Friday, December 24, 2010

The Hindu praises Muse-ical Magic play

Media in Pakistan praises Inventure Academy

...Indeed, throughout India, Muslims are emerging as among the most forward-looking of communities, working to ensure good education and healthcare. An example is in school educationion.

A top construction magnate in Bangalore, Irfan Razack, has teamed up with Nooraine Fazal, a young Muslim lady (who used to work in Reuters Hong Kong) to set up Inventure Academy, a school that trains modern minds to question and create. The atmosphere at the school is liberal without slackening of discipline, the way it should be....

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—The writer is Vice-Chair, Manipal Advanced Research Group, UNESCO Peace Chair & Professor of Geopolitics, Manipal University, Haryana State, India

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Production was FANTASTIC! OUTSTANDING!! BRILLIANT! says audience

Dear Faculty, Students and everyoe else who worked so hard for the Production event,

It was a fantastic evening. Right from the receiption at the entry to the systematic seating, from the production to the carols and music everything was superb and well done. We especially appreciate the objective of the program and the initiative taken by the students to manage the event. Looking forward to many more such events,
Tanya & Vishal Bali

Dear Team Inventure,

CONGRATULATIONS! The kids were outstanding.
We thoroughly enjpyed the play.
Thanks for making all the arrangements for us.
Our kids send their thanks to you all.
Look forward to seeing you all again!
Warm regards,
Kalpana Singh
Parikrma Humanity Foundation

Dear Inventure team
Just had to write in immediately..what a brilliant show!
Loved every minute of it!

Alakananda Sen
mother of Abanishwar and Stuti Sen

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Collages by students on Production


High School Muse-ical with 200 students!

A high school musical with two hundred adolescents??? What were we getting ourselves into!!?? Well for starters dollops of enthusiasm, heaps of energy and an outpouring of ideas (much contrary to what we expected)! Through this process we have encouraged the children to experiment, encouraged them to enjoy and tonight, we encourage them to excel!

If this production started out as a blank canvas, the painting you will see on stage today has been plotted, painted and perfected by each child bringing their own special colour to it. And to make sure not a single stroke was out of place, they have been ably and patiently guided by their extremely talented teachers. But what's an artist without a patron? The management of the school has painstakingly provided time, space and the required resources to ensure that this painting will have a special place on the wall and we hope in your hearts!

This journey, has been a truly Magically one!
Deepthi Shetty & Arati Sunawala

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Inventure Students work hard to raise funds for underserved children

Inventure Academy presents Muse-i-cal Magic,
A play to find magic in life!
to laugh, love and to believe!

A play, with movement and music
conceived and inspired by our students
and directed by Arati   Sunawala.
On Dec 17th and 18th evening
from 6:30pm onwards
At Inventure Academy
In aid of underserved children.

For donor passes contact:
or call 94489-36678

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

`Production is about team work, where every effort counts'

Actors rehearsing their role for Production

The annual school production, at Inventure Aacdemy is an absolutely 'worth it' experince. During the production you learn to appreciate your part and realise others talents and interests in that field. You make friends or grow a friendship with your group, teachers,and love the art more.

The work and practice may be exceedingly demanding and tiring at times, but you have room to improvise , to edit and to perfect. It is very interesting to see more than one creative group work together after practicing seperately.

Students doing layout design of the
production brochure

You see how everything will turn out and picture the final day in your head, making you strive more for perfection. At times you may feel that your role is not important, or that everything would be fine without you, but it won't. We all rely on each other, each person should showcase their talents and nothing is unimportant, after all, what would a dance be without music or a play without a set?

The production is a school production and each individual shouldn't expect a 'solo' production. This is a group thing and everyone should aknowledge and respect that.But over all, I think, every student should be involved so on the day of the preformance, they can have the pride to say "I took part in the Inventure Academy Production".

-Maya Shenoy
Grade 6B

Inventure students gearing up for Production on Dec 17th and 18th

Actrors rehearsing for the D day

Meditation helps take a break from memorising lines 

Teachers having a tough time shortlisting
poster design for upcoming Production.
Seonhyun Yun from Grade 6 design
was amazing and was the winner.

`Discovering the magic in me'- Musicians striking the right note.