Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inventure Academy's Graduating Batch of 2010-11

Many a young mind seeks to pursue its very own dream,

Many a fervent heart yearns to find its unique stream,

To each is the thought of freedom an intoxicating and alluring promise,

Yet the memories of days gone by are not of bondage, but a period that they will sorely miss!

We are on the threshold of igniting a tradition at Inventure Academy, as we prepare to hand over our first batch of Grade 12’s to the world and its many opportunities. The fledglings have grown and are now in readiness to continue their journey through life with newly bestowed independence and hopefully, a heightened sense of responsibility.

We are also felicitating the passage of the Grade 10 batch to their last phase of schooling – and through this, we recognize that they too are grown and worthy of consideration as young adults. In a way, it is a feeling of great pride that we experience today as we witness the coming of age of the saplings that were planted, nurtured and cared for over the past few years.

To the Graduates, I have this to say…

For those of you who will travel far and wide and enter different environments and climates, the questions that are raised about leading the right life and a successful life will remain uppermost. I trust there are creative ways of living in the world, of finding a means of livelihood that nourishes and does not destroy and that makes possible for young people to find their calling with a sense of integrity. Eighteen-year olds the world over are faced with tremendous expectations, from family as well as society. To be able to stand on your own, find yourself before you look for support from without; make it a point to be in company that glorifies your strengths and helps erode your shortcomings; decide upon a value system that defines you and will stand you in good stead no matter what the external influences. Let your identity be evident in your words, your actions and in your interactions with people. At every step, let peace be your umpire.

To excel is to be the best in every way. Ambition to excel is a crucial feature of a leader – and the future belongs to the leader who is willing to take risks and break boundaries.

However, in a competitive world, it is easy to let our focus remain purely on achievement and on moving up the ladder of material success. As Inventurers, your challenge lies in ensuring that you embody the values of excellence, integrity, sensitivity, dynamism, individuality and teamwork while in pursuit of your goals, for these qualities will separate you from the chaff, will make you an asset to any institution, and will take you beyond your dreams.

What lies ahead is bound only by one’s aspirations and by the design of a greater plan in which each of us has a specific role to play. As you bid goodbye to the security of these portals and welcome tomorrow with open arms, it is my sincere wish that each one of your dreams finds fruition. In your success lies ours, in your commitment to excellence lies the key to a life filled with promise, opportunity and growth.

Live life to the fullest, make it happen – Carpe Diem!
Mrs Mallika Sen
Inventure Academy