecture for grades 9,10&11

This was conducted Mr.Ravi Giri.He talked about the future technologies that Intel was involved in developing and also gave them an insight on how a chip works. This was also an interactive session wherein kids had lots of questions on topics such as hyper threading, Bio-computing.

Arpita Deb
Inventure Academy

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Dino: With snow white teeth,
These razor sharp claws,
And my enormous feet,
Human meat I will eat!

With telescope like eyes,
I can spot anything,
Even a fly!
You people have no hope,
With me you will have to cope.

A dinosaur is very strong,
That is one thing you cant have wrong.
I am mean and going to kill.
So one last wish of yours I will fulfill.

Human: I know you are mighty and tall,
But can you only destroy the city mall?

By Manasi Rao,
Grade 7A