Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fourth grader Darsh Kadam converts to composting

Darsh and Khayyal Kadam attend a composting workshop organized by Daily Dump on 10,11 September at Fabindia.
That's not a burger patty!

Maggoty  Magicians
The final product
We went to Fabindia for a composting workshop organized by Daily Dump.We began by playing a game in which there were many cards on a mat and we had to guess and pair them up, insect to insect. It was kind of fun and interesting.

After that the staff showed us some bottles and inside the bottles were composters such as centipedes, flies, spiders, maggots, earthworms and ants.

Then they told us to look around Fabindia looking for junk with red bindis on it and we found bottles, glass, packets, batteries, fruit peels and paper plates. After finding these they asked us to put it in the dustbin and then segregate the junk into different dustbins which were marked biodegradable and non biodegradable.

 After that they explained the concept of how every living thing basically gets its energy from the sun and then they gave us some booklets to read, of which some were based on water, some on air and some on electromagnetic waves. Thus ended our Daily Dump session for that day.

We learnt a lot that day. What we call junk and rubbish is treasure for the insects, and they help in decomposing biodegradable rubbish to rich compost, that helps plants grow organically without any use of chemical. Our family decided to adopt composting too!

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