Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Store House of Knowledge....

At our school we have a library,
For people who dont like books it will be scary,
I tried doing inventory today,
Boy! I almost ran away!

There are so many books to be read,
I dont think I'll finish them till I'm dead,
They take you into a whole new world,
Even books covered in mold!

In our library, there are books galore
Even books on iron ore,
I really want to suggest,
To never ever ever protest!

I really feel like owning this place,
And giving it to the human race,
I really want to see the childrens faces,
When they read about so many wonderful places!

Kriti Varghese.
Grade 7B

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We need comments on...... the Swimming Pool!!!

We conducted a poll for the Swimming Pool with the question,"Do we need a Swimming Pool at Inventure to dunk ourselves?".we received 228 votes with a very interesting result.

84% Voted "Yes"
4% Voted "No"
7% Voted "May be"
8% Voted "Definitely Not"

Help us know more about your opinion by adding your comment.

Monday, March 22, 2010

India Day at Inventure Academy

On the 20th of March, India Day, each class was assigned a state (or states) of India. For example, 3A did Himachal Pradesh and 3B did Rajasthan. In the weeks before India Day, the entire class studied various aspects of the state they were assigned. For India Day, my class prepared a skit, a dance, facts about Himachal Pradesh, about the culture, religion, handicrafts, language and food. We also made a mind map for all we had done about Himachal Pradesh. Each child’s parent was invited to the class to see the presentation. Some classes, like 5A which was doing Gujarat, had some stuff to sell and they also allowed everyone to do Tie – Die. It cost money, though ! In 1B, which was doing Punjab, you could take a picture with a tractor ( not a real tractor though! ) . There was also pottery where you could make a pot and take it home or buy a previously made pot. This was truly a day I will remember for a long time.

Grade 3A

Sunday, March 21, 2010

India Shining-Poem

India shining project for Grade 2B
Was a presentation on Delhi & UP
We did the Krishna dance and sold panipuris
Our parents liked the Taj Mahal and the ppt’s.

.... and a few pics clicked by us....

Nikita George
Grade 2B

The India Week-A Visual Treat of Indian Splendour

Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
dispenser of India's destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sind,
Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida and Orissa and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Jamuna and Ganges and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.
They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in thy hand,
thou dispenser of India's destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee.

Reveberating the meaning of our National Anthem, the Primary section of Inventure Academy celebrated the India Week.Here is a glimpse of the colourful plethora of Indian Culture.

Grade 1A celebrated the unique features of Tamil Nadu.

Grade 1B toured the fields of Punjab:

Karnataka Darshanam with Grade 2A

Delhi Darhsan with Grade 2B

Chatpata chat stalls of Delhi

Grade 3A rolled down the slopes of Himachal

The Himachali Caps

The Apple Orchards

Rajasthani View with Grade 3B

Made by our Learning Lab Students

Indira Gandhi Canal,the boon for Rajashtan

Jai Maharashtra with Grade 4A

Goa, the state of Sun,Sand and Sea-Grade 4Ba href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Pgsw-gYOiJ0/S6WLYeoHChI/AAAAAAAAEIw/foO0RjwEHcU/s1600-h/20032010089+w.jpg">

Garba with Gujarat-Grade 5A

Nagaland, the land of hills and warriors-Grade5B

Book Reviews by Arya Mididaddi of Grade 2A

Title: A pirate story
Character: Captain Hook
Setting: An island
Conflict: Once upon a time there was a pirate. He was climbing on the mountains, but then he fell onto a huge palm tree. It was the tallest palm tree in the whole world. He jumped from the palm tree on to his favourite ship and escaped.
Solution: The pirate’s problem was fixed because of the palm tree and the ship. He would have been dead if he had fallen from the mountain to the ground.

Title: A new coat of leaves
Character: Trees, woodcutters, villagers, goats, birds, people and animals.
Setting: A forest
Plot: There was a tree that wasn’t happy with its leaves. It wished for its leaves to change. The next day its wish came true. But its happiness was only for a short while. It kept wishing for different types of leaves and because of this it faced problems. Finally it wished for its old leaves and got them back.
It learnt a lesson that one has to be happy with what one has.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grade five’s trip to Wayanad-Poem

We had gone to Wayanad
For our class field trip
We carried money for souvenirs
But we planned on candies and chips

When we got in the bus
We got to know our groups and group-mates
We were to stay in a hotel
So we’d get to know our room-mates

In the bus we watched a movie
And sang many a song
But still everyone complained
That the ride was too long

Finally we reached the hotel
And got our room keys
It was better than expected
They even had TV’s!

We travelled to many places
Like caves and a waterfall
Even the lake-side market
Was enjoyed by all

Sunday night was just three parties-
A soccer, girls and boys
Everyone had so much fun
Without making too much noise

The morning we had to leave
Everybody was so sad
In the bus back to Bangalore
Most thought about the fun they had

Nihaal George,
Grade 6 A

What if I had Super Powers-Poem

If had super powers…
I would use them for a good reason,
I would fly all over the sky,
And the beautiful clouds,
Like a butterfly.

I am wondering if I had wings,
And I could sparkle everything,
I could carry the injured birds,
For a ride because they couldn’t fly.
All over the sky.

I would take my friends up there too,
To see the sky.
What if I could run up there?
I would have races,
And have lots of fun.

I wonder if I could meet TINKER BELL,
My dreams would change a lot.
I would want to make
good use of my super powers
and help and save people.

Nikita George
Grade 2B

PERCY JACKSON & The Lightening Thief-Movie Review

Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief was a pretty good movie by itself but a lot of the story was different from what happens in the book ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief’.
For example:
• Percy is told he is the son of Poseidon whereas in the book Chiron figures that out in a capture-the-flag game.
• Also, Percy’s sword Riptide is a click-open pen in the movie, but in the book its a pen meant to be uncapped.
• In the movie, Percy escapes from camp for his quest, but in the book he approaches the oracle, and then takes permission from Chiron to leave camp on his quest.
• Another difference is the entrance to the underworld is different.
• The biggest difference from the movie and book is that some of the characters like Ares, Dionysus, Clarisse, Nancy Bobofit and Charon were all missing in the movie with some of the monsters who were replaced with other monsters.
One fact that appealed to me in the movie was that the movie had a happy ending; none of the books (except the fifth) had a happy ending. If they were going to make more movies, then they shouldn’t have made a happy ending here.
I feel that the movie would have been better if there was no book or if you hadn’t read the book yet.

Nihaal George,
Grade 6-A

Inkspell : A Book review

Inkspell is a novel by the most inspiring author, Cornelia Funke. A sequel to the fantastic book, Inkheart, Inkspell is like a magnet. It pulls you towards it and puts a whole different world around you instead of taking you into the book (not to discriminate you being the negative pole) The book for young readers is recommended by many a person.
This cliff-hanging story continues from the part where a young girl, Meggie, has got her mother back and she has discovered that she has inhabited the trait of reading people into books. Then Orpheus, another person with this ability reads Dustfinger, a friend of Meggie’s into the Ink world, his homeland. Meggie and Farid (her true love, <3) follow him in there. Meggie is old enough to know that her parents will get worried about her and she is right. Sure enough, Resa and Mo are sent by Orpheus, along with Mortola and Basta, the surviving villains from the first book. Mortola shoots Mo, who hangs onto his life by a thin thread. As Meggie falls in love, she loses Dustfinger, kills Basta and rescues her parents. The story ends with Farid saying determinedly, "I'll bring Dustfinger back. This story will have a happy ending. I swear!"
Want to fight a war? Decipher letters? Fall in love with a book? Learn all about a new world? Just turn the pages of Inkspell and soon you will find yourself reading the last page of Inkdeath as well!

Alisha Kalyanpur
Grade 7B

The Secret Countess By Eva Ibbotson

The Secret Countess is a book that takes place in England. It is about a young girl named Anna who works as a housemaid for an earl in England. Anna is a Russian girl who cannot tell anyone that she is a countess because her family is one of the families in Russia who hates the British. The only reason that Anna is working for the earl whose name is Rupert is because her family needs the money. It gets harder for her to keep her secret as she falls in love with the earl. The earl has also fallen in love with Anna but cannot marry her as he is already engaged to a woman called Muriel. Muriel is a woman who is full of herself. She is secretly trying to take over the mansion owned by Rupert. Rupert realizes this but does not wish to break his promise to marry her as he has been brought up in such a way that he cannot break promises. He feels that as he is engaged to her, he cannot cancel the wedding and thinks of it as a horrible thing to do. This book tells of Anna’s personality, how she is different from others and how difficult it is for her to keep her identity as a countess a secret. Then the day before the wedding comes and her brother is there. Will her brother reveal the secret and will Rupert and Anna finally be together? Read the book to find out!

Kriti Varghese
Grade 7 A


Artemis Fowl’s is on a family estate on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. Artemis Fowl Senior, a wealthy crime lord, wanted to go become a successful businessman. Unfortunately, he disappeared when his ship, the Fowl Star, sank in an attempt to deliver 250,000 cans of cola to Siberia.
His wife, Angeline Fowl, went insane and moved into the manor's attic. His son, Artemis Fowl Junior, the book's hero is convinced that his father is still alive and spends all his time and almost all the family's fortune trying to find him. When the money began to run out, Artemis devised a plan to steal gold from the race of fairies living underground and known as "The People." His plan was simple. He would kidnap a fairy and hold it for ransom. Unfortunately, he did not count on the wit of Holly Short, the fairy he kidnapped. Holly Short is a captain of the LEPrecon (Lower Elemental Police Reconnaissance) an supreme force trained in dealing with the "Mud People" (humans).
Holly has Julius Root, the commander of the LEPrecon, Foaly, a techie centaur, Mulch Diggums, "a kleptomaniac dwarf, and a dimwitted troll on her side. Artemis has on his side Butler, his trusted bodyguard, and Julie, Butler's sixteen-year old sister. Artemis has the fairies outwitted at every turn until he makes one devastating mistake.
Finally Artemis steal’s the fairies and makes a witty enemy, Captain Holly Short.
This is the first book in the series, about criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl. It is written by Eoin Colfer.
I think his books are very captivating and filled to the brim with adventure.

I think this book has an adventurous plot and is well written. I would give this book a 10/10.

Grade 7 A


The Old Man and the Sea depicts a battle between an old fisherman and a giant marlin which is called the largest catch of his life. The story opens with a fisherman, Santiago, who has gone 84 days without catching any fish and so his young apprentice, Manolin, has been forbidden by his parents to sail with the old man and been ordered to fish with more successful fishermen. Still dedicated to the old man, Manolin visits Santiago's shack each night, hauling back his fishing gear, feeding him and discussing American baseball —Santiago's idol, Joe DiMaggio. Santiago tells Manolin that on the next day, he will venture far out into the Gulf to fish, confident that his unlucky streak is near its end.

Thus on the eighty-fifth day, Santiago sets out alone far into the Gulf. He sets his lines and, by noon of the first day, a big fish that he is sure is a marlin takes his bait. Unable to pull in the great marlin, Santiago instead finds the fish pulling his skiff. Two days and two nights pass in this manner, during which the old man bears the tension of the line with his body. He determines that because of the fish's great dignity, no one will be worthy of eating the marlin. On the third day of the ordeal, the fish begins to circle the skiff, indicating his tiredness to the old man. Santiago, now completely worn uses all his strength to pull the fish onto its side and stab the marlin with a harpoon, thereby ending the long battle between the old man and the fish.

Santiago heads home, thinking about the high price the fish will bring him at the market and how many people he will feed. While Santiago continues his journey back to the shore, sharks are attracted to the trail of blood left by the marlin in the water. In total, five sharks are slain and many others are driven away.

By night, only the skeleton consisting mostly of the marlin’s backbone, its tail and its head are left. Finally reaching the shore before dawn on the next day, he struggles on the way to his shack, carrying the heavy mast on his shoulder. Once home, he slumps onto his bed and enters a very deep sleep.

A group of fishermen gather the next day around the boat where the fish's skeleton is still attached. One of the fishermen measures it to be eighteen feet from nose to tail. Manolin, worried during the old man's endeavor, cries upon finding him safe asleep. The boy brings him newspapers and coffee. When the old man wakes, they promise to fish together once again.

Grade 11


Imagine you could bring the characters from your favorite books to life? Well, Meggie’s father Mo can, but his gift comes at a terrible price. Join Meggie, Mo and the rest of the book-loving gang in Cornelia Funke’s magical story, Inkheart.
Twelve-year-old Meggie loves books more than anything in the world. And so does her father Mo, a bookbinder, who keeps stacks of books all over the house like wobbly pieces of art. They live a quiet life, surrounded by stories and fairy tales.

Until one day, a mysterious stranger with a scarred face arrives in the dead of the night who calls himself Dustfinger and, for some strange reason, he refers to Mo as Silvertongue. Secretly, Meggie listens to their hushed conversations and discovers the terrifying reason for the man’s visit.
She also discovers the reason for her mother’s mysterious disappearance nine years ago:

When Meggie was three, Mo read aloud from a book called Inkheart. And suddenly, before his eyes, three characters emerged from its pages: Dustfinger, the scar-faced stranger; Capricorn, the story’s villain; and Basta, Capricorn’s sidekick. And unfortunately, Meggie’s mother and their two cats vanished into the book.

Dustfinger gives Mo a warning: Capricorn is after him and the last copy of Inkheart. He wants Mo to release the evil Shadow (A deadly creature) out of Inkheart’s pages. Unfortunately, Mo has no control over which characters come out of the book. But Capricorn doesn’t believe him. So,

Mo and Meggie are forced to leave home, but will they escape or did Dustfinger’s warning come too late?

Inkheart is magical, adventurous and perfect for any book addict. It’s written like a modern fairy tale and is sure to become a classic.

Grade 7 A

The Giving Tree - A Book Review

Title: The Giving Tree
Author: Shel Silverstein
Characters: The Giving Tree, the little boy who grows into a big kid, young man, sad old man and a tired, toothless person.
Setting: The lush wood forest

Plot: The tree loved a little boy who used to come there every day to swing on the branches, climb the trunk and eat apples. Time passed, until the boy grew too old to play. He wanted money, so the tree gave him apples to sell. Again, he went away and came back, only to want a house. The tree gave him her branches to build a house. Once more he came back in need of a boat to sail away. The tree then gives her trunk! It’s not that happy anymore. For the last time he came, now an old man. The tree knows she has nothing to give. But all the boy needs is a place to rest. He sat on the tree to rest. The tree has still her stump to give and so is veeeeerrry happy!

Freya Stamets
Grade 3 A

The Giving Tree- - A Book Review

Title: The Giving Tree
Author: Shel Silverstein
Characters: The tree and a boy
Setting: A forest

Plot: Once there was a tree and a boy. The tree loved the little boy. The boy used to swing on her branches and play underneath the tree. The boy grew older and he wanted to buy a house. So the tree gave him apples to sell in the city and he got money. Then he wanted a boat. The tree gave him her trunk. He grew very old and was tired. The tree was nothing but a stump. The boy sat on the stump and rested.

Rivka Aarons
Grade 3 B

The Giving Tree - A Book Review

Title: The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a book written by Shel Silverstein about a boy and a tree who are best friends. The story takes place in a forest. The small boy used to play with the tree a lot. He played “king of the forest”. The boy used to swing from the tree’s branches and also used to eat its apples. One day when the boy was older he came to the tree asking for money. “You can take my apples and sell them in the market”, said the tree. As the boy grew older, the tree kept giving him parts of its body to make the boy feel happy. When the boy grew very old he had no need for any money or goods. He came back to the tree to rest. The tree was happy to have him back.

Varun Ramakrishnan
Grade 3 A

The Giving Tree- A Book Review

Title: The Giving Tree
Author: Shel Silverstein
Characters: The tree and a boy
Setting: A forest

Plot: Once there was a tree in the forest and a little boy would come to it each day. The boy did many things, like gather its leaves and make a crown and play “king of the forest”. When he was tires he would sleep in its shade. Time flew by and the boy grew older. One day the boy came back asking for money. The tree gave him apples to sell. The boy stayed away for a long time and the tree felt sad. Then he came back asking for money to buy a house. The tree let him cut off its branches to make him happy. The boy stayed away for a long time and came back only to ask for a boat to go far away. So the tree let him cut down its trunk to make him happy. And the tree was very happy too. Then when the boy came back the tree had nothing to give him. It let the boy rest on its stump and felt happy.

Isha Sai
Grade 3 A

The Giving Tree-A Book Review

Title: The Giving Tree
Author: Shel Silverstein
Characters: The tree and a boy
Setting: A forest

Plot: There was a fruit tree that stood in the forest. It had befriended a boy in the nearby village. One day the boy asked the tree if he could have some of its fruits. The tree wanted to please the boy so it shook some of its delicious fruits to the ground.

The boy was now a young man. He asked the tree for some branches to make a house. After a few days, he asked the tree for its trunk to make a boat. The tree was now a stump. The man sailed far and returned after many years. When he came back he was an old man. The tree saw that he was tired and offered its stump for the old man to sit on.
The old man agreed and rested on it.

The story was short, but very descriptive.
Pictures of the story flashed into my mind when it was being read.
I loved the story because the tree was kind and generous even when it was left only with a stump. I would recommend this book to other kids.

Asha Saravanan
Grade 3 B

Saving the Old Apple Tree-A Book Review

Title: Saving the old apple tree
Characters: Children, adults, Mayor and horses.
Setting: In a town
Plot: Once in a village there was an old apple tree. The people in the village loved the tree. One day the Mayor told the village people, “There is going to be a railway track built. So we need to cut down the apple tree.” At first the adults were concerned but then they thought that the railway track would be useful. The children felt sad that the apple tree would be cut. They decided to move the tree. The adults agreed too and they replanted the apple tree away from the railway track. The new railway track was built.

Neha Suryadevara,
Grade 2 A

A Pirate’s Story-A Book Review

Title: A pirate’s story
Character: Ruddy
Conflict: Once there was a pirate named Ruddy. Ruddy had a ship called Mudder. One day an evil pirate called Jack Sparrow came. One day Ruddy fought with Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow ran away. Ruddy kept thinking how to catch Jack Sparrow.
Solution: Ruddy made a machine which could find his enemies. Ruddy found out where Jack Sparrow was hiding. Ruddy put a net and put invisible ink. When Jack Sparrow came he was caught and put in jail.

Nikhileshwar Sen
Grade 2 A

A Pirate’s Story-A Book Review

Title: A pirate’s story
Character: Captain Funnel
Conflict: The pirates knew that the good people were also looking for treasure. They tried to attack the good people but were defeated.
Solution: Good people took away the treasure. Captain Funnel fled.

Yash Podar,
Grade 2 A

A Pirate’s Story- A Book Review

Title: A pirate’s story
Character: Mr. Benti Wolfie (Fatty)
Conflict: Mr. Benti Wolfie, the pirate, anchored his ship on a tiny, low island because he wanted to rest and to look for treasure in the next island. When he was resting the high tide came in. Soon he was floating on water.
Solution: He woke up and he was terrified. He climbed up a tall tree and took a big jump to the top deck of an enormous ship and sailed away.

Agastya Rana,
Grade 2 A

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Books in the Library

My three favourite books from the library are-

1. Robinson Crusoe (Osborne young reading).
Why I like the book-I like the book because it shows how the life might be on a lonely island.It teaches you that with hard work you can recover life.

2. The mystery of the missing necklace (Enid Blyton)
Why I like the book-I like the book because it has an interesting mystery.The five children explore fun and dangerous places.Enid Blyton is a really good author!

3. A midsummer night’s dream (Shakespeare).
Why I like the book-this book is very nice because it has an interesting pixie,Puck who does a lot of naughty tricks and makes the story funny.

Pranav Mishra
Grade 2-B

Indian Premier League 3-A Poem

Lalith Modi had started the IPL,
Or Indian Premier League.
IPL 1 and 2 are over,
Now we are on IPL 3.

There are only 8 teams,
In this cricket league,
Their duels are always a lot of fun,
As each strive for victory.

The defending champions,
The Deccan Chargers team,
Charged from last to first,
So they must have high esteem.

The Royal Challengers
Are the Bangalore boys.
When they play at home,
The crowd makes a lot of noise.

The team from Chennai
Are called the Super Kings.
They are a good team on paper,
But on the field, they don’t do many things.

The Rajasthan Royals are foreign lead.
They were the best in IPL 1,
But they’re called the underdogs,
Even though they had won.

The capital state has a team,
Delhi Dare Devils is the name.
They’re a good team,
But have only brought the capital shame.

The Kings XI Punjab,
Is the team from Mohali,
They’re a balanced team,
But they have never won tourney.

The Knight Riders are the Kolkata team.
They change jerseys every year
To make up for poor play on the field
As their fans shed many a tear

Last, but not least, the Mumbai Indians,
They’re in great form.
They have good bowlers and better batsmen,
Who could whip up quite a storm.

As you can see, IPL 3
Has started off quite well,
So watch the show and you’ll know,
The news will have little else to tell.

Nihaal George,
Grade 6A

A Fog to Remember

Something was not right. Something needed to be changed, understood, and grasped. What it was? I did not know. I sat by the window sill waiting for nothing in particular. So I would have liked to believe. The rain arrived and a sense of relief washed over my distracted mind. Perhaps I was waiting for the rain.
Rain poured, leaving everything blurred. Every drop fell with a hint of rhythm and there I sat, watching the rain, failing to calculate the precision of drops. I was lost in thought and confused. Confused about something I did not know. Was it an emotion? Was it something I had seen? Was it something I ate, drank, smelt? I did not know.
Something bothered me, something I did not know of. I decided to blindly submit myself to the rain, as if it were my guardian. So I walked into the fog that the rain created. Maybe it was the fog in my mind that the rain was trying to portray. Initially it seemed as though the rain was trying to ignore me, but just as that thought died, the rain decided to come down on me with all its might. Maybe it was trying to tell me something? I did not have an answer. So I walked further, without an aim of certainty.
As I walked, I watched people standing in shops, sipping on the warm essence of tea in the cold air that raided the sky. Some were playing cards and some were just watching me walk by, wondering why I was out to catch hyperthermia. The same doubt in their minds was in mine. I do not know why I was walking but it just felt and seemed right. Maybe I was walking to find what I did not know.
The rain seemed to walk with me. It did not die, almost keeping me going. It was as though the rain was leading me somewhere. It probably wanted me to see something, feel something, smell something. I did not know.
Yes, I was clueless and all I understood precisely was that I was confused. Time seemed to pause, to watch me walk by, wondering what I was, who I was and where I was going. Who was I? I did not know. Soon enough I saw a silhouette. It seemed to be a tree but who knows what the eye sees. As I walked closer to it, the rain called upon the wind for help. And with a blink of the eye, the wind had come down upon me whispering in my ears, words I couldn’t quite grasp. However, I was certain both the rain and wind wanted me to approach the mystical silhouette of the tree.
With nothing to lose and in the hope of something to gain, I walked. Suddenly all the shops were soulless and all that could be heard was the sound of the wind which hummed a tune I had never heard. The streets were empty and the silhouette and I were the only undefined things on it. The world seemed to be dead. But none of this occurred to me except the overpowering sense of confusion.
The silhouette slowly started to relieve itself of the blanket of fog that covered its aura. I could see leaves in the distance covered in grey. All the other colours of light, had stepped back to watch what was going to happen next. The trees that pillared the street bowed down to watch.
Something extraordinary was about to happen.

Ishaan Pujari
Grade 11

The Battle of the Minds-A Poem

The monster in my mind
Truly make me blind
They are trying to break free
And bring out the worst in me.

They threaten to unsheathe all their claws
And break the decent laws.
They tear up all my veins
You cannot hold them back with the world’s biggest chains

It’s the battle of the minds
It’s my chance to choose the kinds
If I don’t make the right decision
I will forever be part of this incision
Locked up in the prison cell of my mind
I will forever forget all the kinds
It’s the battle of the minds

It is Satan, The monster in my mind
He is known for all his crimes
If he wins it will be bad
I will always be sad
And he will shout with glee
“I won over you Melody”
He will blacken my soul
Like a troll

He will show of his claws
Forgetting all the laws
He will remove the light from my life
And allow the darkness to cut through me like a knife
He will allow truth to hide away
And let the lies fall on me like the suns rays
He will pull me away from all my loved ones
And put me within dangers path.
He will rule over my mind like a king
And I will not be able to do anything
It’s the battle of the minds
It’s my chance to choose the kinds
If I don’t make the right decision
I will forever be part of this incision
Locked up in the prison cell of my mind
I will forever forget all the kinds
It’s the battle of the minds.

Kashvi Bajaj,
Grade 7 A

Be Brave-A Poem

The world is cruel
Just like the kick of a mule
It can flout the rules
And make you look like a fool
It can be crafty
Or a bit too nasty
It can be mean
And make you scream
You’re up against a wall
It’s you vs. all
It takes a man
To get up and stand
And say “I won’t die
I won’t give up and cry”
This man might be lame
But he’ll win the game
It takes lots of guts
To beat a pack of mutts
The world might be bad
But don’t feel sad
Because you can get fame
Just don’t spoil your name
Don’t act like a knave.

Grade 7A

Moe the man-A Couplet

There once was a man,
His head was like a pan.

His name was Moe,
His hands got mowed.

He has a pet crow,
But it doesn’t have a toe.

He likes to eat grapes,
And he looks like an ape.

He rode a big van,
He thinks he is Spiderman

He got punched by a bully,
When wearing his new hooddy

The bully was fat ,
And he looked like a rat.

The bully has a cat
Who sleeps under a mat.

Good old Moe was searching for his cricket bat,
When he suddenly got bitten by a cat.

He hit the cat,
With his cricket bat,

It was the bully’s cat,
And the bully got mad.

Bully made the cat bite Moe,
And he lost a toe.

Moe cried ow!
And the cat bowed.

The cat stood bold,
Moe was out cold.

Since then the man named Moe ,
Lived his life with only one toe.

Vaishnav Varadarajan,
Grade 7A

Autumn leaves -A Poem

Autumn leaves are flying,
They are landing on my head,
“Make way, please move, excuse me please!”
All the leaves said

Autumn leaves are shouting,
Singing with the wind,
Dancing around in the air
Spinning, spinning, spin

I love to stare out of my window,
To watch the leaves ballet dance,
Twirling in the air,
To see them move and prance

So orange, red and fresh,
These leaves they talk to us, you see
Tuning their melodious voices
“Come and dance with me”

But finally they leave,
Taking all their luggage,
Going away to be nomads,
All peaceful not in a rage!!!!!

Tanya Sharma,
Grade 7 A

My Lame Puppy-A Poem

My puppy is lame

But it isn’t much to blame

It can’t run,

So it isn’t much fun.

It never sleeps,

All night it just it just weeps,

The day I took it to school,

All it did was drool!

It is in love with my bro.

In front of me it just walks to and fro.

I wonder whether I brought home a dog,

Or rather a log!

I don’t think it has a brain.

It’s just simply insane!

It always wears a blank expression,

I wonder if it is going thought some sort of depression.

Its life must be such a bore.

But it hasn’t got any sense to ask for more.

The animal is dumb.

I wonder whether it knows where is its bum/ I wonder whether it knows it’s a bum.

It is supposed to be our defender,

But I still don’t know its gender!

Ugly wouldn’t describe it,

I wish I could throw it into a pit.

The puppy is really lame

And it’s blame.

Manasi Rao,
Grade 7A

Book Report of the Birdwing By Dhruv Bhatia,

Author: Rafe Martin
Characters: Ardwin, The Stepmother, a magician, Rose (The sister), Horse, and Alene.
Summary: Once upon a time six princes were turned into swans by their evil stepmother. They spent their time with a flock of swans in the northern wilderness. Six years later Rose, their sister, broke the spell. But Rose did not complete the spell. The youngest brother (Ardwin) was left with his left arm as a wing.
Ardwin finds out that his father plans to cut his wing off. So he runs away from home to see the swans he once used to live with. The swans did not believe Ardwin when he told them that he used to live with them. On his way back he killed a lion and met a magician who healed his wounds and he met a girl called Alene who he fell in love with. He then decided to find his stepmother and ask her to break the spell. Read the book to find out what happens next. You have to find out for yourself!
Which part I liked: I liked the part in which Ardwin meets his stepmother.
Why I would recommend this book to others: I would recommend this book because it has an interesting story and keeps the reader wanting to find out what happened next. It also gave such good description of characters that I could easily visualize them.

Dhruv Bhatia
Grade 4 A

Book Reviews-Grade 1

Book Review by Malavika

Book Review by Aaryan

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inventure in the News

Times of India Student Edition dated 10th March 2010

Deccan Herald dated 11th March 2010

Times of India Student Edition dated 11th March 2010

Tournament of Minds-Views and Verdicts

The Tournament of Minds, the Interhouse cultural competitions were conducted in two consecutive weeks,20th and 27th February 2010.

The colour, the vigour,the zeal and the zest witnessed was awesome.

Here are the views and the verdicts:

The Group Song-Winning Team

Surya,the Beat Boxer,the runner-up in the Solo-Instrumental Category.

Creative Writing:
Primary School:

Division 1
I Place :Agastya Thoppur Inventors
II Place:Pranav Mishra Adventurers
III Place:Nikhil Niranjan Venturers

Division 2
I Place :Neha Misra Nurturers
II Place:Varun Ramakrishnan Nurturers
III Place:Dhruv Bhatia,Tarang Shah Adventurers

Division 3
I Place :Annirudh Bakre Adventurers
II Place:Brandon George Venturers& Madhumita Gupta Adventurers

One Act Play
Primary School:
I Place :Venturers
II Place:Inventors
III Place:Adventurers

A few moments from the One Act Play

Group Song
Primary School:
I Place :Inventors
II Place:Nurturers
III Place:Venturers

A Musical Trance


Division 1
I Place :Adventurers
II Place:Venturers
III Place:Inventors

Division 2
I Place :Adventurers&Inventors
III Place:Nurturers

Division 3
I Place :Adventurers
II Place:Inventors
III Place:Venturers

Logical Thinkers


Division 1
I Place :Amisha Deb Inventors
II Place:Agastya Rana Adventurers&Bhadra Bejoy Venturers

Division 2
I Place :Karan Buntval Adventurers
II Place:Vedav Varadarajan Inventors
III Place:Tarang Shah Adventurers

Division 3
I Place :Kaveri Nadhamuni Inventors
II Place:Rehan Choudhuri Venturers
III Place:Madhumita Gupta Adventurers

Solo Instrumental

Division 1
I Place :Agastya Rana Adventurers
II Place:Pranav Mishra Adventurers
III Place:Neha Ganjur Inventors&Sahil Kuchlous Nurturers

Division 2
I Place :Prateek Bhargava Venturers
II Place:Freya Stamets Venturers
III Place:Vedav VaradarajanInventors

Division 3
I Place :Anarv Mathur Adventurers
II Place:Asha Iyer Adventurers
III Place:Megha Srinivas Inventors

Solo Dance

Division 1
I Place :Eashan Tripathi Inventors
II Place:Aashna Ibrahim Nurturers
III Place:Anjali MallampootyInventors

Division 2
I Place :Riddhi Bhatt Venturers
II Place:Prateek Bhargava Venturers
III Place:Vedav Varadaraja Inventors

Division 3
I Place :Rehan Choudhuri Venturers
II Place:Uthara Bejoy Adventurers
III Place:Prateeksha Rout Nurturers

The Judge in action.Senior School:

Creative Writing

I Place :Parthiv Shah Inventors
II Place:Rohan Desai Venturers& Anusha Ramji Adventurers


I Place :Anu Shree Inventors
II Place:Rebecca George Inventors
III Place:Dhriti Reddy Adventurers

Group Song

I Place :Nurturers
II Place:Adventurers & Venturers


Division 4
I Place :Inventors
II Place:Nurturers
III Place:Adventurers

Division 5
I Place :Venturers
II Place:Inventors
III Place:Nurturers


Division 4
I Place :Tanya Sharma Venturers
II Place:Parthiv Shah Inventors
III Place:Namrata Ramesh Inventors

Division 5
I Place :Pushkal Mehrish & Shalaka Kurup Inventors
II Place:Surya Nimmagadda & Bharat Sekar Venturers
III Place:Marcos Wille & Ishaan Pujari Nurturers

Solo Instrumental

Division 4
I Place :Tristan Stamets Venturers
II Place:Rohan Desai Venturers
III Place:Vaishnav Varadarajan Adventurers

Division 5
I Place :Ishaan Pujari Nurturers
II Place:Surya Nimmagadda Venturers
III Place:Vinay Ramkumar Venturers

Dance Solo

Division 4
I Place :Payal Kela Inventors
II Place:Jasmeen Kaur Nurturers
III Place:Ankur Kela Nurturers

Division 5
I Place :Akriti Bhargava Venturers
II Place:Tanushree Taneja Nurturers
III Place:Sanaa Bano Adventurers

Group Dance

Division 4&5
I Place :Nurturers
II Place:Inventors
III Place:Adventurers

Multi Media Debate

Division 4
I Place :Venturers
II Place:Inventors
III Place:Adventurers

Behind the scene

Anthony,Suman and Tushar trying out a new step for their dance.

The adventurer dance troop maintained a minute of silence before their dance commenced mourning the technical error