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Inventure Academy Wins INME Challenge

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Bangalore kids ace adventure contest

BANGALORE: Bangalore kids show their might again, this time at adventure sports. Five students from Inventure Academy, Bangalore, won Kellog's Cup INME Challenge, a national adventure sport contest.

The two-day event was held at river Tons, which is 160 km away from Dehradun, Uttaranchal, on November 23 ad 24. The students, from classes 9 and 10, along with faculty members, competed with students of 11 schools from different parts of the country. The winning team included Tanushree Taneja, Anthony Shek, Mihar Bhaskar, Nihal Aarons, Vinay Ramkumar and Srinivas Naidu.

The adventure sports included rock climbing, trekking, rafting and biking. Apart from these, the teams had to make movies, sing songs and use their team-building skills. The competition tested not just the teams' physical endurance, but also their creativity, ability to think on their feet and pull themselves together as a unit, with marks awarded for team discipline and attitude.

The students were given three days' training before they set out for the competition. Yet, some activities like rafting were entirely novel to them. Still, they rose to the challenge. "It is attitude and confidence that matters. The children knew how to handle risk, take decisions and cooperate," said Nooraine Fazal, who heads the school.

The Times of India
TNN 10 December 2009.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inventure Students Shine at HDFC Interschool Spell Bee

What an amazing Sunday!! A big day for me. I woke up on that Sunday morning, nervous as I had barely studied but excited as this was my first Spelling Bee with people participating from all of India’s bigger cities in the major states.
Our team consisted of:-
Grade 6 - Aditya Parekh, Anishwar Sen and Anusha Ramji
Grade 7 - Alisha Kalyanpur, Kriti Varghese and Maya Sanaba
Grade 9 - Aditya Chandrasekhar, Krishi Bhutia and Prerana Prasad

The format of the competition was like this:
Each school had 9 participants from grade 6to grade 9. We had to reach the venue,the Delhi Public School, Bangalore South at 7:30 a.m. The registration took too long and we were able to start our first round at 9.00 a.m. Then, each contestant received a quiz paper entirely on spelling and grammar. The top ten particpants go for the next round, which was audio-visual. The person with the maximum points in the written and oral rounds would represent Bangalore at the National Spell Bee at Mumbai.

Within an hour all of us had to answer a hundred questions varying from fill-in-the-blanks to multiple choices. The written round was followed by a short break and we were treated to Horlicks Nutribar and Biscuits by the sponsors. There were 30 schools and 693 participants. We were told that we would get our participation certificates and that took almost an hour.The Inventure team sat with thier fingers crossed and they also cracked jokes that 9 out of the top 10 will be from Inventure.So, that is the Inventure Spirit:-)Jokes apart we all knew that it was very difficult since the number of particpants was huge.The Inventure parents and our teached supported and cheered for us all throughout the Bee.

Our fears were proved wrong as not only one, but three Inventure students got into the finals:

Anusha Ramji (grade 6)

Aditya Parekh (grade 6)

Kriti Varghese (grade 7)

And wow!We were the largest team from a single school at the TOP 10!Are'nt we elated!!!

An MC from Radio Mirchi came to hold the final rounds. The audio-visuals had 5-6 rounds.
Round 1:- In the first round each student got two words and had to spell them. Thirty seconds per word.
Round 2:- Each contestant was shown a slide and had to spell the answer according to the questions the MC gave us in forty seconds.
Round 3:- Rapid fire: - We were given words continuously. The more you spelt right within the forty seconds, the more points you got.
Round 4:- Each contestant was shown a slide with a poem and had to pick out the misspelt words within forty seconds.

The above were some of the main rounds we had. In the end we were sitting down in nail-biting suspense waiting for the results. Akila of 9th grade in Sri Kumarans School had secured twenty-two points! She was awarded a cash prize of twenty thousand rupees in a cheque from HDFC and she will be representing Bangalore in the finals in Mumbai.

What about Inventure?Anusha Ramji(Hey! that's me:-)) of Inventure Academy came third with 17 points. Then we were informed about our individual performances.Of course Akila of Sri Kumarans got rank 1 because she got 22 points in the audio-visuals and 100% in her test! Anusha Ramji (ME,ME,ME), secured rank 3 with 97% in the written round with 17 points in the Oral round. At rank 5 was Aditya Parekh,of course from Inventure grasped a total of 14 points in oral and 97% in his written round. Kriti Varghese of grade 7 (no prizes for guessing-an Inventurer) secured 9th rank with a whopping 98% (second only to Akila) and 10 points in oral round.

Overall all of us had a great time as this built up our confidence levels and gave us great exposure.
A special thanks to Meenakshi ma’am for supporting us and training us. I’d like to thank our parents and fellow school mates for cheering for us. Finally, I’d like to thank HDFC Spelling Bee and our school for giving us such a wonderful opportunity!

Anusha Ramji,
Grade 6A

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inventure Academy Fifth Annual Sports Meet 2009-2010

Nooraine Fazal,the Head of School,Sharmila Nicolette,the Chief Guest and Kishen Whabi,the Sports Director .

Nurturers, the Overall Champions of Inventure.

Marcos Wille,Individual Champion -Division 4(Boys)

Anthony Shek, Individual Champion -Division 4(Boys)

Maya Sanaba,Individual Champion-Division 3(Girls)

The Drummer's Call

A Visual Treat

The little sprinters of Kindergarten.

It was a bright, sunny day in December, ideal weather for a day of sports, sun and fun. As a commentator, I had the opportunity of seeing sports day from a different perspective. For once I was glad I didn’t have to march, I didn’t have struggle for breath after an event, and I didn’t have to sit on the floor in my house tent. So you see there are benefits to breaking a leg. The best part of it all, was, that I got to make rude, biased comments on every race, though I have to admit the death threats were coming in pretty fast.

As the second Sports Day I have witnessed in Inventure, I must say the standards have definitely gone up. The sports Day was an ideal showcase for the faculty, and students to show the parents how much they had achieved during the year. From the tiniest tots in their 60 meter races, to the older students in their 400 meter races, everyone put on a great show. However there must be winners, and in a shocking upset, the underdog houses of Inventure, the Nurturers and Inventors came first and second respectively, knocking of the Venturers and the Adventurers off their pedestals. Each individual champion really pulled his house through, hearty congratulations to them all!

The relays in my opinion were the prime events of the day, simply because, in no other race, do competitors from other divisions get to compete with one another, it is a true test of speed, strategy, and teamwork. There also needs to be a special mention for the dance/drill for both the kindergarteners (because they’re just cute, and they did their best) and the students who participated in the finale drill, which was fantastic to watch, congrats to the all the students, and the dance teachers who choreographed the dance/drill.

What I really like about the Inventure Academy Sports Day was the fact that there was all round participation, from the students, parents, teachers, and faculty. Each group had their own races, and each group did very well, I especially liked the teacher’s’ races, because for me it was a role reversal of sorts, where I got to sit in the shade, and they got to sweat it out in the sun. All in all a grand day, made even grander by the presence of our eminent, and good looking chief guest, Sharmilla Nicollette. Thanks to you all for coming, and hope to see you again next year.

By Suman Sridharan
Grade 11 AS
Media Pod (Sports Editor)

Mary Whabi - Head of Beyond Academics writes:

Sports Day @ Inventure Academy

The most important day in the Sports calendar dawned at Inventure Academy, bright with sunshine and blue skies… the only clouds on the horizon were the soft, fluffy ones that make you want to smile…

The Sports field looked fittingly grand with the white lines and fluttering flags circling the field. The shamianas arrayed either side of the field in colorful splendor.

The day began with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Ms. Sharmila Nicolette, a young golfer who has scaled heights both on the national and international golfing circuit. She was accompanied by Ms Nooraine Fazal, our Head of School, Kishen Whabi, the Director for PE & Sports at Inventure Academy as well as the School and Sports Captains, Gauri Billore and Roshan Balaram.

The houses then marched past in fine display, led by the reigning champions, Venturers. The school band under the able baton of Sub. Major Ravinder, wowed us with their amazingly good renditions of “Brown Girl in the Rain” and “The Drummers Call”.

The little tots of Kindergarten were adorable as they spelled out their love for Inventure Academy through their drill display “V love IA”.

The games began in earnest with the 400m runs by the Middle & Senior School participants and moving on with the rest of the day’s program. The field events were well run and well contested. The supporters in the house enclosures cheered themselves hoarse, supporting their respective champions.

The parents and teachers races proved to be as hard fought as very sporting parents and teachers lined up to compete in their respective races to much cheer and applause!

The drill display by Grades 4&5 was one that would have rivaled any at the Olympics! The students danced and jigged their way right into all our hearts!

The end of the day saw the emerging of a new order of champions. For the first time in Inventure history, Nurturers were overjoyed to top the points tally with 238 points, followed closely by Inventors at 227 points. Last year’s champions, Venturers, had to settle for third place with Adventurers rounding off the tally. Our champions of note for the day were:

Division 1 Individual Champions: Aashna Ibrahim (Girls) & Aadi Walia Boys)

Division II Individual Champions: Anika Desai (Girls) & Vedav Varadarajan (Boys)

Division III Individual Champions: Maya Sanaba (Girls) & Tanuj Lalwani (Boys)

Division IV Individual Champions: Akriti Bhargava (Girls) & Anthony Shek (Boys)

Division V Individual Champions: Marcos Wille (Boys)

The day ended with much to be proud of for the champions and smiles and applauses from the rest of us. It had been a good day and we all knew it! In the words of some of the parents:

Mr. R: “I am very impressed with the way the event was planned and executed… a lot of people obviously put in a lot of hard work to make it happen… the enthusiasm of the kids was great to see!”

Mr. AK: “Congratulations on a fantastic organization of the Sports event today. Having gone to a number of these events now, I can vouch for the best organized and executed event. Thank you for showing us parents a good time.”

Mrs. RS: “this was a superbly organized Sports Day. Everything was executed seamlessly; everyone seemed to know what they were doing. The children were in great physical form. I especially liked the drills and band display. They were visual cues to how much the school has matured in the last few years.”

Monday, December 7, 2009

Inventure Team Wins the Headstart Music Fest

Inventure Team has won the Head Start Music Fest ,an Interschool music competition conducted by Head Start in the English Group Song/Band Category.Mallya Aditi International School,Ebenezer International School,Head Start and Vibgyor High were the other participating schools.

The musical rendition of the Inventure Team was like a breath of fresh air.The Inventure Kids created a spectacular musical magic proclaimed the audience at this musical bonanza.

Click here to watch the youtube video

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inventure Academy Wins the National Kellogs INME Championship!!

Tanushree Taneja,Anthony shek,Nihal Ben Aarons,Vinay Ramkumar and Mihir Bhaskar at the INME Challenge.

The Inventure team with the INME Trophy.

Mountain Biking

Team Inventure at INME Challenge

Hardwork,fun,excitement.......and much more

Eleven teams from across India converged on picturesque Tons, Uttaranchal, to pit their brains and brawns against each other in a bid to emerge All India Champions at the Kellogg’s Cup inme Challenge.

Through two days of intense, grueling competition, the teams were put through a variety of tasks. The events fell under two main heads: Adventure and Helter Skelter. The Adventure tasks involved rock climbing, back packing, trekking, rafting and off road-biking. Helter Skelter had the teams making movies, performing songs and calling on their team building skills. Helter Skelter also had points for team discipline and attitude. In short, this competition tested not just the teams’ physical endurance, but also their creativity, their ability to think on their feet and pull themselves together as a team.

Other Competing schools were: Army School – Jodhpur, Cambridge School, Doon International School- Dehra Dun , Heritage School – New Delhi, Maharani Gayatri Devi School – Jaipur, Modern School – Barakhamba, New Delhi, Pathways World School – New Delhi, Vasant Valley School – New Delhi, Vidya Devi Jindal School – Haryana.

Team Inventure emerged victorious with a total of 506 points out of 600 (333 points in Adventure and 173 points in Helter Skelter) in a hard fought battle that had just two and half points separating them from second place. Anthony Shek set the fastest time of 1 minute 46 seconds cycling uphill for a distance of 900m, while Srinivas Naidu ( both of Inventure Academy) set the record in the Slow Cycling race! Team Inventure had perfect scores in rafting and biking.

The spirit with which this team excelled in even the events they were trying for the very first time is a definite testimony of the culture at Inventure which encourages creativity, excellence in co-curricular activities and independence. The victory was sweeter still for the fact that we triumphed against schools established for far longer than Inventure and with teams known for excelling in these activities.

Inventure Academy is an initiative of the India Learning Foundation, and is situated over 20 acres on Sarjapur Road. With a teacher-student ratio of 1:15, and access to a wide array of extra-and co-curricular activity, students are inspired to realize their full potential and aspire for excellence in all their endeavours. The school aims to provide the best of what both conventional and modern schools offer – focus on academic excellence and inclusiveness; while nurturing individuality and inventiveness in every student.

Inventure Academy’s Promise to its parents, faculty and students is to:
• Nurturing Individuality
• Providing Maximum Exposure
• Inculcating a Passion for Excellence
• Instilling Integrity
• Encouraging Sensitivity
• Foster Dynamism

Team Inventure went, they played hard and they definitely conquered! They truly are champions.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Arincheyan Gerald and Karan Abrol of Inventure at the IRIS ( Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science) National Fair, 2009.

Karan Abrol and Arincheyan Gerald-The Young Scientists from Inventure.

Arincheyan Gerald and Karan Abrol are among the 80 shortlisted entries ( from over 1200) for participation at the IRIS ( Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science) National Fair, 2009.
This year IRIS is being held in the city of Ahmedabad, between 25-28th November, 2009.
Arin and Karan's study deals with an analysis of colour spectra in Hemidactylus leschenaultii and frenatus or very simply, what causes colour changes in these 2 species of gecko lizards. They were able to prove that colour does indeed change according to the presence of a predator, habitat and time of day.
We wish our budding researchers all the best!!


Adil Kalyanpur of Class 4A won the Karnataka state under 10 tennis tournament ‘Battleground’ held in Hennur, Bangalore on September 20th, 2009
and did his school Inventure academy proud!


Snake Wake

I am a snake.
I stay near the lake.
I love to sit in the sun and bake.

I escaped from the zoo.
I will do anything for you,
Just don’t take me back there,
Those keepers are so unfair.

I am a snake.
I stay near the lake.
I love to sit in the sun and bake.

There is a snake charmer near,
Every evening he is here.
He is one man I truly fear.
He is very bad.
With him my fate will be sad.
I tell you that guy is simply mad!

I am a snake.
I stay near the lake.
I love to sit in the sun and bake.

To food I am bound,
And there are many rats in that compound.
But those people will kill me if I am found,
So I sit by the lake and make not a sound.
And sleep very happily inside this soft ground.

I am a snake.
I stay near the lake.
I love to sit in the sun and bake.

Bye, for I can not stay.
As the villagers will come today.
They will take me away,
And make me into a snake soufflé.

I am a snake.
I stay near the lake.
I love to sit in the sun and bake.

This is a short poem which talks to us about the endangered snakes in our environment and how it faces so many dangers such as the snake charmer, the zoo and the neighboring village. Many of India’s snakes are endangered as the people don’t either know how to handle them/what to do with them or are so scared of them that they kill them instantly. More awareness will help us people not harm and protect these interesting reptiles.

By Manasi Rao
Grade 7A
Media Pod

OUR TRIP TO COORG =]-Grade 9,10&11 of Inventure had fun at the Inme Camp

Up!Up! and away!!!

Reaching the pinnacle of success?

Gossip Galore

Cycling Spree-Mountain biking is tough!!

Waking up to dogs barking or cars honking isn't exactly the ideal peaceful environment. As much as we all love Bangalore, the city is polluted and traffic has become a nuisance. Inventure Academy, being on the outskirts of the city provides quiet, and serenity. The yearly school trip was coming up and knowing IA, it was bound to be a very "different" experience. When I first heard that we were going to spend 5 days in Coorg at a nature resort, I wasn't too happy. I didn't feel like it was a trip I would actually enjoy.
But, as much as I hate to say it, I was proved wrong! INME, a camp for adventure seekers provided us with an opportunity to embrace Mother earth AND have loads of fun at the same time!

Grades 9,10 IG and 11 were all whisked away on a bus, in which we drove to Coorg. The journey was pleasant and we all were excited to see what the camp was all about. As the first classes to go for the trip, we still were uncertain of the activites the counsellers would plan for us. All we knew, was that we were going to stay at a beautiful estate deep in a forest of Coorg.
But, It wasn't till we arrived, early afternoon, that we realized how beautiful it actually was. The moss covered path ways and the old fashioned housing was lined with trees everywhere. The hilarious counsellers showed us around and we settled in quickly. Bustling with energy, we sat down for lunch which was surprisingly delicious. We felt at home immediatly, but it really wasn't "home" at all. It was a place full of lively new people who were gearing up to show us the wonders of camping.

We were split into two groups, each equally strong. As told, we knew there was going to be a competition between us and my group, the "Ninzies" were up for the fight. Our counsellers, Paddy and Nish, showed us on the first day, how to handle the ropes. Led into a forest, there were 2 ropes set up. One was to hang on, and the other was to walk on! We each had a partner whom we were supposed to hold on to and use as support as we crossed it. Giggling, most of us managed to reach the end!
Later on, after a special activity where we had to put together a shelf, we huddled outside and got ready to eat dinner. But, the evenings were always followed by extremly fun nights where we stayed up talking and laughing and enjoying our surroundings.

The following day we were awakened to Birds chirping and the extreme cold. Sleepily, we got ourselves dressed and headed down for a cup of coffee and our morning excercises. I must say, Morning stretches were never so entertaining. Singing, and dancing to INME's original songs and rhymes distracted us from the fact that it was 6:30 in the morning. We already felt fresh and alive.

My group was sent to a tall tree, after breakfast. A rope was suspended from the top and after being pulled up with a harness we were supposed to jump of the branch and hit a bottle. It looked tough from the bottom, but with support from our group most of us managed to hit it. After that, we were brought to a Big ladder made out of bamboo sticks. Now, we had no idea what we were supposed to do. When Paddy told us, we were amazed. It was called the "friendship ladder". The aim was to work together with your partner to pull eachother up and finaly reach the top stick. Proving to be difficult, I thought it was the best activity we had because it taught us how to work as a team, and also to trust the other person. Although, we did manage to throw in a couple laughs on the way up there, it was our sweat and perservence that made us get to the top.

The next two days were spent doing the other activity, Biking. We had to practice a lot for this because it was not only risky, but required immense patience to cycle up a steep and rocky mountain. There were many trails that we could follow and as a group we decided to embark on a fairly hard one, but also one that promised to take us somewhere amazing. So through a lot of grumbling, and also a lot of cheering (from the faster people), we made it to a stream lined by boulders. Cameras in hand, we walked down the stream, sitting on the rocks and took a couple of pictures that made it to everyones Facebook profiles.

Once we came back, we gathered around a bonfire and sang songs while we warmed ourselves up. Later on, we scared eachother with ghost stories. These were moments that would be unforgettable for us. Each and every activity brought us all together as classmates, and peers.

Knowing there was a surprise in store, we were up bright and early the next morning. Today was the day we were supposed to go camping high up on a mountain. Packing our bags and tents, we carried food, water and our clothes up a huge mountain to the top. There we set up our tents and made our own dinner from scratch, (which is now a very useful thing to know :]) Manging to create a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed. Sitting under the stars and just gazing at the wonderful nature around us, was really a sight I'll never forget in my life. With our flashlights, we went to bed, snuggled in our sleeping bags, feeling closer than ever to the the basic joys of life.

The sudden urge to use the bathroom woke us up. Tired and hungry we made our way down the mountain carrying our stove,gas cylinders, and utensils back down. We learned not to leave a trace, because we don't have the right to hurt animals and plants that reside in the area. We were told to leave the place as we found it.
After showering, (With cold water! We roughed it out quite a bit!) the counsellers directed us to the courtyard where we were challenged to see who could make the best catupult. Later, we met Gaurav, a chirpy and lively man who started INME as well as idiscoveri. The whole lot of us came together to make a Samba band. Each one of us had a beat to keep and once we played the instruments together we sounded great! Gaurav even told us, that we were the best group he has had. Exhilirated from the music, we decided to record ourselves the next morning.

On our Final day, we played games at the camp site. A different version of football had us playing the game with our hands and trying to score in mini goals. Also, we had to learn how to shoot with a rifle and we played a game called 360 degrees. Stunned, we lifted our team mate upside down while she was holding a mug filled with water. All of this contributed to the overall group points which would determine who had the most at the end.

Our bus ride home wasn't complete without disapointment and sadness to leave. Everyone, including Poornima Ma'am and Srini Sir who had just as fun as we did, if not more, did not want to leave the camp. Hugging our counsellers, who we had grown attached to, we boarded our bus. We missed everything the place had to offer, including the animals we had seen (there was one dog in particular), the nature trails we had trekked down, the cozy rooms we slept in through the serene night and of course the Memories we each created for ourselves. I know, that I would love to go back there and take part in INME's camp all over again!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kashvi wins the 3-Peel Art Award

Kashvi Bajaj's art work has been selected for the 3-Peel art award among 6000 artworks from 35 schools.She was presented the award on 21st Nov 2009 in a Prize Function at Alliance Française de Bangalore.
Kashvi speaks,"3peel was a fun experience! The topic for 2009 was ME AND MY WORLD . We were divided into 4 Groups .I was a part of group 4 (12-16 yrs).I won 2 awards and I am very happy !I Think the award ceremony was well organized .It was a proud moment for me.It was in Alliance Francaise on the 21st of November at 12:30pm. I met Mrs.Ruchika Motwani ,the organizer of this competition at the awards ceremony and she was very happy about the response to this competition . After the awards ceremony there was an exhibition of all the paintings that reached the Judges Circle"

Parthiv Shah of Grade 7 in NEWS


The King is as slow as a Sumo wrestler for only one space he moves,
The Queen is as mighty and powerful as a lightning bolt, moving in all directions,
The Knight moves like the letter “L”, an angle of ninety degrees,
The Bishop is like an arrow heading diagonally.
The Rook moves in any one direction, north, south, east or west,
The Pawns are like soldiers who guard the King and Queen,
The Board is only black and white with squares of the same sizes.

Samhita,Grade 4B


A meteor is as fast as a cheetah orbiting around the sun,
Saturn has rings like a hula hoop,
The sun is as bright as golden daffodils,
Neptune is as blue as sadness,
Constellations are like different geometric shapes,
Now that is enough, for I have learnt much about space.

By Samhita,Grade 4B.

King Without A Kingdom

One day I saw a flash of blue
Hey, I thought, that’s something new!
I saw it again, now a dot of green
It hovered for a moment, then hid unseen.

I think it came from Varthur lake
The contaminated fish are putting birds’ lives at stake.
Buildings are coming up on the shore
There’s no room for birds any more.

It stood alone in my garden every week
With never any food in its beak.
Then one day, I found it dead
My balcony floor was its death bed.

I wondered, is this bird the same?
The lakeside builders – they’re to blame!
Alas! Its soul will now depart
With a troubled mind and a broken heart.

by Freya S,
Grade 3A

Friday, November 20, 2009

Inventure Students at the Bangalore Model United Nations 2009.

Model United Nations (informally abbreviated as Model UN or MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about civics, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy. In Model UN, students take on roles as foreign diplomats and participate in a simulated session of an intergovernmental organization (IGO).Participants research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems.

The Bangalore Model United Nations is being conducted on the 19th, 20th and 21st of November at Vidya Niketan School, Bangalore, India.
The Committees for Bangalore Model United Nations 2009 are as follows:
The General Assembly (GA P)
General Assembly Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)
The Security Council (SC)
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Our First Day at the Model United Nations.

The first day at M.U.N was an interesting experience, we were all herded into the General Assembly hall. The inauguration speech was given by the eminent professor Dr.Sitaram Kakrala of the National Law School Bangalore. His speech encouraged us to wear our thinking caps and think out of the box. After the lighting of the lamp, the inaugural ceremony was completed with speeches by various Heads of committees.

I was the press delegate of Japan which allowed me to gain a new perspective on the M.U.N. Basically we were given unlimited power to question, criticize, and approve of anyone we wanted to, and I mean anyone, every country, delegate, even the secretary general, overall it was a fun experience,.I even thought of asking the delegate of Kazakhstan what he thought of Borat.

The food was a pretty decent affair. we got chat for lunch, dahi puri, and chole batura to be specific. A moderated caucus is a debate, in which a specific item pertaining to the agenda is discussed. The bulk of the debating at MUN conferences, happens during this free-flow form of debate. An unmoderated caucus is used to lobby, form alliances and table resolutions. Once the motion passes, delegates are free to move from their seats, and form groups.. The moderated caucuses(discussions and debate on agenda concerning the committee) were very formal (people talking in third person, not making eye contact). The unmoderated caucuses added a very interesting twist to the otherwise somber proceedings. All in all, a very insightful day. We learnt a lot about the current political history, speeches and statements of political leaders, resolutions of the member countries etc.

Second Day at MUN
The second day of the BMUN was no less interesting than the first, the agenda for the day looked pretty dry; it’s hard to think that any discussion on the “reduction of agricultural dependence on the erratic nature of South Asian weather conditions” would be very interesting…how wrong I was. The agenda presented some brilliant opportunities to do a bit of investigative journalism, one instance that I remember well, was when the delegate of Tuvalu (a small island nation) blamed the erratic weather conditions on global warming, global warming was sinking Tuvalu, which at its highest point 4.5 meters above sea level. With some help from the delegate of Tuvalu, I found out that the U.S which has one of the world’s highest carbon footprints, so technically the United States was actually sinking a country. The delegate of the U.S defended his country admirably, saying that Obama was taking steps to cut down emissions. However he did indirectly admit that in the present the U.S was sinking Tuvalu.

The Grand Finale
The third day of the BMUN was the voting session in the past two days the delegates drafted 4 resolutions which would solve the questions asked in the agenda, 3 of the 4 resolutions passed, and that was the end of the session. The press also had polls for best dressed delegate, craziest hairdo, scariest bench member etc. After an interesting speech by the key note speaker, Mr. Nazareth (former Indian ambassador), the prize distribution began, the delegation from Christ College actually filled up their basket, with the trophies they won, but don’t forget Inventure! We won 2 awards, one for Pushkal Mehrish for honorable delegate of GA-3, and I got a special mention for my pre-summit report. I enjoyed the applause regardless of the cheesy star wars music that was playing as I hobbled up to the dais. And with that the BMUN closed till next year.

Suman Sridharan
Grade 11 AS(Media Pod)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun in the Flow Room

Revelling in the joy of creating new forms and structures.

We enjoy creating things together-It's so much fun.

Reading is so much fun.

Creating Rhythm by trial and error-we call this music!!!

Zooming away in the Hoola Hoop

This poem is close to our heart.

“Beat of a Different Marcher”

by Debbie Silver & Monte Selby

Bobby marches to the beat of his different drummers
Jeffrey does his reading, but he can’t do numbers
Shawna’s up and talkin’90 miles an hour, again
Can’t find his book or pencil, that would be Ben,
Little Amy’s a challenge; Martin’s a dream
We’ve seen them all, they all need to be seen.

All children in Flow when we find their rhythm-
The step, the dance, the song within them
That’s a better journey, but so much harder
Too extraordinary, but so much smarter
To drum to the beat of each different marcher.

Towards Globalisation

This is written by Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyer, about himself. Published in The Times of India.

In 1992, I wrote a book titled Towards Globalisation. I did not realise at the time that this was going to be the history of my family.

Last week, we celebrated the wedding of my daughter, Pallavi. A brilliant student, she had won scholarships to Oxford University and the London School of Economics. In London, she met Julio, a young man from Spain. The two decided to take up jobs in Beijing, China. Last week, they came over from Beijing to Delhi to get married. The wedding guests included 70 friends from North America, Europe and China.

That may sound totally global, but arguably my elder son Shekhar has gone further. He too won a scholarship to Oxford University, and then taught for a year at a school in Colombo. Next he went to Toronto, Canada, for higher studies. There he met a German girl, Franziska.

They both got jobs with the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC, USA. This meant that they constantly travelled on IMF business to disparate countries. Shekhar advised and went on missions to Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Kyrgyzstan and Laos. Franziska went to Rwanda, Tajikistan, and Russia. They interrupted these perambulations to get married in late 2003.

My younger son, Rustam, is only 15. Presumably he will study in Australia, marry a Nigerian girl, and settle in Peru.

Readers might think that my family was born and bred in a jet plane. The truth is more prosaic. Our ancestral home is Kargudi, a humble, obscure village in Tanjore district, Tamil Nadu. My earliest memories of it are as a house with no toilets, running water, or pukka road.

When we visited, we disembarked from the train at Tanjore, and then travelled 45 minutes by bullock cart to reach the ancestral home. My father was one of six children, all of whom produced many children (I myself had three siblings). So, two generations later, the size of the Kargudi extended family (including spouses) is over 200. Of these, only three still live in the village. The rest have moved across India and across the whole world, from China to Arabia to Europe to America.

This one Kargudi house has already produced 50 American citizens. So, dismiss the mutterings of those who claim that globalisation means westernisation. It looks more like Aiyarisation, viewed from Kargudi.

What does this imply for our sense of identity? I cannot speak for the whole Kargudi clan, which ranges from rigid Tamil Brahmins to beef-eating, pizza-guzzling, hip-hop dancers. But for me, the Aiyarisation of the world does not mean Aiyar domination. Nor does it mean Aiyar submergence in a global sea. It means acquiring multiple identities, and moving closer to the ideal of a brotherhood of all humanity. I remain quite at home sitting on the floor of the Kargudi house on a mat of reeds, eating from a banana leaf with my hands. I feel just as much at home eating noodles in China, steak in Spain, teriyaki in Japan and cous-cous in Morocco. I am a Kargudi villager, a Tamilian, a Delhi-wallah, an Indian, a Washington Redskins fan, and a citizen of the world, all at the same time and with no sense of tension or contradiction.

When I see the Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjore, my heart swells and I say to myself “This is mine.” I feel exactly the same way when I see the Church of Bom Jesus in Goa, or the Jewish synagogue in Cochin, or the Siddi Sayed mosque in Ahmedabad: these too are mine. I have strolled so often through the Parks at Oxford University and along the canal in Washington, DC, that they feel part of me. As my family multiplies and intermarries, I hope one day to look at the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona and Rhine river in Germany and think, “These too are mine.”

We Aiyars have a taken a step toward the vision of John Lennon. Imagine there's no country, It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too.

My father's generation was the first to leave the village, and loosen its regional shackles. My father became a chartered accountant in Lahore, an uncle became a hotel manager in Karachi, and we had an aunt in Rangoon.

My generation loosened the shackles of religion. My elder brother married a Sikh, my younger brother married a Christian, and I married a Parsi. The next generation has gone a step further, marrying across the globe. Globalisation for me is not just the movement of goods and capital, or even of Aiyars. It is a step towards Lennon's vision of no country.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope one day you'll join us. And the world will be one.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Inventure Academy Wins The Ryan International 5 a-side Tournament!

The downcast, drizzly weather didn’t prove enough of a bother for Inventure Academy as we conquered the football field through the two days of the Ryan International 5-a-side Rolling Trophy Soccer Tournament 2009-’10.

On the first day of the tournament, Inventure Academy overwhelmed DPS 6-2 in their first foray. Our next match against Ryan International (the team we lost 6-0 two years in a row previously!) proved more of a contest and ended 2-1 in Inventure’s favor, taking them into the semi-finals the next day.

We are the best!!!
In the semi-finals against Indus, Inventure drew first blood with forward striker, Anthony Shek, sending his team up 1-0. Indus then scored to even the half time score at 1-1. This stalemate didn’t last long as Indus pulled ahead 2-1 soon after the second session of play resumed. When all seemed lost, Anthony scored yet again in the very last minute of the game to force a penalty shootout. In a manner truly commendable, the players kept their heads under immense pressure and the ball found the net every time through the penalty shootout to ensure Inventure’s berth in the finals.
With everything to win and nothing to lose, our players stepped onto the field to face Parikrma Centre for Learning in the finals. The match seesawed back and forth, and the tension was palpable. Shouts of encouragement, moans and groans were to be heard across the length and breadth of the field. Inventure rose to the task and did the seemingly impossible to beat Parikrma 3-2. The rest of the team did more than their parts as they defended and offended their way to victory. Our able defense of Roshan Balaram and Nihal Aarons ensured the attempts against our goals were kept in check, while strikers, Ishaan Pujari and Anthony, were indefatigable in their efforts at breaching the opposing defense. Ishaan’s hat trick of goals was testimony to their success. Marcos Wille, goalkeeper extraordinaire, was a dream at the goal post, saving attempt after attempt. His sterling efforts in the last two matches won him the much deserved Best Goalkeeper Award.

Marcos at the Goalpost

Time for Cheers and Glory

The Proud Team with its coveted possession.
We are always proud of our “kids” and their achievements, and never more so than when they lifted this much vied for trophy. Well done, guys, and here’s to many more in the future!

Rajyotsava Celebrations with colour,rhythm and fervour

The Rajyotsava Day is the state festival of Karnataka and is observed on November 1st every year. The day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Karnataka or formation of the state. In 1950, India became republic and different provinces were formed in the country on the basis of language spoken in the particular region and this gave birth to the state of Mysore including various places in south India, which were earlier ruled by the kings.
Later in the year 1956, all Kannada speaking regions of South India were merged into one state. The new state was named after Mysore, which by itself was a princely state. The name Mysore was not accepted by some regions like North Karnataka and Hyderabad of the present time and people residing these areas demanded the change in the name of the state.
At Inventure Academy, we held a Special Assembly to celebrate this day.The Rajyotsava Celebrations started with the prayer of peace.The Co-Curricular team lit the sacred lamp of knowledge.Our teachers Mrs.Jagrithi Prabhukiran and Ms.Nagashreee gave us a wide panorama of the importance of the day and the mark left by Kannadigas in every walk of life.Mr.Ganapathy Mrs.Sukanya and Mrs.Chandrika Iyer introduced the dance troupes.

We had two distinguished dance groups with us to give us a glimpse of the rich culture.The Kaveri Kodava Samaja members presented three dances-Chouripat,Bolakaat and Kathiyaat.A wonderful rendition of the warrior dance of the Coorg community.The synchronised steps and the flawless beats left us breathless.Our Physics teacher Mr.Ganapathy was one of the dancers and showed his prowess in the art form.

We also had the opportunity to witness the breathtaking Brahmari troupe exhibiting thier acrobatic skills with perfection.Although there was a problem with the acoustics, their synchronised movement,motion,balance and grace left us awestruck.

After these cultural feasts, our Inventure students sang a beautiful Kannada song.The rhyme,rhytmn and beat left us spellbound.

As a fitting culmination to this great event, we congraulated the students who had brought laurels to Inventure in the past few days.

We gave a fitting end to this great assembly by singing the National Anthem.
Grade 11 AS(Media Pod)